A Mallu Teacher Read My Story And Wanted To Fuck Me

A Mallu Teacher Read My Story And Wanted To Fuck Me

Hi guys, this is Varun back with another story of mine. I got a huge response from boys and girls for my earlier stories. I thank everyone who took their time to send me their valuable feedback. You can read all my stories here.

About me: I am Varun Krishnan, aged 28, from Bangalore. I am working as an accountant in a small firm. I am not athletic, and I don’t have a six-pack muscular body. But I am an average good-looking guy. I can assure you that you will be satisfied in bed with me.

Let’s get into the story. I ask all those to read this story to please lock up the room and slide into your comfort dress and start pleasuring yourself. Guys, keep your hand on your rod and girls on your sweet hot pussy.

This is another story of a married Mallu teacher from Quilon (Kollam), Kerala. She contacted me after reading one of my stories. She is in the mid 30s, and her husband would be busy with his work. She is left unsatisfied and was looking for pleasure from someone whom she can trust.

She is our regular reader and always pleasures herself after reading the stories. She contacted me through hangouts, appreciating my story. We shared a few texts with a small introduction about our professions, likes, and dislikes. This went for almost a month, and we slowly started sex talks at night.

We then started sexting during our office timings too. Whenever she gets a break from her classes, she would send pics from her school toilet. She would be sitting on a commode with her fingers inside her wet dripping pussy. She used to share her bra pic in the morning just before she leaves school.

She would purposely pull down her blouse so that I get hard in the morning itself by seeing her deep cleavage. In the evenings she used to show her panty pic which would be wet with our dirty talks that day. We then started calls during day time. We used to talk naughty every time we speak.

In January, Remya asked me if I would be free. She wanted to come down to Bangalore to meet me. She liked my company, and she’s tired of sexting and calls. She was fed up with her busy husband, who doesn’t care about her in bed.

I replied that I had a meeting in Kerala next weekend. If she’s fine, we could meet. She asked about the arrival, here I would be staying, and for how long will I be in Kerala. It was a trip to Kochi to meet 1 of my clients. I usually don’t go to my hometown cause it takes around 3-4 hours each side for me.

I stay in a hotel which is paid for by my company. I was planning to reach Kochi by Thursday evening, and Friday, I had the meeting. Weekends I might go home or might return to Bangalore.

She asked me if I could hold back during the weekend so that she can come and meet me. She would be off from her school during weekends, and her husband would be busy with his work. It wasn’t much trouble for her to make up a story to come out for a long weekend.

Since I didn’t want to miss this chance, I accepted her request. As planned, she will take half-day leave from her school so that we can catch a train and reach Kochi by evening. By that time, I will finish my meeting and will reach the hotel room.

I reached Kochi by Thursday evening, and I attended the meeting on Friday. She texted me when the train started at her station. I was excited and wanted to finish my work asap. By 6 pm, she texted me saying that she’s about to reach the station and will call once she reaches.

I had already shared my hotel details with her. I received her from the hotel entrance and took her to my room. I had ordered juice and snacks by the time she came. We both were tensed as we entered our room. I offered her to sit on the sofa. The room boy came with the food which I had ordered.

Remya said she wanted to use the washroom. I showed her and asked her to feel comfortable. She took a pair of dresses and walked into the bathroom. I received the food and was waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes, Remya came out wearing a light blue top and black skirt.

I made her eat something because I know she would be starving. There were only a 2 seater sofa and a small teapoy in my room. When we almost finished having tea and snacks, her phone rang. It was her husband who wanted to know about the arrival and stay.

While she was talking with him, I moved towards the balcony and smoked. When I came back to the room, she was still on call and showed her finger saying 2 minutes. I asked her to take her own time and sat on the sofa. I was scrolling through my phone.

She signaled me to sit near her on the bed by tapping on the bed next to her. She started playing with my fingers and kept her head on my shoulders. I could feel her boobs pressing on my back. After a few minutes, she disconnected the call, but she didn’t take her head off from my shoulder.

Since we had the weekend ahead, we were talking about random stuff. The smell from her body was killing me. (I still don’t understand from where do these lovely women get these strong nose piercing smell).

It was around 7:45pm, and we decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. So that we could take a walk too. We were holding hands on our way down the street. We were confident that no one knows us around, and we were looking like a married couple.

Remya: Varun, I got to tell you something. But promise me that you won’t tease and get tensed.

I stopped walking, and she looked at me.

Remya came closer to my ears and said that she hasn’t worn a panty. I was like what? She repeated the same and licked my ear lobes. I came out from the shock, and her smile was tempting me. We kept walking for a few more steps and found the crowd was less in that area.

Suddenly she caught my left hand and placed it on her ass. Yes, guys, she was right. I could feel her bare ass above her skirt. Luckily she had worn a dark-colored skirt. We left the place asap. By 8:30 pm, we had our dinner from the restaurant, and we walked back to the hotel.

Remya entered the room 1st and went to plug-in her phone for charging. I latched the door from inside and went behind her and hugged her. Remya was shocked by the step I took suddenly. She turned towards met with a smile. She put her hands across my neck and came closer to my lips.

When our lips were about to touch, she pushed me towards the bed, saying, “You have to wait for some more time so that I can take a bath.” I fell on the spring mattress. She was looking at me in a seducing way. She picked up the towel and went to the bathroom.

I went to the balcony to smoke. Just then, Remya called me from inside the bathroom. Without lighting the cigarette, I went near the bathroom door and knocked on it. She opened the door, and I was shocked to see her in that situation.

She had tied the towel above her chest and had left her hair open. She asked me if I got some other work. I replied that I don’t have. And she asked if we both could take a bath together. Without thinking for a second, I moved in, and she just closed the door behind. I removed my t-shirt and turned towards her.

