Young village girl meets film producer in Mumbai – Sex story

Young village girl meets film producer in Mumbai – Sex story

Hello friends, this is just the beginning of my journey. I had showed my previous copied story to my producer friend, Dhiraj. He got so happy that he got a big erection while reading it.

Since he was a film producer, I wanted to impress him so that I will get a role in his new movie. I was willing to do anything for him for the role. I had to stroke his dick while he read the story loudly.

My roommates who were nurses had gone to their village. So now I have the entire apartment for myself. So my fatty, bald friend, Dhiraj comes to my room to have sex with me once or twice a day during the lockdown,

Guys, now let me introduce myself. My name is Reeti Saxena. I am 21 years old. I have fair skin and long black hair. People say that I have a cute face and a baby doll-like body.

My measurements are 34-23-34 that means my breast bra size is 32B. I know they are not big. If anyone knows how to make them bigger, please tell me.

I am a girl from a small village in Bihar. I came to Mumbai last year to become an actress and I am still waiting for my break.

Now, coming back to my story, my producer friend Dhiraj had brought new sexy, short clothes for me. He told me to wear the clothes and then he got so excited that he removed hem himself and the he fucked me in the bedroom. When my roommates came home, I ran to the bathroom to put on some clothes so that they would not see me naked.

My roommates are very nice, Elena and Diya. Both are five years older than me and work as nurses in a nearby hospital. When introducing them to me, I saw Dhiraj put his hand on their waist. Maybe he fucks them too. I will tell you about that in my later stories.

My first day in Mumbai was very good. I walked everywhere to see tall buildings, beautiful people, street food and trains. It was like a new world for me quite different from the village I came from.

I was walking around wearing the new clothes Dhiraj had got for me, a pink sleeveless top and blue shorts and stylish shoes. I know I was looking like a film heroine.

Dhiraj had cut all my bras that I had, with scissors so that I can’t wear any of the bras, he wanted me to be braless when in Mumbai. So it was a weird feeling when I walked on the road without a bra.

Later I came to know that many high society women do not wear bra and panties in Mumbai. I felt everyone was staring at me and looking at me in a funny way. In one way it is good, that I didn’t wear a bra because it is very hot in Mumbai. Not like our village where it is always cool and pleasant.

While walking, I kept on adjusting my clothes to make sure I was not showing any of my private parts. The shorts that I was wearing were so small and tight that after walking for some time it would slip down and show my bum. I had to continuously pull it up.

I saw one man while walking at my side was always staring at my chest and passing some lewd comments. Suddenly, a girl walked up to him and slapped him. She called him a pervert. That girl was Kira. We introduced ourselves and soon she became my best friend.

Kira is from UP and is working in a fashion company. Whenever she is free, we go to the malls and then we go to the movie theater. Sometimes we go and have dinner in the hotel. She pays.

Kira taught me how to drink beer. Before that I didn’t like drinking alcohol. The first time we drank too much Kira came to drop me home. There at the gate she kissed me on my lips. The watchman saw us kissing. He got so excited seeing us that I had sex with him in his cabin after Kira had gone.

Sorry, I got distracted. Let us get back to my first day in Mumbai. I thanked Kira and walked away. We didn’t talk anything more. It was night time and I was very hungry. So I ate all the different street food I could find, vadapav, missal, pani puri, and ice cream.

Dhiraj had told me to eat a lot of food to get fat. He said I am very thin and need to have a voluptuous figure to show off my assets if I have to join the film industry.

Once by mistake I spilled some pani on my shirt, while eating the pani-puri. This made my nipples poke out. Seeing that, the pani-puri bhaiya gave me an extra puri to eat. He was very nice. (I am still wondering why he gave me the extra puri. Can any of you tell me?)

When I came back to my apartment, it was ten in the night. When I walked to the gate, it was locked from inside. There was an old watchman sitting on the chair. Maybe he was sleeping. I called out to him, “Watchman uncle! Please open the door.”

I was shouting but he could not hear me. Maybe he was sleeping. So I climbed over the gate and reached the other side. That was when the watchman came up to me and stopped me.

Watchman: Where are you going?

Me: Inside.

Watchman: Why?

Me: I live here.

Watchman: I am seeing you for the first time.

Me: I came today only.

He then took his wooden stick in hand. Pointing at me he said,

Watchman: What are these clothes you are wearing?

Me: These are my clothes.

Watchman: You cannot wear this in this society. What if some man gets excited?

I know he is an old man, but I saw his excitement in his pants poking out in salute to me. It was late in the night and there was no one there except us. He looked so cute. So I walked towards him,

Me: Are you excited to see me?

Watchman: No?

Me: Then what is that in your pants?

Before he could say anything, I went and rubbed my hand over his pants. His erection was very cute and tiny. I quickly slipped my hand in his pant to stroke his three-inch dick. He got scared and told me to stop. But I kissed him to shut his mouth.

He got very hard after that. I kept on shaking his dick until he cummed in his pants. We did have sex many times after that, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of fucking me the first time itself.

The old watchman was very tired after that. He simply sat there on his chair and let me go. When I turned to the society building, another man wearing thick round glasses and in kurta-pajama was looking at me. He is the society secretary.

“Come with me,” he said. He looked angry. But I know what to do when someone is angry with me.

That’s it for today, guys. Please tell me if you like my story. I know nothing much happened in this episode but I promise a lot of interesting stuff will happen soon. You can contact me via email at [email protected]

Please tell me if you liked my story. Also do you know any film producer in Mumbai? Please let me know.

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