Unmarried Indian lady fucked by guy from matrimony site – Sex story

Unmarried Indian lady fucked by guy from matrimony site – Sex story

She was 34, unmarried, smart, and sexy but naive Indian lady living in the metros; a broadminded personality driven by a soft heart. Leela was actively looking for marriage proposals.

One day, on a popular marriage website she came across a guy named William, from Indian ethnicity, an orthodox Christian living in the West. They started to chat, exchanged contacts, and went on further to know more about one another.

Once Leela asked William, “What is the most important thing in marriage according to you?” He replied, “Sex.”

Leela was stunned to read this. For a while, she didn’t type anything. She went stagnant at the thought of it. Leela wanted a romantic relationship but sex.

After a brief period, she replied, “hmmm.” She made herself ready for the adventure, thinking, “let’s try.”

William was five years older than Leela. They both exchanged their photos where he looked quite maintained with a good body and face. On the other hand, she looked way younger than her age, slim, pretty, sexy, and hot. Her skin was flawlessly radiant and she was quite tall with a height of 1.72m.

William mentioned his height of 1.80m which was reasonably fair for a guy.

From text chat, they moved on one step further to video chat. They used to discuss both their life and work experiences. William asked about her interaction with guys as to how it turned out till now. Leela was not satisfied with the people’s response on the website.

When William was asked it was clear from him the concept of sex as the basic foundation of marriage, she discussed if this is the only thing to be given attention to. And he stood adamant to his view. It’s not that he was disrespectful to women but his core interest to keep a man and a woman survive in marriage was “good sex”.

They went on discussing their sexual experiences and William used to love it every time she shared. He imagined himself with Leela in the situation. When he started to share his sexual experience, the list went on and never-ending! He was an exceptionally sex-loving person and highly skilled in it.

William slept with almost all women where he lived, every single day or alternate days depending on the availability of time he used to bang. Sometimes, he chose to lay with more than one like twosome or threesome.

William fulfilled himself with all possible sex fantasies and adventure which he could think of. He used to smoke but never drank. His intoxication was women. But he respected the choice of women, if she agrees then they can go ahead. He was not a decision-imposing personality. Leela liked these attributes in him.

The sex part was a challenge for her which she had already accepted to experience.

William use to send her various intercourse positions and asked her to choose some according to her interest and comfort. At least seventy, among those she chose four of them. But among those four, two were difficult for her but not impossible.

William told her to come online naked so he can see her body. With much thought and considering her safety and no recording, Leela agreed to it on one condition – he must come naked too. She got his consent.

On the decided day, they came on video. When Leela removed her clothes, William couldn’t take his eyes off of her. According to him, she looked sexy. He spotted her ‘slightly lifted almost round busts’.

He had a close look at her vagina zooming into the clitoris and the color and shape of the vagina. He had his eyes rolled out to her pretty much evident curves. He glanced at her posture. Overall, William was assured. And then he told her to turn around to get a look at her small tight butts.

Now it was his turn to undress. He took off his shirt to expose the well-built body at the age of 39. His biceps and triceps were intact. He had a fat-free body with tight stomach muscles. He possessed a good posture.

Then he removed his pajamas to project on his penis. On the camera, it looked quite good – a circumcised organ with a visibly clear head. To her surprise, it was erect. It looked hard and thick. Overall, Leela liked him.

They continued with their sex conversations. With the series of almost daily talks during the nights (due to their time difference) for five to six months, they finally decided to meet in person.

William was about to visit India in a few days for his work. He had some business meetings and conferences to attend.

One fine day, Leela traveled to the place where he was staying in India when he arrived. She reached his city in the evening. William was there to receive her.

They greeted each other, a formal hug, smiled, and walked towards the restaurant at the train-arrivals area. She had many luggage bags so he helped her. Then they had their dinner and headed straight off to his apartment.

They reached the apartment in half-hour. The flat was on the fourth floor. They took the lift. When she entered the apartment, it was huge and clean with a two-bedroom hall kitchen, a passage, two washrooms and a balcony (like a grandstand). The room chosen by him to sleep was the room built with a balcony.

She arranged her luggage in a designated area and went for a shower.

When Leela came out of the shower, he had a surprise for her. He bought her a lingerie in black lace! It was beautiful and the design was different. She loved it.

The bra was designed in such a way that the circumference of the bust was exposed completely popping out. Her nipples weren’t covered. It was hot and sensuous.

She wore it in the bathroom and came out. Leela was looking like a sex goddess with her hair open, radiant skin, and curvy structure with a slim body. Just perfect! He held her in his arms and kissed her. The kiss grew into a smooch. While smooching, he brought her to the bed.

Leela made William lie down and removed his underwear. His dick came popped open. She made herself approach the penis and started licking. She put the entire organ in her mouth, started to move up and down while simultaneously rolling her tongue around the dick. He enjoyed it very much.

Then he made her lie down and came over. She put his hands on her breasts to move around his fingers. She tried to give her breasts into his mouth so he can suck. He started to suck but he wasn’t much interested in sucking boobs but entering the vagina.

He licked her breasts a bit then he opened her legs and slowly tried to enter in her. His circumcised organ grew hard and thick. He slid in, looking into her eyes. She moaned with so much of inebriety in her eyes. Her shining clear skin was complimenting her sex appeal.

Leela was a fire in the bed. Her body flexed like a fish. William thoroughly enjoyed watching her intoxicated eyes. The guy had a lot of hold and the thrust continued longer with her legs spread apart.

Then William told Leela to wrap it around his lower waist when she felt the pain in her thighs in order to relax the thigh muscles. Ah! much better. Afterward, William tried to do a face-off but hard luck. Then he put her down to doggy position and entered. It touched Leela’s G-spot and she loved it.

Leela expressed, ”Deeper.” William went on to thrust thick. She was feeling the easy slide inside as if she is on a roller coaster ride.

Then William made Leela lie down with the legs wide open and went down to her pussy and started licking. His tongue first touched the clitoris kept moving up and down. She moaned. The sensation made her body move like a wave.

William played with it for a while and proceeded to the vaginal hole. He rolled his tongue and tried to enter while simultaneously licking.

After a while, William entered his dick into Leela’s vagina and moaned in silence. He was very close to climax. And the moment he felt he was about to ejaculate, he took his dick out on her stomach and released with a sigh of relief.

In a while, they got themselves clean. After the shower, they slept. And slept hard.

After a good sound sleep, the next morning both got ready to go for breakfast in a nearby restaurant within the vicinity of the building. After breakfast, they were out for a walk around just to be in open for his smoke.

Leela discovered William was quite economic and would spend money on things required. They came back to the flat. Usually, they used to visit the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. William didn’t like to cook food at home. Neither allowed Leela. They sometimes used to stand in the balcony and he smoked.

They used to indulge in various types of conversation not just limited to sex. He always used to work at night on his project.

With the days passing by, it was time for her to leave. Leela was all set to take off from the place. She had a train in the afternoon. William came with her to see-off. She sat on the train, bid goodbye to him, hugged each other, and left the town.

They continued to be in touch for some time then lost interest and moved on with their lives.

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