Valentine’s Day Activities With Nandini – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

Valentine’s Day Activities With Nandini – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

Do read the first part for the joy of continuous reading

It was the 14th of Feb, Valentine’s Day. I got a watch as a gift from Nandini. She was excited but was also a little afraid as it was her first time with different Valentine’s day activities.

As per the agreed time, Nish came elegantly dressed in his blazer, and Nandini was gorgeously draped in a saree with sleeveless blouse. Both of them were of the same height, they looked beautifully together (I feel jealous describing – honestly!).

“Take care of her, Nish,” I said to the masseur.

“I will take very good care of her. If she doesn’t want anything, I will not do it,” he replied. That’s the elegancy and honestly, what I liked about him. Nandini was smiling while we spoke. They both drove to the resort, which was booked for them.

From here, Nandini will share about her experience.

“Thanks, Nish for being with me on this beautiful day,” I said, while he was driving the car

“Pleasure is mine, Nandini. Being with a gorgeous lady on this day is mesmerizing,” he replied

Nish started making me feel comfortable with his normal talks until we reached the resort. It was more than an hour’s drive from where I stay. The resort was beautiful. We got the room as per our requirement and with the required arrangement and ambiance.

While completing the check-in formalities, they also gave us a complimentary pass for the bar section. It was a 2-BHK Suite – one room had a king-size bed. It was decorated with rose petals designed in a heart shape with some spread on the mattress.

The other room had a massage table and a couple of other furniture. Both had attached bathrooms.

“Get some rest, Nandini – I will set up the massage room,” Nish said. Just then, I got a call from Swetha to check how things were going. She told me, “Don’t think a lot, Nandini. Be yourself. Nish will take good care of you. Happy Valentines Day. Have fun. Tell me how you felt once you’re done.”

I went to the room, where Nish had almost set-up everything to start. But we still had a long time to go. It was almost 7ish, the party was about to begin. We quickly refreshed ourselves and went to the pool-side. Some couples participated in some games. We were enjoying sipping our drinks.

Then came the game ‘We all love ice cream’ where every couple had to participate. Both of us were game for it. All the men were blindfolded. The females should feed the ice cream with a spoon without touching the spoon by hand. Instead, they have to use teeth to handle.

With very few spills, we won that game. That was fun. Later we played ‘Valentines Tambola’ where we ended up third. Google for the game rules. You can enjoy it with your partners.

When I told Suhas, once I was back home, he was surprised when I said, “I did not miss you at all.” I could sense, he was jealous. Who will not be?

Post some light dance, celebrations, and light dinner, we both came back to our room to continue our V-Day celebrations. Both of us got refreshed in different bathrooms and dressed in very comfortable clothing for the massage.

When I entered the room, the aromatic candles were lit. Relaxing music being played, oils kept at one side and the massage table at the center of the room. The ambiance was stunningly perfect. I was welcomed by Nish, dressed elegantly, offering a glass of juice.

He said, “Happy Valentines Day, Nandini.” He kissed my hand. I replied, saying, “Happy Valentines Day to you too, Nish,” and drank the juice. I was in my robe, hairs let free, no bra and panty. I was mentally prepared to allow myself to Nish during the massage.

He guided me to the massage table, glided over to the table. He undid the tie on my robe, sliding it off my shoulders, where he could see me completely naked. I placed my stomach on the table, exposing my back to Nish. He was ready with a bottle of oil in his hand.

He poured oil on his palms and rubbed them and gently guided his fingers over my back and asked, “Are there any areas that are bothering you?” I whispered, “This is the first time I am getting a massage. You’re the expert,” and smiled.

“Relax and leave everything to me, Nandini,” he whispered back. Nish began working on my back with firm strokes, the hands going up and down the full length of my back. He kept varying the pressure and used his fingers in certain areas where I felt so relaxed.

“How have I been treating you so far?” Nish asked.

“It’s divine. I could get used to this,” I replied.

The back massage went on for a while and later worked on my upper trunk. It included the neck, shoulders, and arms. I was enjoying the session so far. After some time, he went down on my feet, started giving a foot massage. I have got some foot massages done, but this was the best amongst the lot for me.

“This foot massage has been the best for me, Nish,” I said to him. Nish smiled, and once done, he slowly moved my legs apart. The massage strokes went to my calves and slowly came to my thighs and the inner thighs. I felt his hand were a few inches away from the divine part of the body.

He stopped for a minute, ensured the oil was a bit warm, poured on his palms again, patted on my buttocks. I breathe deep, and I was enjoying the session. His hands moved in circular motions, and his fingers glided between the ass cheeks, which made me moan.

I held tightly to the sides of the massage table, and I felt he could see my hand movements. Except for my husband Suhas, nobody had ever touched me in there in a long time. I am not a virgin in anal, but I got a completely different feeling when his finger went a bit inside my butt-hole.

A shiver was sent in me. My hips swayed every time the finger went deeper and deeper. My breath became heavier and heavier, beginning to moan and pant. I held my hands tightly at the sides of the table. I was pleasured, and I could see Nish was getting hard.

His fingers guided little down, reaching my vagina, touched my clitoris, and he worked using his finger in a circular motion. Then up and down on my clitoris, and then he stopped. I moaned and asked, “Why did you stop, Nish?”

“We have got plenty of time. I am only half done now.  I need to work on your front,” he replied with a smile. Nish then asked me to change the sides. He was able to see the excitement on my face, I was aroused. My nipples were hard and erect as I laid back. He started massaging my neck and shoulders.

My breathing was normal by now. He ensured, his hands do not touch her breasts as of now while he continued massaging my collarbone and the throat region. He then went down to massage the front of my legs, with his careful movements.

I noticed, he was cautious not to touch my vagina, many times coming close to it, though. I could see my body shining with the oil. He moved to the other end of the table, his palms well oiled. He made stern eye contact with me and placed his hands on my stomach.

He moved them up, over my breasts, cupped them, crushed my nipples between his fingers, and began to put some pressure. This made me hold the sides of the table again, and my moans started again. The different motions on my breasts made my hips rise, and my breaths became heavier and heavier.

Nish positioned himself at the mid of the table, spread my legs, got his head near my vagina, sniffed it. He could see I was completely wet down. His palm was on my pubic mound, applying just right pressure, and slowly, his hand went down, brushing my clitoris and then towards my vaginal lips.

With his thumb and forefinger, he started massaging my vaginal lips one after the other and then simultaneously. There was no lubrication needed. I was completely wet down. I was panting, moaning, showing the pleasure of ecstasy. He glided his fingers inside my vagina, making me moan.

“Please put it completely inside, Nish,” I started to moan heavily while his fingers motioned inside my vagina rigorously. I held tightly to the sides of the massage table panting. ” You are right there.” The fingers, from his other hand, was busy on my clitoris.

“I’m cumming Nish, I’m cumming,” thrusting my hips, exploding my cum directly on his face and some falling on his apron too. I was panting for some time, and then my breaths were coming back to normal. Then Nish put a silk cloth on my body.


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