She had removed her towel and was standing in her birthday suit. Her round big black nipples, which were hard. Her 34 sized round boobs. Her clean-shaved pussy. These all made me really hard. Suddenly she pulled down my shorts saying we can’t stay for long inside.

She was shocked to see the hardness of my pole and turned her back to me. I got rid of my shorts and went behind her towards the shower. She started to get wet. She was looking at my dick, and suddenly she pulled me towards her by holding my hands.

Since I was standing right behind, and when she pulled me towards her, my dick was placed on her ass. She moved her hips towards me, and she placed both my hands on her boobs below her armpit. I started to slowly pump her from behind, and she was also pushing her hips towards me.

We both started to get wet under the shower, and I was playing with her boobs like mixing a dough. I took the soap from the shelf and applied it on my hand and started to rub all over her back. She turned towards me and took the soap from my hand and started applying on my chest and tummy.

She moved her hands on both my armpit and came down to my chest. She started playing on my hairy chest and on my nipple. She was pulling my nipple with 2 fingers, which gave a pain. She laughed and applied soap on her hands again.

She moved her hand on my throbbing dick and started to massage my balls. She moved her hand more between my legs and started applying soap on my anal. While she was doing that, she was bending down, and I started to rub her back. She came to my dick and moved her hands up and down.

I was very hard, and I wanted to leak on her hands. When I was at the urge to come, she took away her hand and said I don’t want that to waste. She was laughing at me by looking at my expression. She felt bad and came near to me. She started to suck my lips.

Her hands were roaming all over my face and shoulders. My dick is being rubbed on her tummy. I bent down and kept my dick between her legs. I started slowly pumping her from below, and she was giving low moans. I made her leg aside and pushed my dick in one shot inside. She gave a jerk.

She held my shoulders and gave a moan. It didn’t go that easily. Might be because her pussy wasn’t used much by her hubby or might be because of our standing place. I pulled my dick completely out. I kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy and started to rub on her pussy lips.

I started the shower and water started to take all the soap from our body. I kept rubbing my dick on her pussy wall. I took it out and entered her forcefully in standing place. I did this for some time, and she said she was gonna cum. I knelt on the bathroom floor and lifted her 1 leg on my shoulder.

I started licking her pussy vigorously. She came heavily on my face by pulling my hair towards her pussy, and it tastes yummy. She bent down and started kissing my forehead by calling my name. After that, I got up and looked into her face. She was laughing, looking at my face, which we filled with her cum.

We then showered once again and moved towards the room after drying ourselves. While drying her, she said that it was after a long time that she came while doing oral fun. She went towards the wardrobe and started wearing the same skirt she wore in the evening.

When she bent down to wear her skirt, I could see her ass hole clearly. I went behind her and hugged her. I could feel my dick getting rubbed on her ass. Remya was pushing herself towards me and had closed her eyes. Her breath has increased, and she was biting her lower lips.

I caught her by her waist and moved towards the bed. I sat on the bed and made her sit on my lap. I caught both her nipples and was pulling it out. She leaned back and held my head with her right hand. I was kissing her neck region and moved towards her ear lobes and sucked it.

I then turned towards me, and I laid on the bed. She guided my dick into her pussy, and she gave a moan. She had closed her eyes and bit her lower lips. She was doing it very slowly because she hasn’t taken such a long dick ever in her life. She started jumping once she got used to it, but still, she was in pain.

She kept both her hands on my chest and was moving up and down. After some time, I asked her to get down. I sat on the bed with my legs down, and I made her kneel on the floor. She caught my dick in her palm and start moving up and down by looking at me. She took my dick in her mouth.

She sucked the tip of my dick and slowly took the entire rod in her mouth. She was playing with my balls with her left hand and moved her finger towards my ass. That was an awesome feeling. It felt like an electric current through my body.

I stood up and caught her head from behind and kept pumping her. She started to gag, but I didn’t care and kept fucking her mouth hardly. She started tapping on her belly to stop this, and I could see tears rolling down. I stopped immediately and pulled her up and started kissing her lips.

I apologized to her for treating her like this, but she was happy with this way of torture. Suddenly without telling, I lifted her left leg and kept it on the bed. I positioned my dick on the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in a while standing. She hugged me tightly across my neck and started giving kisses on my neck.

I kept fucking her like that for some time and lifted her right leg too. She was in the air, and she had locked both her legs across my waist. She was holding me tightly, and I was fucking her from below hard. She hasn’t got fucked in this place, and she has seen in videos only.

I then laid her on the bed and lifted both her legs, and started banging her hard.

Me: Teacheree mole onnu chappikotte? (Teacher can I suck your boobs?)

Remya: Cheythoda (Go on, dear.)

I took her nipple in my mouth and started with flicking it with my tongue. She held my head with her hands and pushed more towards her boobs. I took her boobs completely in my mouth and kept sucking. I kept pulling her nipple out with my lips. I was pumping her hard, and her moan increased.

I then started banging her hard. She arched back and lifted her pussy. She was moaning heavily. Suddenly she pulled me towards her and lifted both her legs apart. She bit my ear and moaned, saying, “I am coming, Varun. Yes, don’t stop. I can feel it, love.” And caught me more tightly.

I replied, “Even me, what should I do?”

Remya: Just do it, Varun. I will take precautions later. But please don’t stop.

After 3-4 hard strokes, I lifted my face and kissed her mouth, saying I am coming, and I could feel her liquid. We both came together. We laid for some time in that place. After some time, we both got up and walked towards the bathroom and cleaned ourselves.

I am also available in the app called kik, where my ID is: varunkrish174.

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