Young Guy Satisfying His Sex Crush – Indian Bhabhi Sex Story

Young Guy Satisfying His Sex Crush – Indian Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello guys, this is my first story over here about my sex crush. About myself, I’m a chemical engineering student from Mumbai. As for my description, consider me as your regular neighbor guy.

This story is about my neighbor Heena (name changed), who was my crush. This took place when I was in junior college, preparing for my boards. A little description about my Heena. She is in her mid 30’s. With the most perfect assets, one can ever get.

Perfectly round boobs, a slim waist with very little fat. A perfect ass. Just enough to get dropped. Whitish complexion. Silky hair and to top it all some juicy pink little lips. She was the type you call sex Goddess. I had a huge crush on her since the start. I used to masturbate thinking of her.

She was my mom’s best friend, and so she regularly visits our house. I never leave a chance to stare at sexy ass and cleavage. I never dared to approach her. A brush against her hands would be heaven for me and give instant hard-on. To which I would masturbate 2-3 times.

I used to masturbate on her bra and panties and secretly hide them. The thought of my cum hitting her pussy would make me so hard that I would masturbate once again.

I was in junior college and started preparing seriously when my parents had to visit my native place for my marriage. They left me alone and asked Heena to take care of me. I was on cloud nine. I had got the chance which I was looking for. To my surprise, her husband went out of town for his business.

I had the chance of my lifetime. I asked to stay with me as she might feel lonely. To which she agreed. The first day went with me just masturbating to her bra and panties. The next day I watched her wearing the same bra and panties, and I got a hard-on.

To which I masturbated again. But this time, I wanted to make sure she notices. She had gone to the market to get some veggies. So I went to the washroom and started doing without locking. And I was doing it hard, moaning hard, taking her name loud.

“Heena, suck me. Yes, yes, that’s the way. Yes, I’m about to cum, Heena. You’ll have to drink my cum, Heena.” And then she shouted, “What are you doing?” I was scared and excited at the same time. I put on my clothes and went after Heena. I started saying sorry, and I fell on her knees.

She picked me up and asked me what I was doing. I said that was a mistake and said sorry again. She then told me it’s s ok and asked me not to do it again. I was happy that she was not telling my parents. From then on, I started brushing myself more on her.

When she bent to pick up some objects, I used to brush my hand on her back as if it was an accident. She noticed that but never said anything. I used to take a bath twice a day and casually change in front of her. She never said anything. I was getting more and more confident.

When she used to work in the kitchen, I in the pretext of asking what’s for lunch used to touch her back and thighs over her saree. It was such a heavenly feeling touching her. I was tired of just touching her and then decided to take it to the next level.

I was bathing and acted as if I fell and that my dick was hurt. She immediately came running to help me. She saw me naked and became shy. She asked me what happened and started smiling. I saw it as a good opportunity and stood up, and I pulled her in the bathroom.

She started panicking, and she asked me what I was doing. I turned on the shower, and the water from the shower made her wet. She started breathing heavily and was pushing me. But I did not leave her. I pushed her against the wall of the bathroom and looked into her eyes.

She was in deep shock. And I slowly titled my face to reach her lips. I slowly started moving towards her face. And her breathing was beyond control. And then I touched her lips with mine. Wow, that was amazing. She couldn’t control more. She took my lips in between hers.

I was in cloud nine. I pressed my lips with hers and slowly started moving them. She was enjoying the kiss, and slowly we started kissing more and faster. I pressed my body against her. She was moving her hand all over my body – her lips in between mine.

I started taking my hand down until I reached her boobs. I gave her a very gentle press. And she took a deep breath, suggesting to me she’s enjoying it. I started kissing her harder. I kept one hand on her boobs, and another hand was exploring her back, slowly moving down to touch her ass.

I started pressing her boobs faster and harder. She pushed me and asked me to lift her and take her to the bedroom. I lifted her, and we started kissing. I removed her top, and she was wearing a very sexy red color bra. That gave me goosebumps all over my body.

I just pushed her against the bed and started sucking her lips. And started playing with my dick now. She was moving in, and every time I pressed her boobs hard, she pinched my dick, and that excited me. I went down and pulled down her bra and to see the most perfect boobs ever.

I gave a look to her, smiled at her and started licking her boobs. She was moaning heavily, and her moans were exciting to me. I went down to her belly and sucked her navel. And then she pushed me to her pussy. I pulled down her pants and her panties at the same time.

She has a clean, shaved pussy with pink pussy lips. And seeing it, my dick got excited. I asked her to come in 69 position and she was on top. My dick was in front of her mouth. She kissed my top. I gave her a kiss on her vagina. She started shaking.

She pushed my vagina down in my lips, and she started sucking me. That was my first blowjob, and I started moaning heavily. I decided to give her equal pleasure, and I started licking her. The harder I licked, the deeper she sucked me. I opened her pussy lips and started rubbing.

After 5 seconds, she started cumming. She was so sensitive. She asked me to rub more. I started rubbing her lower vagina, and I love her pussy lips. After 5 minutes, she came again. And this time, I cum in her mouth. After 5 minutes, she cleaned me up.

Her licking made me hard again, and seeing this, she stood up and sat on my dick. And started riding me. She was moaning hard. “Yes, baby, yes, fuck me hard. You’re so deep inside me. I’ll cum soon. Yes, fuck me.” I pulled her down and started fucking her now.

Our thighs clashed against each other. Her moans and our thighs hitting was the only sound we heard. In 5 minutes, she said, “Faster baby faster. I’m about to cum. Yes, go deeper. You’re so good fuck you, baby, yes.” Hearing her made me so excited. I started fucking her very hard, and I was about to cum too.

“Aah, I’m cumming,” she shouted. I fell down on her as I cum too, inside her pussy. I fucked her daily after that day till my parents came.  And to this date, we fuck whenever we get the chance. On the roof, in mall washrooms, cinema theatres. I’m happy that I’m able to give sexual pleasure to my sex crush.

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