Fucked two married Indian bhabhis inside the car – Sex story

Fucked two married Indian bhabhis inside the car – Sex story

Hey everyone, Aman here. Another day another story. I won’t bore you all with the details and I will get to the content fast. It’s hard to remember it all but I’ll write as much as I can remember. Pardon me for any spelling mistakes.

So this happened on 2nd September 2020 sex stories. After a few quick small meets, Anu and I decided to finally take it to the next step. Her husband was working from home and the children were home schooling as well so getting a break was always tough with the family drama.

Finally, she managed to get out of the house with an excuse for grocery shopping and dropped me a text to meet up near Inderlok metro station.

Anuradha (Anu) was a fair-complexioned married bhabhi with 36C big boobies and a big jelly ass that shakes with every move. I don’t know the measurements but it’s close to Alexis Texas’ ass with a cute pink pussy!

I drove to the location and then waited for her to arrive. To my surprise, she was riding with Kirti in her hubby’s Toyota Innova!

Kirti was driving the car and Anu was in the middle row looking all gorgeous in black kurti and leggings. We all sanitized again and greeted each other with kisses and hugs and had all the catching up – the boring stuff.

A brief intro on Kirti. She is 32-year-old, a normal-looking upper class conservative Hindu wife with a body and shaved dusky pussy to die for. 36B milky boobs, 32 waist, and a big 40 inch round ass.

Now the fun begins. Kirti drove us to an empty parking spot in a locality which she knew about and parked it in a corner. We all got out and she opened the boot and handed me a bunch of window privacy shades. The back seats were dropped to make space in the back and shades were applied all over in no time.

Anu just pushed me into the boot and hoped over me while I heard Kirti closing the boot behind Anu.

Anu was all over me and we were kissing wildly. My hands were all over her tight curvy body! It was too hot to control and my dick was ready for her.

She unbuckled my belt, removed my jeans and boxers. She took my big hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it good like a goddess.

The married lady was licking the whole shaft from balls to all the way to the top and then sucking on the tip before taking it in. She was moving the skin up and down with the other hand. From my view, I could only see a white horny gorgeous bhabhi playing with my young cock teasing me ever so more and more.

After a few minutes, I pulled her aside and moved behind bending her over, pulled down her leggings and panty revealing her tight puffy pussy dripping wet!

The next thing I knew was I was spreading Anu’s ass and licking it like a dog!! I was playing and teasing her clit while my beard was covered or should I say soaked in her pussy juice?!

Anu – Oh God!! I missed this so fucking much!!

Me – Me too, baby!! You taste so good.

I kept fingering and tongue fucking her till she had another orgasm and that was when she pushed me off.

Anu – Dekh Aman, I don’t have much time left. Ghar walo k phone aa jayenge then jana padega. Just fuck me now!!

Me – And I thought you’d never ask.

And I rubbed my dick tip between her pussy lips, lubricating myself. Then Kirti tossed us some condoms.

Kirti winked and said, “Safe sex, bhenchod. Pregnant na kar dio bichari ko.”

We all had a small laugh and I rolled up one up on my cock and pushed it inside her slowly. The bhabhi was too wet so it was no issue. With a few pushes, my cock was inside her. Then I held Anu by the waist and started fucking the horny married woman passionately then and there.

Kirti jumped in the driver seat and was rubbing her pussy while watching me fuck her best friend.

Anu was moaning loudly and the clapping sound of her ass and my waist was turning me on more! I kept thrusting harder and deeper with time and after 10-15 minutes of hardcore doggy style, Anu’s ass cheeks were red. Then we shifted to cowgirl.

Anu took off her leggings and kurti and then slowly kissed me while I undid her bra. Then she got up on top of me and slowly slid my cock up her tight pussy till it was fully inside. I just held her boobs and sucked on those milky breasts to my heart’s content. All the while, Anu twerked and jumped on my cock hard and fast!!

The married babe was enjoying every bit and inch of it. Her cum was flowing all over my waist and dripping down my balls on the car floor. Her legs were shaking from orgasms but she held on to the grab-handles to keep fucking on.

Anu orgasmed 2 more times after riding my dick hard and finally fell on me from the heavy flow. But I was not done.

I hugged her tightly. Her lips were near my ears and I started pumping her pussy with her still on top of me at full speed till I orgasmed and filled the condom with loads of cum.

Anu was trying to catch her breath while Kirti cheered all the way for us.

I wanted to fuck her more but her family called and she had to go. I kissed her and made out with Kirti for some time while Anu got ready. Kirti decided it was her time. I really wanted Anu to drive us around while we fucked in the back like in Bangbus pornos but sadly that did not happen.

And yes. I dared Kirti to drink my sperm as no drop would go wasted which she did. It was followed by a quick blowjob and ball-sucking from Kirti while Anu drove till the meeting location.

Kirti was wearing a loose top, panty, and bra. In no time, Kirti got naked and was on top of me. We were kissing, dry humping and teasing each other. I licked and tongue fucked her pussy too but Anu was driving really fast and we reached the place in no time.

Kirti was wet and ready but we had to go so next time promise was all we could do. I had love bites all over my cock, balls, and thighs from Kirti. They really loved this clean shaved cock.

To be honest, the meet/hookup was not more than 50 minutes but we fucked really hard and it was worth the time.

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