Virgin guy bangs beautiful senior girl from college – Sex story

Virgin guy bangs beautiful senior girl from college – Sex story

Hello everyone, my name is Simond (name changed) and I live in Bangalore but now I am back in my hometown of Mangalore because of the pandemic. I am 24 years old with a medium built body and of height 5’10. This incident happened in Jan 2019.

The girl in this story is Grace (name changed). She was my senior at the MBA college and was 25 years old at that time. She had beautiful long hair and 5’6 height.

Since she was also a gamer and had contested in PS4 tournaments, we got close and started calling each other during night time. She was a non-stop talker. Even though it was irritating to me initially, eventually I liked her and we became best friends.

We also used to travel together soon after getting to know each other. During these days, there were several hot incidents where she pressed her boobs on my back while riding. Later on, she admitted it was sometimes by mistake and some for fun.

At that time, my senior girl had broken up with her boyfriend. She lived in a one-bedroom flat and sometimes, she used to invite me to her place to reduce her boredom and play in PS4. She also used to cook tasty meals for me and sometimes we boozed and let our personal feelings out.

It was the first time in 3 months we were touching and feeling each other’s hands and out of nowhere, we started getting closer and started smooching. We continued for a few seconds on her sofa with one of my hands moving restlessly on her back and other squeezing her soft medium-size boobs.

It continued with me caressing my senior college girl’s long hair and pulling her head toward me and kissing each other all over the face with lust (sound of kisses and sucking echoed inside the room). But then we stopped suddenly with guilt and pulled back. I felt embarrassed and started shivering and left her place saying bye.

The very next day while picking Grace up in bike for college, her look towards me changed drastically. She had a glow in her eyes and a bright smile. I too had the same expressions.

On the way, she hugged me tightly from behind but my bag ruined the feeling! She was smart enough and told me to wear it in front as space was also less. The touch of my senior girl’s spongy boobs felt amazing and she whispered to meet later at her flat while getting down from the bike.

Later in the evening, I rushed to her flat. She welcomed me with a smile and a sexy shirt exposing boobs slightly. At first, as usual, we started chatting about college. She locked the door. As there were several mosquitoes, she closed her windows too. To my surprise, she closed the curtains as well. This was her first signal to me.

I continued acting innocent and shy but as we sat on the sofa and ran out of basic topics to talk, we didn’t know what had happened to us, but we started kissing deeply with lust taking over us.

She was pulling my hair towards her while I was pulling her shirt up. I started squeezing my senior college girl’s boobs over the bra. Grace then removed it and the fun continued.

Her moans of, “ahh harder, mella mella jumbu” (squeeze harder.. but suck my boobs slowly) made me so horny.

We kept on cuddling with each other for over 15 minutes. I wrapped her into my arms and pulled her up with smooches and dry humping in standing posture with my hard dick rubbing her over her shorts.

We were uncontrollable and me being a virgin had precumed after a few seconds of handjob from her. We then undressed completely in the bedroom and the adventure continued with us smooching and her moaning with a deep breath of “ahh ahh mella mella manpu” (make it slower, slower ahh hmm).

Unfortunately, we realized we didn’t have any condoms. So, after 20 minutes of blowjob, I left from her place and came back in a few minutes with a condom packet.

I straight away ran to her bedroom and she signaled me to lick her pussy. I kissed her pussy lips and put my middle finger deep into her. My index finger didn’t go in smoothly and I realized she had a tight pussy. She started moaning, “hmm haaaa faster baby faster ahh hmm.”

Grace trembled a few times and had multiple orgasms. She then pulled my head and moaned, “Ahh harder, mella mella jumbu” (suck me slowly). This moaning and trembling in ecstasy increased when I started fingering her at a faster pace. Then she was like drowning in ecstasy while I rubbed her pussy faster.

Then I put my dick over her pussy and gave a smooth push in the beginning. She was like, “fuck me harder baby, harder baby ahh ahh, bega manpu bevarsi”

I was also sucking her boobs and smooching and squeezing them at the same time. Finally, after a few minutes, we cummed at the same time.

After around 30 minutes, we resumed our session in doggy style. I enjoyed humping my sexy senior girl and pulling her hair sexily. She was moaning, “hmm haa faster baby faster ahh hmm.”

We rested for an hour, naked. Then we had sex under the shower where we were mad with lust, rubbing and kissing all over the body.

This continued for a few times that week and soon we were getting intimate every day possible for the next 7 months until she finished her MBA course and moved to Bangalore.

Our long-distance relationship got weaker and we realized our relationship wouldn’t last long as our personal ambitions differed in life. So we had a mutual breakup and moved on with our lives. With attitude and ego being a barrier between us, we are no longer in contact and I ended up being single again.

I always wanted to share this unique story with someone while being discreet. I hope every one of you enjoyed my story

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