Virgin guy fucks and creampies sleeping stepmom – Hot Indian story

Virgin guy fucks and creampies sleeping stepmom – Hot Indian story

I would like to tell my experience with my stepmother. This happens before one year when I was in college. I was doing my B.Tech internship.

My college was in Bhopal and my home town was Kanpur. One day, my dad called me and asked me to come home. So I decided to go home the next week.

The next week, I took a night train and reached Kanpur around 6 am. I was very happy as I was going home after 8 months.

When I reached my house, my stepmom and dad welcomed me. I was tired from the journey and so, after getting fresh, I went to sleep. At 12 pm, my stepmom came and woke me up.

After some time, we had our lunch together. My father had a plan to go to an office meeting trip to Delhi in the night train. My step mom had a very busy schedule the whole day to prepare my father’s breakfast and do other home chores.

At 8 pm, my dad went to catch the train and bid us goodbye. My step mom was feeling very tired.

Now, I would like to describe my stepmother. She always wears sarees, whether it is day or night. She was 43 years old and had maintained her body well. She was a fair Indian woman. She was not slim nor very thin, she had the perfect body. She was beautiful and always had a smiling face.

I liked her saree-wearing style. She wore saree below her sexy navel. The most beautiful part of my stepmom’s body was indeed her deep round and big navel. When I was young, I always use to insert my finger in her deep navel and she always smiles on this naughty act.

My stepmother had big boobs. I don’t know the size but her size was the same as that of a typical mature Indian woman. I didn’t have any bad feeling for her. I always loved her and she also loved me.

Coming to the story – after father left, we ate our dinner and had some chit chat. After dinner, my stepmother went to her room as she was very tired. I also went with her. That night, she was sleeping in a green colored cotton saree with the same color cotton blouse. I was in my shorts and vests.

We were lying and chatting for some time. But I was feeling that she had some problems and was not feeling well. I asked her what happened? She said that her body was paining and she was not feeling comfortable.

After some time, she said good night and fell asleep facing the ceiling.

I was not feeling sleepy because of a lot of sleep in the whole day. So I was just lying beside my step mother and was listening to some music on my iPod.

After 1 hour, my stepmom was in a deep sleep. At that time, I saw her beautiful navel. Her stomach was moving up ad down upon her every breath. That moment changed everything. I was desperate to touch my stepmother’s big navel.

I slowly put my finger in her navel and then kept listening to the songs on my iPod. I don’t know when I fell asleep. After one hour, I woke up and was feeling a pain on my thigh. I checked and saw that my right thigh was between her thighs. And her left thigh was on my right thigh.

I was very surprised to have gotten in such a sleeping posture. My stepmother was sleeping so close to me that her lips were almost touching mine. The first time, I started feeling different. I was getting aroused and my tool was rising. I wanted to control this feeling but I failed.

Unknowingly, I put my hand on my stepmother’s naked hip and I started massaging her whole tummy, navel and hip, slowly and softly. Then I placed my lips on her lips. That feeling was amazing! It was also my first experience of kissing a woman.

I started sucking her lower lip with my tongue very gently. I was so excited that I placed my hand on my stepmom’s boobs and pressed them slowly. Then I opened her blouse buttons and inserted my finger inside her blouse and slowly pressed and rubbed her nipples. I felt her whole boobs and they were really big!

After that, I hugged her and pushed my nude thigh between her soft, thick thighs. My tool was getting rock hard. My step mother was in deep sleep (or I thought so) because of and was snoring.

I slowly tried to pull her saree upward. After the saree reached her hip, I placed my hand on her back. Her ass was big and very soft. Then I inserted my hand between her thighs. I felt her vaginal hairs on my hand!

I was searching for my stepmother’s vagina and the next moment, I felt the soft sensation of her vagina. I was out of control. I unbuttoned my pants and slowly pull it down.

It was difficult but I managed to free my fully erect cock. It sprung out and directly touched my stepmother’s vagina. My cock was touching the bushy area of her pussy.

Slowly, I tried to insert my cock into my step mother’s hairy pussy. I was pushing hard but that was not working as I was an amateur. So I shifted her leg to an upward position and this time, I hit the target!

After some difficulty, my penis slowly started going deep in her warm vagina. I was in seventh haven! Slowly, I started making to and fro motion using my hips. I was kissing her and pressing her boobs at the same time. Our naked tummies were fully rubbing on each other.

After 3-4 minutes, I felt like cumming. My speed increased automatically. After a minute, I came inside my stepmother’s vagina.

I was tired and relaxed. Slowly, I separated from her, cleaned her vagina with my underwear and lowered her saree and put her blouse buttons properly. After that, I lay down behind her back and put my hand on her tummy and my middle finger inside her navel and slept.

The next morning, I was in feeling scared. But my stepmother came and woke me up with a naughty smile!

This is my real experience which I shared. I now feel complete and satisfied, thanks to that night and sex. Sometimes I feel guilty but I cannot forget that feeling.


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