A Female Exhibitionist Is Groped By A Wardboy At Night

A Female Exhibitionist Is Groped By A Wardboy At Night

My name is Aisha Shetty (not my real name) I’m sexually an exciting female exhibitionist. I like to be watched and teased. I’m a very open-minded straight forward person, and I like surprises.

I am 24 years old, 5’9 tall, and weigh 50 kg. My busty figure is 34-26-36. I have a light brown skin texture. I’ve fucked and have been fucked by a lot of people. I’m here to share all my sexual experiences with you all. I hope you all get really turned on and masturbate for me.

This story is about an incident that happened a few months back. I was hospitalized as I was sick with a viral fever. My parents had me admitted due to it. As I was admitted, I had to wear the patient’s gown dress without any undergarments.

The dress really showed off my busty figure really well. It had been 3 days now, and I was sick of the routine. Every morning I get up, I find myself wet with bite marks on my breasts. I knew something was off, and I also knew how I was getting it. But I wanted to feel it rather than realize.

So one day, I skipped my evening dose of sleeping pills. It was past midnight now. All other fellow patients were in a deep sleep due to the pills. I was waiting to find out about who’s having fun with me. It was past midnight now, and I saw a ward boy heading towards me.

He came and lifted my left arm and left it to fall back naturally to find out that I was asleep or not. That’s a safe move, I thought to myself. I was waiting to see what’s going to happen next. He then brought his face close to face. I could feel his hot breath on me. He smelled nice and also a bit of alcohol.

I couldn’t risk opening my eyes now, and then he kissed me. He was sucking both my lips simultaneously and also all at once. He then grabbed my mouth and put his tongue in my mouth. I could taste the alcohol as his tongue met mine.

I was trying really hard to act naturally and keep my eyes shut. He then started to press my breasts. Then he opened my dress buttons and slid the dress to the left side, exposing my left breast, and he started sucking on them. He was trying to swallow my whole breast.

He stuffed most part inside his mouth and was really sucking it like an animal. I was getting turned on and wet now. It was really getting hard to not moan, open my eyes, and pretend to be asleep. But it felt exactly right to not do anything and just let him do his thing.

He then switched to the right breast and sucked it all, leaving deep bite and sucking marks on both my big breasts. He pinched both my nipples so gently in a hard way that I moaned a little. He looked up at me and around. I could sense his fear of getting caught.

But he assumed that there’s nobody he started sucking my breasts again. Now he got up and removed his phone. He started to click pictures using a flashlight while he was sucking my breasts and nipples, biting my nipples, kissing me.

I had so many dirty thoughts running in mind. That is he going to blackmail and fuck me later, or is he going to show it to his friends or upload them somewhere. Or is it just for his collection, and I’m just another patient for him?

But then he closed my dress buttons and then lifted up my dress till my abdomen. He sniffed my pussy and started to finger it. He was doing it right, and I couldn’t help myself moaning. But I stuffed the napkin in my mouth to avoid letting me know I’m awake.

He was busy now licking all my pussy juices and nibbling my clit with his tongue. He knew how to eat pussy. He was licking my pussy as well as penetrating it with his fingers. I was moaning now, but due to the napkin in my mouth couldn’t make much sound.

He was too busy to stop now and look. After about 6 to 7 minutes, he stopped and then took more pictures of my pussy with his fingers in it. I wanted him to lick and finger my ass too, but maybe he’s not into it. I assumed that this is over now.

But he still had his phone in his hands with the flashlight still on. I didn’t know what was coming next. He then tilted my head to the left side. He slid his two fingers deep in my mouth, trying to open my mouth. I could taste the salty chips from his fingers, assuming the snacks to the alcohol he had been drinking.

He then takes out his finger and takes out his dick and starts masturbating, trying to make his dick hard. (I know the sound of masturbating) My eyes were shut, and the flashlight was over my face. I realized that he is going to record this, and he slowly put his dick inside my mouth.

It was a small dick I thought at first, but as his dick grew inside my mouth, I knew it was around 7 inches. He now grabbed the back of my head and was fucking my mouth. I could feel his dick till my throat. He, at times, took his dick out and tapped it over my face and again slid it in.

He fucked my mouth, and I could taste his precum. Now I was expecting him to cum inside my mouth. But he didn’t and took it out. I wanted him to cum inside my mouth, and I wanted to swallow his warm cum. But he came all over my face.

He again clicked pictures, and then the flashlight was finally turned off. Then I opened my eyes, and I could see him searching for something. He then came with a small box and cleaned up all his cum over my face.  He sponge washed my face.

Before leaving whispered into my left ear, “I know you’re awake, and you liked everything I did to you. Now I know you’re a bad girl. So I am not sorry and be ready for tomorrow. I know tomorrow is your last night here. I’ll give you a memorable farewell,” and left.

I could hear his footsteps fade. Then I thought to myself, did he really know I was awake all this time, or was it just his climax fantasy dialogue? I was happy to realize that tomorrow was my last night here. But I also couldn’t wait to know what surprise he had planned for me.

Hope you’ll like the part 1 of this story. I shall be back soon with part 2 and more such stories soon.

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