Virgin girl met on FB wanted to experience sex! – XX stories

Virgin girl met on FB wanted to experience sex! – XX stories

Hi everyone, I am Susant (name changed) from Kolkata. This happened in December 2018 when I met Ranjana (name changed) on Facebook. She is in the first year of her college in Kolkatta (I won’t name the college to maintain her privacy because I understand privacy is the most important thing to any woman).

While browsing through a social media site, I came across Ranjana’s profile. Though she was not very beautiful, she had very sharp features, large eyes and eyebrows, long ears, thick juicy lips, long hair, and a medium complexion.

She looked slightly plump but had a busty top and a curvy figure. She was around 5 feet and 2 inches. From the pictures on her profile, I saw that she had a good taste in fashion. I felt a sense of attraction towards her and wanted to know more about her.

I am around 37 years of age and was not sure if I should send her a friend request because she seemed to be around 19 or 20. However, I sent her the request. I did not hear anything for the next 8-10 days and thought that she has rejected me.

But one Saturday evening, I got a notification that she has accepted my friend request. I was very happy but a little nervous to start the conversation. I sent her an introductory message to which she replied very coldly asking me who I am and what I wanted from her.

After 3-4 messages, I felt that she is not very interested to be friends or open herself up and is very reserved. So I did not message her anymore and did not hear anything from her too.

After 2-3 days, I saw a post on Facebook that she had been to some family function. She was wearing a saree and looking very hot. I messaged her again on messenger that night and she was in a happy mood.

We had a long conversation and exchanged a lot about ourselves including our likes and dislikes. Just like me Ranjana too was very fond of traveling, nature, cooking, and reading books. Since we had so much in common we had a long list of things to chat about.

I came to know that she is a local Bengali girl from Dum Dum, Kolkata. I must tell you that I am a Marwari and originally from Siliguri but staying in Kolkata for work.

Within the next 2 weeks, we became very good friends and started chatting on WhatsApp, video, and phone calls. Though we had a wide age gap, we felt like we were of the same age group and became close to each other.

I developed very strong feelings for her and wanted to express them but was afraid of losing her. I was burning to be close to her, I wanted to feel her.

One night while chatting over WhatsApp, she asked me if I had a girlfriend or was in any relationship with anyone. I was not sure what to tell her because I was a divorced man.

I told her the truth that I got divorced in 2018 and we came closer to each other and shared everything about our lives. Soon, I came to know that she has a boyfriend who went to Delhi for studies.

I was very sad to learn this and felt that I should not express my feelings because she already has a boyfriend but my passion for her was increasing every moment. I was fantasizing about her in my dreams.

I was thinking of her in my bed, and even while having a bath. I wanted to hug her, I wanted to feel her, love her. As days passed, we became more and more close.

One day we were having a video call, she was wearing a white colored top with a low neck. I could see her cleavage. My online friend was looking very sensual and it was difficult for me to control myself.

I was wearing lowers and was having a rock hard erection. After the call, I masturbated 2 times thinking about her body and now it was difficult for me to be without her, I wanted her.

The next day, we were chatting over WhatsApp, I sent her icons of red roses and chocolates. She did not reply for a while and I thought I might have made a mistake but after 10 minutes, her reply came with a thank you message. I came to know she was very fond of roses and chocolates.

Then the next day, I sent her a heart icon and took the courage to express my feelings on WhatsApp. She did not reply for the next 3 days. I messaged her again after 3 days then she told me that she is afraid because of the age gap. I assured her that it will be kept only between the two of us and then she accepted my proposal.

Now we opened up further and I came to know that she is a virgin. Her boyfriend had kissed her once but beyond that, they did not have any physical relationship.

We started chatting about all the sensual things and she too took interest equal in dirty talks. We would discuss our sexual preferences. I also came to know that she liked to watch porn, read erotic stories while self-pleasing herself.

We started having sex over chats and phone. I came to know that her appetite for sex is very high, she would not cum easily and sometimes, she would have multiple orgasms for more than half an hour. She enjoyed oral and would suck my package like anything over the phone.

I never knew my Facebook friend Ranjana was such an erotic lady from inside.

I was getting excited every day and now I wanted to make her a complete woman. I wanted to deflower this virgin girl and give her the pleasure every woman craves for.

Once while having phone sex, I asked her to send me her nude pic but she refused it immediately and said that she won’t proceed to anything else apart from phone sex.

I was very sad hearing this as I wanted to fuck her badly but it seemed that Ranjana wanted to preserve her virginity. I wanted to meet her in person now.

We decided to meet in a relatively less crowded pub on a Wednesday afternoon.

It was the first time that I was going to see her in person. We both were a little nervous.

Around 2:30 noon, I reached the pub and saw Ranjana waiting for me.

