Young son’s hot gay love with step father in Mumbai – Sexy story

Young son’s hot gay love with step father in Mumbai – Sexy story

Hi, my name is Prabhu. I am 25 years old, working in the hotel industry in Mumbai. I am medium-built. I have seen lots of porn movies – straights, lesbian, and gay. Though each kind has its own kink, gay sex (mostly with middle-age men) fascinates me above others.

Coming back to this incident which happened last year where I found love in my step father. My stepdad is a businessman and hires people for construction contract he gets.

It was a Saturday morning around 10 am. I had gone out for jogging and returned home. Mom had made breakfast and informed me that she was going out for some work with her friends and will be late. My stepdad was in the shower and we both have to manage lunch together.

I rested for a while and then went for a shower. I had run out of shampoo so I went to my step dad’s room to ask him for some. As soon as I opened the door, I found my step-dad in his towel looking himself in the mirror! He was so hot and sexy that I got an instant boner.

I kept staring at him. He turned around and asked what happened. I said I wanted some shampoo. He went inside the shower and got me the bottle. I was still staring at him. Taking the bottle I immediately went to my room.

Thinking about my step father’s hot body made me so rock hard. It was not ready to calm anytime soon. I had to jerk off and release my tension.

After about 30 minutes, I returned to the dining table. My step father was already there having breakfast. I sat on the chair and had mine. I just could not move away from the thought about seeing him naked.

He realized something was wrong. He asked me and I said, “nothing”.

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That afternoon it was so very hot. My stepfather removed his shirt and was in his shorts. I was watching a movie but my mind was diverted to his hot body. I couldn’t resist and splurted out, “You look sexy and hot”.

He smiled and went to his room. I immediately went to my room and ran thoughts of how I and my stepdad could make love.

Mom came late. We had the usual dinner and slept. I could not get sleep thinking about my step dad and I lied naked in the bed. I thought of watching a movie.

As I went down, I could hear voices from his room. It was more of pain and cry and I understood what it was.

The next day, I decided to go in my step dad’s shower and watch him naked.

Mom was making breakfast. I wanted an excuse to go in my step dad’s room. I thought of the shampoo. I went to their room and seeing no one there, I went in the shower. My step father was there, completely naked. He had a nice 8-inch cock – thick and big.

I kept staring at his body. He was observing what I was doing. Suddenly, he grabbed the shampoo and gave it to me. I said, “thanks” and left the room. I was so much in pleasure to see my naked step father.

The week went by and the next Saturday came. I went again purposefully to his room. He was naked and checking which thong to wear. He had his own collection of thongs. I realized he was bisexual.

He saw me in the room, staring at his naked body. He put one thong and put on his t-shirt. He asked me what I wanted and was it shampoo. I murmured yes and then no and left.

Mom went to a movie with her friends and it was me and him alone. He was in the hall watching a movie. I went and sat on the chair. He removed his t-shirt and shorts and was in his thong. I could not take my eyes off his body. My stepdad asked me to sit beside him.

I went. He said, “I know that you have been staring at me. You have been checking me out every time. You have also been watching porn late night”. Gosh, how did dad know that! “It’s ok. Whatever makes you happy, I am fine with it”.

I slowly said, “I want to make love to you.”

He did not say a word. He asked me to follow him. We went to my room. My stepfather locked the room once we were inside. He put his hand around me and kissed my lips. I kissed him back.

We both kept kissing and then fell in my bed. He slowly removed my t-shirt. He kissed me again and started to kiss downwards. He sucked my nipples and I moaned.

Then he came down and removed my shorts and underwear. I was naked now. He kissed my lips.

We both were rubbing our naked bodies with each other. Slowly, my stepfather started sucking my cock. I moaned. He kept on sucking for 5 minutes and sucked my balls too.

Then it was my turn. I kissed his lips and made way to his nipples and hairy chest. I licked his armpits. It had such strong odor which I smelled and licked.

I removed his thong and started sucking his cock. It was too big for me. I took as much as I could. I kept sucking my step father’s cock and balls. Then I lifted his legs and licked his asshole! He moaned loudly.

He wanted me to do 69 and so we changed position and kept sucking each other. After some time, I couldn’t control and loaded my cum in his mouth. He drank it all.

He kissed me with my cum and put a condom on his dick and started fucking my ass. He kept fucking and kissing me. Then he took me in his arms and I was riding his cock.

After a few minutes, he rolled me over and kept on fucking. I could not bear the pain but I was also enjoying it. He then took me on the side of the bed and kept fucking. He kept on pinching my nipples and finally, he came. He kissed me and we both lay in the bed, kissing each other.


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