Vidya Aunty, My Dream Lady – Story Of Sex With Family Friend

Vidya Aunty, My Dream Lady – Story Of Sex With Family Friend

Hello everyone, this is Aditya from Hisar (Haryana). I’ve been reading Indian sex stories for quite a time now. So, I would like to share my first sex experience when I lost my virginity to my dream aunty. This is the first time I’m writing so please ignore my mistakes if any.

So, let’s move on to the story. This happened to me when I was in my 2nd year of engineering. I had just finished my exams and came home. The exams were quite stressful. So, I wanted to relax and have some fun, especially reading these stories and masturbating.

From childhood, I had been a very intelligent guy getting good grades always and also topped many times in my school. So, everyone in my neighborhood used to praise me a lot. And I used to like mature aunties from my childhood itself.

I don’t know what but my attraction towards her from the very first time was strong enough that I was powerless in front of that. It was like love at first sight or something else I didn’t know at that time. As she was my neighbor and my mom’s friend too.

At that time, she was 42 or 43 years old but looked like in her early 30’s. She was a mother of 3 including two daughters and a son. I used to play with her daughters and would call them ‘Didi’. They were 19 and 20 then. Didis used to help in my homework mainly art and craft.

I spend a lot of time at their house. But I was always attracted to aunty. I used to stare her a lot and she would just ignore that with a cute smile. Coming to her, she was a busty little lady with always a smile on her face. She was very jolly she wasn’t unbelievably beautiful.

But, she had an aura around her. She was having eye-catching assets 38-32-40. Anyone could die for her asset and the same thing happened to me when I saw her. She is staying 2-3 houses away from mine. But soon her elder daughter got married and also her husband passed away as he was a drunkard.

As time was passing my attraction towards her was getting stronger and stronger. Many times I went to her house to fuck her. But unluckily every time her younger daughter would be there. Also, I feared her reaction to this. What if, she tells my mom and all that. I returned home with nothing.

Although I was close to her, I used to talk to her about my relationships and she used to praise me. Even I always tried to flirt with her. I always liked to spend time with her. But after passing my 10th with good grades, I went to Chandigarh to prepare for entrance exams for engineering.

I used to miss her a lot and always thought of how to try on her. After a bit of hard work, I got admission in a very reputed college in Chandigarh itself and went there to study. But I always had an eye on her. As I was on my semester holidays, I started going to her house often on the pretext of various excuses.

My eyes were always fixed on those melon-like tits and her huge ass. I would strip her naked just with my eyes every time I saw her. Finally, the most awaited moment came into my life. I went to Vidya aunty’s house and thought about having fun with her.

When I was about to knock the door, it opened and I realized that the door was not closed properly. I hesitated for a bit to go inside her house without asking her first, but soon that thought drifted away from my mind. I checked the whole house but Vidya aunty was nowhere to be found.

Then I went to her bedroom. I found her bra and panty lying on the bed and I also realized that she was having a bath at that time. I slowly picked up the bra first and started to sniff it. Her body fragrance was so tempting that I started masturbating while smelling her bra and then her panty.

Then I saw her through the bathroom door. I found out that she didn’t close the bathroom door as she would have thought that the main door was closed. The moment I saw her through the door, I was in another world. There stood the epitome of beauty, my dear Vidya aunty, all naked.

Her body was amazing. Her boobs were as round as they can be with pink nipples. When she bent to wash her legs, her pussy was visible to me. Her pussy was clean shaved and I started dreaming of licking and fucking that vagina. So I made up my mind that I would fuck her no matter what.

So I went and closed the main door. While going back to see aunty nude, I was in such a hurry that I dropped a vase and it made a sound. I saw Vidya aunty came out in between her bath, wrapped in a towel. That towel could barely cover her heavenly ass.

Seeing me in her house, she was shocked completely. But I was filled with so much lust that I did not waste a single waste and pushed my dream lady to the wall and started kissing her. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she was resisting me and trying to push me away from her.

I was trying to remove her towel so that I can see her nude again. After some resistance from her, I managed to slide my finger in Vidya aunty’s pussy and started fingering her. All her resistance came to a still and she started enjoying by letting out a few seductive moans.

Then she grabbed my head and smooched me. I never thought about this side of hers. I smooched her and was in deep pleasure as this was my first kiss. We were kissing like mad for about 15-20 minutes. While kissing I had both of my hands on her waist. Then we broke the kiss and she took me to her bed.

She was looking like a sex bomb, she was so sexy I couldn’t believe. Perfect curves with sexy round navel and sexy pussy. I couldn’t control myself and sucked her nipples very hard. I started biting left one and played with the right one simultaneously. She was moaning in pleasure.

Hearing that I was ecstatic and bit those nipples very hard while I simultaneously started fingering her. She had an orgasm by that itself. She told me that she hadn’t felt like this ever. After then, she removed my pants and I got naked.

She bent like a dog on the bed’s edge waiting to be fucked my hard and erect dick. I started licking her pussy and her pussy was drenched like anything and soon she had her orgasm for the second time. From her moans, I could guess that she was in heaven.

Now after around 2 hours of foreplay, sucking and licking I threw her on the bed. I slowly started rubbing my 6-inch dick her on her pussy entrance and started teasing her pussy. Due to wetness, my dick was gliding on her pussy entrance.

That made her wild and she started asking me not to tease her more and to fuck her. I slowly thrust my dick inside her glory hole and started ramming in a slow rhythm. It was the first time that I was fucking someone. But my imagination and porn had made me no stranger to sex.

I started giving thrusts slowly from the first stroke onwards she was moaning. As her pussy was a little tight so with each successive stroke, her moans became louder. Vidya was moaning, saying, “Yes baby, fuck me. Harder babe, come on. I want it deeper.”

This made me hornier and I started fucking her like a machine. As the speed of my thrusts increased, her moans also became louder. She told me, “Baby, I am about to cum…” and within seconds I could feel her cum all over my dick inside her love hole.

Soon I was also about to cum and told her that I want to cum inside her pussy. She told me to hold on a bit and asked me to pull my dick out of her pussy. In an instant, she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blowjob just like a pro. She licked the tip of my dick and also my balls.

Soon I came inside her mouth and she drank all my hot cum stating, “I want it more often and in my pussy next time.”

After the session, we took a bath together and had an intimate time under the shower. After that day, we used to fuck whenever we find it possible. I have fucked her many times in different positions and then onwards my sex life was amazing because of my dear Vidya aunty.]

Indeed I lost my virginity that day to a sex goddess. Then we continued this whenever we got privacy for the next month. That was one of the best sex I had with a mature aunty.

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