Young housewife fucked by her bhabhi’s brother – Hot story

Young housewife fucked by her bhabhi’s brother – Hot story

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy (54 yo). I am once again putting up the story of a girl who read my stories and liked them. Since she does not want exposure, she has asked me to pen her story down.

A young housewife and her bhabhi’s brother – Part 1

This is in continuation of her above story. The young housewife Rekha enjoyed the first session with her bhabhi’s brother Rahul and the night of enjoyment with only foreplay.

Since Rahul did not have condoms and she was not on pills, Rekha and Rahul were enjoying only oral. This was something Rekha did not get much from her husband and due to his small dick.

Now she felt at ease and was enjoying Rahul’s 7-inch dick in her mouth and hands.

Rekha started chatting with her friends and told them her story as they all used to tell their experiences with their husbands. She said she wanted to enjoy further but was afraid of getting pregnant.

So, one of her friends sent her a porn video of an ass-fuck. It scared her because her bum hole was small but the friend assured her that it was pleasurable as she has it 2 times a week with her hubby.

So Rekha started with inserting her fingers in her bum and then slowly with her round (not thick) hairbrush handle. She started getting pleasure.

So, one night after giving Rahul a blowjob to make him hard, Rekha oiled his dick and asked Rahul to lick her bum. Rahul was surprised to see her do that as he did not expect the same.

Rahul started licking Rekha’s pussy and went to her bum. He rimmed her bum with his tongue and then inserted it a bit.

Rekha started getting pleasure and was moaning. So Rahul took out his tongue and inserted a finger. The pleasure started mounding and her moaning increased. Now she asked him to put 2 fingers into which he obliged. All the time, Rekha was playing with his dick and balls.

Whenever the pleasure increased, she shook him harder. Then came the time for Rahul to put it in Rekha’s bum so she lied down on her back and put her legs on his shoulders giving him a proper position to aim his rock hard 7-incher in.

Slowly, Rahul started inserting the dick inch by inch while moving in and out. The position of her legs gave her ease for entry and Rahul started fucking her bum. This was the first time Rahul had entered either of the holes at the lower half of a woman and so within a minute, he sprayed his load in.

Rekha understood it was the first time. She asked him to continue pumping so that did not give him a chance to get soft. By now, Rekha had built up her pleasure and had an orgasm in which the fluids flowed down and lubricated his dick every time he went in and out. It also made his balls fully wet.

Now both were tired and lay down to rest but Rekha first asked him to lick her juices off while she licked his balls. This was their first experience of anal which they enjoyed.

Now they started enjoying daily at night. First, they would bath together and then they would enjoy a couple of hours of oral and anal sex before sleeping nude.

Rahul’s sister started seeing the glow in her brother’s face but they played it safe and were able to keep it a secret.

Now it was just 2 days left for Rekha to go back. Rekha thought it over. If her husband did not give her a child due to his impotency, people would start nagging her. So she thought of giving it a try and having vaginal sex in the last 2 days so that when she went back, she would have sex with her hubby and if she got pregnant, no one would know.

So that night she did not bath with Rahul and asked him to come fully dressed to her. She dressed in her saree and sat on the bed.

Rahul came to her in kurta and pajama. They sat together talking and started to kiss each other – on the lips and then around the face. They came back to a lip lock and started penetrating their tongues in each other’s mouths.

After 15 minutes of smooching and rubbing each other’s back, Rahul went to Rekha’s earlobes and licked and sucked them. Slowly, he removed her pallu and opened one hook at a time as he kissed the flesh as it got revealed.

He opened the blouse and her boobs sprung free as she did not have a bra on. Now he took one nipple at a time, biting on them and making them hard. The excitement grew and Rekha started pulling Rahul closer and shoving her tits into his mouth.

He took them one at a time, sucking them hard and pinching the other until she had an orgasm. She held his head tight for 5 minutes until the feeling subsided.

Rekha now removed his kurta and started kissing his neck. She went to his chest, kissing him and biting the small nipples there. Being the age of 18, the area on his chest was sore and it brought his dick to full attention which she observed as he did not wear any underwear.

Rekha caressed his dick over his pajama and then went lower till she reached the strings. She opened it with her mouth and removed the pajama the same way. While doing this, his dick kept hitting her all over her face.

Rekha now started licking his thighs and went up to his balls, taking them into her mouth. And with a finger, she shoved it into his bum.

She slowly played with it and went to the tip of his dick while her other hand continued the in and out movement. Now Rekha took Rahul’s dick deep into her mouth and with her other hand, she took her hairbrush handle and put it slowly into his arse, fucking his bum with the handle.

Rahul could not take the pleasure and shot his cum into her mouth which she sucked dry.

Rahul then removed her blouse, saree, and petticoat to find her now naked in front of him. He went down on her licking the pre-juices that had got her cunt wet and leaking.

Rekha now begged of him to fuck her cunt as she has been longing for this day to have his long dick in her pussy. He lay down and she sat on his legs in cowgirl positing and put his dick in.

She started to ride him. She rode him for 10 minutes and then changed position to doggy style. He fucked her hard with his balls hitting her thighs. They continued that way for 15 minutes and then she came to reverse cowgirl and fucked him while he fingered her bum.

They both reached their heights and in 5 minutes, he shot his load into her pussy.

They then lay down and rested for a while and slept. They had another 2 sessions that night and enjoyed their last night with him fucking her pussy and bum before she left for home.

Now Rekha is anxiously waiting at home for her periods. It was expected a day before.

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