Virgin college girl sex with friend during Lonavala trip – Desi Tales

Virgin college girl sex with friend during Lonavala trip – Desi Tales

This story is of the time when I was in college. I was a gym freak with a well-built body and had attracted a good amount of girls in college.

One among them was Tanu, she had average looks, but she was fun to hang out with and had big boobs. We had been good friends, both of us didn’t think anything wrong before one fateful night of our college fest.

We had gone for after party to nice pub where all friends were drunk. That night, Tanu was just trying to find another reason to get closer to me. We both went together in a cab to our respective hostels and throughout the journey, she was caressing my thighs. I had become hard by that time.

We had another girl in our cab . We first dropped her. It was just the two of us outside the hostel. Our eyes met, then I touched her waist, she touched mine and finally our lips met! That was my first kiss, actually ours!

Tanu: Yaar, you are so hot! I hope you didn’t mind?

Me: No no, of course not!

Then I moved ahead and squeezed her boobs also!

Tanu: Ugghhh..Please don’t, mujhe tumse pyar ho jaega.

Listening to, that I grabbed the horny college girl and kissed her once again.

She went back to her hostel and so did I.

When we met next day, she was a bit shy to talk to me, but I took her for coffee.

Tanu: Sorry, I hope you didn’t mind, it was the alcohol!

Me: It’s okay, that was just your emotion! Isn’t it good to express emotions? 😉

Tanu: Ya ya. But listen, I am not into relationships! Mere se nhi hoga ye sab!

Me (inside, wow, what a luck): Ya sure. I don’t mind. We can be friends and at times, kiss each other too!

We walked back to her hostel. I kissed her again and squeezed her boobs. My college friend’s boobs weren’t soft and round. They were hard and not in good shape. But who cares as long as you get to squeeze one!

We kept on meeting like that and I so badly wanted to go to the next level! I so wanted to be in my college friend girl’s pants. But being in the hostels, it was just not possible. She used to say she wanted to wait till she was 21. (We were 19 at that time.)

I came up with a plan of going to Lonavala with her, she always loved outdoors. I was like, why not make it fun?

Me: Tanu, let’s go to Lonavala, I have booked a Zoomcar.

She: Who will be going with us?

Me: Just you and me.

She: How long will it be?

Me: We will be back by the eve!

The college girl came dressed in a nice black top and jeans. She had also done a little bit of make up.

We both went for the trip, carried some nice snacks and liquor. The moment I used to get a break, we would kiss. We reached Lonavala in 2 hours. We went to Bushi dam and there we secretly drank liquor from the flask, had roadside snacks and were roaming around.

Then I took her to a secluded spot in the hills. I was in a full romantic mood. I grabbed her hand, hugged her for photos and kissed her from the back. Tanu was responding equally well so we didn’t stop making out. About people watching us? Well we didn’t give a fuck about it! I grabbed the college girl’s butts, and slapped it hard.

I told her that I think I have had a little bit too much alcohol and would like to rest in a hostel for a while.

Tanu: Kya irada h tumhara?

Me: Arey, we will relax, thoda kiss karenge. I have never kissed your boobs, abhi kar lene, do na please!

Tanu: No way!
Me: Acha, let’s go first.

We entered the hotel room, I grabbed Tanu by her waist and looked into her eyes.

Me: You know what, I have never seen such a beautiful girl like you! Especially when you smile shyly, it just kills me!

Tanu: Liar! You don’t even like me!

Me: Lemme show you how much I like you.

I started kissing her face, earlobes, neck area (trust me, girls love it) and put my hand under her bra. I pinched her nipples, removed her tee in one go. I was opening the shy horny college girl’s bra. She resisted, but I knew she was just teasing me!

With one stroke, I removed the bra and teased her.

Me: I have it now!

She was covering her boobs area with her hands and moving away to tease to me. Trust me guys, I had never been such hard. She was running around the room and making me impossible to resist!

Oh god! Somehow I got hold of her, caught her by my arms and threw her on the bed. I pounced on her. In front of me were the college babe’s huge boobs. The nipples were huge and black in color.

I started feasting on them like a lion. I licked, bit and then sucked them and kept going for a while. I then moved towards her pants. I started opening the zip.

Tanu: No no! No way!

Me: I won’t do anything, I just wanna see your pussy! Can’t I do that? (made a puppy face.)

Tanu: Okay, but just seeing!

I removed the panties so I could see a clean shaved pussy totally intact. I kissed the pussy lips and started to play. I licked it hard. I opened the lips and I could see her hymen

Tanu: Oye, bas dekhna tha?

Me: Acha to shave kyu kiya agar tujhe kuch karna nahi tha.

Tanu: Bas, aisahi!

I understood her intentions and I started stroking the shavedpussy with my hands.

Tanu: Uggnn! Ughhh! Aur acche se kar! Make me cum now!

I had controlled my dick for such a long time, I just took it out and wrapped it with a condom. My college friend quickly closed her pubic area. She started teasing me again and my dick kept getting harder.

Me: I will just massage it over, pakka nothing else.

She: Bas bhi kar yaar, ab daal de andar, kitna sataega. Make sure you fuck me hard!

I was like, fuck yeah! I rammed into the horny college girl’s pussy. It didn’t enter. But second time, bam!

Tanu: Uhhhh ughhhhhh!

There was blood all over, I had broken her hymen. The blood was on the sheets and the college girl’s virginity was taken by me. She had become a woman now. Tears flew down her eyes.

Me: Should we stop?

Tanu: No no. Now you better not stop and fuck me well!

There was no stopping then. We fucked and fucked and fucked! Till my back ached. Then I finger fucked Tanu and found her g-spot. I fingered her till she had cum. Oh god, she felt so good as if I was on 7th heaven!

We then got into 69 and enjoyed each other’s tools. I ended by missionary fucking and jizzed on her boobs. We then lied down next to each other.

Me: So you were always ready for me?

Tanu: Yes, why do you think I dressed up and shaved my pubes?

Me: Okay, so was I. Mujhe bataya kyu nahi tumne?

Tanu: Tere ko bata deti to tu itna kuch special kahan karta? Tu efforts kaha se lagata? Thanks for making this so much special for me!

I asked her to stay there for the night and leave tomorrow. She agreed.

We kissed and slept. We reached back to our hostels the next day. Oh by the way, we even fucked in the car, in a secluded place!

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