Virgin Mallu Girl Seduced Her Two Old Bengali Servants

Virgin Mallu Girl Seduced Her Two Old Bengali Servants

Hi guys, Natasha. I am 20 years old. This is my first story. So I hope you won’t mind the mistakes. My figure size is 42-36-48. I am fair and chubby mallu girl with large boobs and ass.

I am from Kerala. I was born in Mumbai, and till my 12th grade, I lived in Mumbai. My family moved to Kerala recently. My father owns a business in Mumbai. We have a pretty large house in Kerala, which is situated in Wayanad district.

In our home, we have a maid and a servant. The servant’s name is Gopal, and he is from Bengal. I usually call him Gopi chacha. He is 60 years old. He started to work at our home when I was 8 years old. He took care of our house in Kerala while we were in Mumbai.

He has a black skin tone and white hair. He usually wears a lungi and t-shirt while working. With his big belly, he looks really ugly and old. He lives in the servant’s quarters next to my house.

On 20th March 2020, due to some business-related matters, my parents went to Mumbai. On 24th March, the nationwide lockdown was initiated. So my parents were not able to return to Kerala. I am alone at my home with the maid and servant.

My parents told the maid to stay at our home during the nights also. But the maid had some personal problems. I convinced her that I am okay with staying alone, and I will manage my parents.

Since I was alone at my home, to overcome the boredom, I used to watch porn. I really liked the young girls getting fucked by old men kind of videos. I used to masturbate, inserting my fingers into my virgin pussy, imagining myself getting fucked by an old man.

The next day, I was walking through the balcony, Gopi chacha was cleaning the backyard. He didn’t notice me, and he took his cock out and started to urinate. That’s the first time in my life I saw a live cock. I don’t know what happened to me, I started to feel horny, and my pussy got wet.

After long thoughts, lust won, and I decided to seduce my servant. To seduce him, I started wearing sexy dresses like a tight t-shirt and shorts while he was around. It exposed my round boobs and pumpkin ass. I went near him while he was washing our car.

He was literally stunned to see me in such a sexy outfit. His eyes were scanning my boobs and navel. He told me that I looked very sexy. I told him that it is very hot outside and that’s why I am wearing this short dress.

We casually chatted for some time. He told me that one of his distant cousins visiting him tomorrow and he asked for my permission. I said, okay. The next day, in the evening, I was bored, and I went to the servant quarters. I was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight shorts without bra and panty.

There was a stranger, and Gopi chacha introduced him as Rampal. He was aged between 65 to 70, black in skin tone. I joined in a conversation with them. There was some kind of desi brandy (bars are closed due to corona) on the table. They asked my permission to drink. I agreed.

They started drinking the brandy while chatting. After some time, they asked me whether I want to try the brandy. First, I showed a little bit of hesitation, later I agreed, and Gopi chacha handed over a glass of brandy. I drank it in one sip. He once again offered a peg, and I drank it.

After the 2 pegs, I was drunk. They switched on the T.V and played some item songs and both of them stood up and started to dance. They asked me to join them. Without any hesitation, I danced with them. I felt horny, and I performed sexy and slutty steps like shaking my boobs and ass.

My boobs were juggling over my t-shirt, and my butt cheeks were bouncing. Both the Bhai’s were touching my bums and belly while performing steps. My pussy was leaking at this moment. I pulled my t-shirt upwards and tied a knot below my boobs and exposed my naked belly to my servants.

I shook my belly as a part of the step. I showed some slutty actions with my lips and tongue like a roadside prostitute. As a result of my slutty actions, both of them understood what I want. They just rubbed there hands over my nude belly. After the song ended, Gopi chacha switched off the T.V.

They made me sit on the sofa, and hey sat on either side. A tent was visible above their lungi. Both the Bengali Bhais, without any hesitation, kissed me from my head to toe. They squeezed my boobs with their hands. Gopi chacha asked me why I am not wearing a bra.

I told them that I avoided wearing a bra to tease them. He ripped my t-shirt, and now my boobs are hanging like mangos. Gopi chacha sucked my left boob, and Rampal chacha sucked and squeezed my right boob. I was in heaven.

With both hands, I removed their lungi and placed my hands over their cock. I was playing with their cock while they were sucking my boobs and kissing me on my lips. Later, they ripped my shorts and made me completely nude.

They removed their clothes and stood in front of me with their erected cocks. They asked me to spread my legs, and Gopi chacha placed his whole mouth over my pussy and started to suck my pussy. Rampal chacha was licking my asshole while Gopi chacha was busy with my pussy.

It felt really good, and I was crying in pleasure. Later, they interchanged their positions and inserted their tongues inside my holes. They sucked like hell, and I had two orgasms. I was in heaven.

After 20 minutes of sucking, they brought their cocks near my mouth. I started to suck their cocks simultaneously and took their balls inside my mouth. I sucked the balls and gave them blowjob for almost 10 minutes. I was behaving like a street whore.

After the foreplay, Rampal chacha made me spread my legs and placed his cock over my pussy lips. He started to rub his cock over my pussy. Gopi chacha stopped him and asked me whether I am a virgin or not. I said, yes. He asked me whether I want to do this.

I was horny, and I replied that I really want this. I would love to get fucked by them. Gopi chacha filled my pussy hole with his spit and placed his cock over my pussy lips. He then inserted his tongue inside my mouth and pushed his cock inside my pussy. I was crying in pain.

He managed to enter a quarter of his cock with the first push, half of his cock. The second push and his cock fully entered my virgin pussy, breaking my hymen with the fourth push. Blood was oozing out from my pussy. He waited there until the pain was over. He slowly started to fuck my pussy.

After 2 minutes of slow fucking, he increased the speed, and he was fucking my pussy like hell. I was in heaven. I was making a loud moaning noise, “Fuck me hard, chacha.” The room was filled with the sound of his cock hitting my pussy.

Rampal chacha was a bit disappointed because he lost the chance to break my virginity. He inserted his cock inside my mouth. He was fucking my mouth while Gopi chacha was fucking my pussy.

Gopi chacha told me that he is about to cum. I told him to cum inside my pussy. He told me that I will get pregnant. I told him that I will manage. He increased the speed and filled my pussy with his sperm. He removed his cock from my pussy.

Rampal chacha then entered his cock inside my pussy and fucked me in different positions. Gopi chacha was sucking my boobs. He fucked me harder, and he filled my pussy with his sperm. Three of us were exhausted after the fucking session.

I slept for almost an hour, sandwiched between two ugly old Bengali servants. After 1 hour, I got up, and my clothes were in no condition to wear. So I kissed the Bhai’s and walked to my house naked. I took a bath and spend the rest of the day thinking about the adventures yet to come.

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