My Facebook friend was wearing a sleeveless red colored one-piece and matching cosmetic and high heeled sandals. She was looking damn sexy. We shook hands and proceeded towards a corner seat. Her perfume was driving me crazy.

We ordered some snacks and drinks. I was totally lost in her aroma, her sparkling eyes with kajal, her ears with square tops, her curvy neck, and a perfect hourglass body. She had a cute smile on her face. I was feeling that a current was moving throughout my body.

We started talking about various things and soon got comfortable with each other. We ordered another set of drinks. After some time, I took her hand in mine and held it. I could feel her breathing fast, and she was excited too.

We were in the corner seat and there was no one else nearby. I slowly moved my hands to her back and caressed her. I could feel her flesh, there is so much skin everywhere on her body to be enjoyed.

I slid my hand over her thighs and she slowly moaned and immediately put her hand over my hands to stop my encroachment. I looked into her eyes which were looking at me as if she wanted to surrender.

Then I slowly moved my hands towards the inner side of her thighs. The virgin girl closed her eyes in pleasure. I gently moved towards her face and kissed her cheeks, she was slowly surrendering to my passion.

Then I moved towards her ears and slid my tongue in her earlobes and licked them. She was lost in my passion and was enjoying me licking and tingling her ears. I kissed on her neck and moved towards her lips.

I started sucking my Facebook friend’s lips and inserted my tongue inside her mouth while my left hand slowly moved towards her breast. She had very firm breasts which were quite big in size.

My hand was exploring her breast, and caressing them. I could feel her nipples inside and started pressing her breast while sucking her lips. We were now totally lost in each other. She was passionately sucking my lips and was very hot now. My hands were playing with her boobs, her belly, and her thighs.

My FB friend was moaning deeply and I moved my hands near her pussy. She was moaning loudly.

Ranjana whispered in my ears, “Make me a woman today,” and I understood that she has become as hot as molten metal, she was ready to surrender her virginity to me.

She then unzipped my zip under the table and started to caress my cock. I was afraid if someone sees us and removed her hands and we came back to our senses.

I called for the bill, paid and then I booked a cab.

We proceeded towards a hotel that I knew would give us a room. On reaching the room, we locked it from inside and I hugged her and caressed her.

I moved my hands over her whole body, exploring everywhere. We lip-locked each other and went into a deep passion. We were soon going to be united. I took her boobs in my hands and pressed them. I licked her ears, her neck, her arms, her chest, kissed over her breasts, her belly. She was moaning heavily and gasping for breath

The virgin Indian girl unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing me wildly. Immediately, I started to unbutton her gown. She was feeling a little shy because it was the first time she was being undressed.

I removed her gown and my God – what assets she had! Her boobs were perfectly shaped with a deep valley in-between, she was wearing a red colored silky bra and panty set.

Her stats would be around 36-30-34. She removed my pants and started moving her hands over my package. I knew she wanted to get fucked today, she wanted to enter a new life and wanted to unite with me.

Ranjana removed my pants and now we both were in our inner-wear. She was in front of me looking like a sex goddess in bra and panty and high heels. We both were looking at each other.

I lifted and hugged her again and bit her neck and she bit my ears. She was breathing so heavily that her boobs were moving up and down.

Then I slowly opened the hooks of her bra and her assets, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life came out of her bra.

Her nipples very sexy, dark pinkish to red, of the size of a small cherry and her tits were huge. I saw that her bra size was 36 D. I slowly kissed her boobs and was relishing them. I slowly moved my lips and licked her boobs.

I could smell her body which was heavenly and driving my already rock hard cock crazy. I could smell the aroma of her armpits as I kissed and licked her shoulder blades and the side of her waist and belly.

Ranjana removed my briefs and started kissing my chest and biting around. I could feel the temperature of her body rising, she was getting ripe to be eaten.

I wanted to give her the pleasure she would remember throughout her life. I understood how memorable it is for a girl when she is loved the first time.

I sucked her boobs wildly and she moaned and said, “Yes.. ahhhh, Susssssssuuusss, aaaaaaaa..nnnnnnnttttttttt eat me babu.”

Her boobs were perfectly round, and were the tastiest things I have ever had. I sucked her nipples and she was getting out of control now, ready to explode.

Ranjana whispered in my ears, “Baby, fuck me now, I can’t tolerate anymore,” but I wanted her to become a ball of fire before I penetrated her. I wanted to tease her to the extreme before we open the floodgates.

Then I put my hands around her panty and slowly begin to lower it. She did not object as such but tried to resist a little by bringing her legs together.

I however was playing with my fingers around her pussy over her panty driving her crazy. I could see her panty fully wet, now I slowly pulled her panty down. She was fully naked before me.

My cock was pressing my undies wanting to come out. My horny Facebook friend pulled it down to see my rock-hard cock which was burning like a hot iron rod. She sat down now before me and slowly started to kiss and lick my foreskin.

Ranjana licked the upper skin of my cock with her tongue, then she licked my balls and the whole package. She sucked my cock like a lollipop and I was ready to explode but I controlled myself.

I placed my cock between her huge tits and fucked her breasts. Then I lifted her in my arms and threw her on the bed. I started kissing and licking her feet, her legs, and slowly moved towards her thighs. I could smell the aroma coming out of her heavenly hole.

We were fully naked with Ranjana only wearing her high heels which I did not remove as I have the fantasy of fucking a girl with high heels.

I slowly moved my tongue around her pussy and licked the sides of her pussy, teasing her. She started begging me to fuck her and caught my head with her hands and started to press against her pussy.

Ranjana was moaning, “Aaahhhhhhh, sshhhhhekkkkkeeee, iiiiiiii oooohhhhh, …fffffuuuuuck..meee pleaseeee.”

I licked her virgin pussy walls from which her love juices were oozing. She was in another world and I was loving every inch of her body eating, nibbling, and licking every part of hers with love.

Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and licked her g-spot driving her into an uncontrollable wave of currents. She was tightly holding onto the bedsheet and feeling as if she was floating in a cloud of pleasure.

I wanted to give Ranjana everything a woman desires. I wanted her to cum and have multiple orgasms. I found that she was having goosebumps throughout her body, her eyes were half-closed. She was intoxicated with never before experienced pleasure.

Her body was shaking and I understood she was about to cum and soon she began to shake vigorously. It was an uncontrolled wave of heavenly currents. Soon she started to squirt and she cummed loudly as she squirted and was floating in the sea of my love.

Ranjana had the best orgasm of her life and I was happy that I was the reason. But she was far from over. Her thirst was more, and now I slept and she came over me.

She sucked my cock like a lollipop and then she started to lick my entire body from head to toe. She licked my ears, belly, cock, balls, and then licked my precum. She slowly licked my asshole and was giving me the pleasure I had never experienced before.

Ranjana massaged her boobs over my chest and what a feeling it was. Slowly, my Facebook friend teased my belly with her tits and went down. Oh my god, she was now teasing my dick with her tits. Her tits were slightly touching my dick, my balls, and driving me crazy.

My dick was red hot and it wanted to penetrate her and it was time to break her seal. I asked her to lie down. Her pussy was already well lubricated by this time, and I slowly rubbed my cock against her walls.

She had an anxious look on her face and was a little afraid that my erect cock is going to penetrate and pound her now. I slowly tried to insert my cock into her pussy but it slipped. I tried again and there was little resistance but I put some more force and half my dick went inside her with a thrust and broke her seal.

There was not much blood that came out. I was now feeling the heavenly warmth inside her pussy. I gave a little more push and went fully inside her. She was biting her lips in pain and I put my right hand over her left shoulder and left hand over her right boobs.

I started to pound her now, “Chaap chaap chaap,” the sound of my cock fucking her filled the room and she was enjoying every moment of it. She was moaning and asking me to increase the speed.

I started fucking her wildly. My body was pounding her soft body, my hands were now pressing her boobs and she was in total ecstasy. I increased my speed further and I sucked her tits, then with both my hands I was pressing her huge boobs.

I started to fuck the virgin girl hard. Her moans of pleasure got mixed with the sound of pain but she was enjoying every bit of it.

When both of us were about to cum, I signaled to her and she wanted me to cum inside her. I started cumming and we both were totally lost.

Ranjana was biting me like crazy and I unloaded my huge cum inside her and fell asleep over her for 5 minutes with her tits inside my mouth. I was feeling a bit tired by now and then had a short nap with her.

We both slept in the same blanket with the TV on. And after some 30 minutes, I found that she was hugging me from behind and her hands were playing with my balls.

I understood that she has come back in the mood. Then she came over to me in the girl on top position. Her huge tits were hanging before my face and rubbing on my chest and belly while she was moving up and down fucking my cock.

My hands were on her huge ass helping her. After some 10 minutes, we came again and she fell over me and we went for a short nap again for some 30 minutes.

We got up and saw that it was around 7:30 and went to the bathroom. We took a shower together where she sucked me and I loaded my cum in her mouth.

It was around 8 pm and we both were very happy and sexually satisfied. We got ready and then booked cabs to our respective places.

After that incident, we met for a few months and engaged in the act of pleasure.

One day she told me that she wanted to move out of this relationship because of the age difference. I also had full respect for her choices so we decided to mutually part ways and deleted each other’s numbers.

It has been around 8-10 months now that we have not spoken or met, we have also deleted each other on social media sites.

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