Sexy school teacher boned in train compartment – Desi Tales

Sexy school teacher boned in train compartment – Desi Tales

Hi friends, thank you for your responses to my story. I am very happy to get such good feedback.

So, I am taking you to another encounter that took place in my life after so many years. This is kind of a school crush. Yeah, you got it right. She was my class teacher and my maths teacher too.

She was very kind and supportive. Initially, I didn’t have any dirty thoughts for her. But one day, I saw her in a white-blue salwar suite. She was looking very beautiful and sexy. I was stunned by her beauty. My teacher also noticed that I was staring at her. She came close to me and while still teaching to the class, she pinched me on my hand.

I didn’t understand it at that time because I was not that mature to understand any signals or anything. But, after so many years, one fine day I was sitting at home and was just thinking of that incident. I understood that she was happy that I noticed her. By then, I was 20 years old.

On the very next day, I was supposed to leave for Bangalore and I had the booking for the 3rd AC class. I reached the railway station and was waiting for the train to arrive. I was looking at the platform and saw a beautiful woman on the same platform. Fortunately, we had eye contact and the woman smiled at our second eye contact.

The train arrived and I moved to board and was searching for my seat. I found my seat and settled by adjusting my luggage.

To my surprise, the same woman came and her seat was right in front of me – the single-seat beside the window. She smiled and said, Hi. I replied and said, Hi.

We both got settled and she addressed me by my name. She said, “How are you doing, Raj?”

I was shocked. I said, “I am fine but sorry, I don’t remember you. Did we met any time?”

She said, “Yes. We met almost every day for 10 years of your schooling.”

I was like, “I am sorry but I really don’t remember who you are.”

She said, “I am your class teacher Nilima.” I was shocked again.

“Ma’am! How are you and after so many years. I am so sorry that I didn’t remember.”

Nilima – It’s ok, Raj. I can understand.

Raj – You are looking more beautiful than you were in school (and I looked in her eyes).

There was only the sound of the train and silence between us. We were still looking at each other. She was like, “Can’t you understand I am still the same for you?!”

I said, “Ma’am, do you want some water?”

Nilima – Hey, don’t call me ma’am. The school is over. Call me by my name.

Raj – Are you sure?

Nilima – Yes.

Raj – So Nilima, how are you and where are you these days?

She suddenly said that she was getting divorced and was working in Bangalore now.

Raj – Oh, sorry.

Nilima – It’s okay. I will take a nap for some time.

Raj – Ok.

She slept and I was thinking of many things and about my luck as well. But it was a destiny no one can deny. After an hour or so, my school teacher woke up and I was lying with my eyes closed. In our compartment, there were only 2 people. I notice that the others were going to board at the Bangalore station. So, I was happy.

My school teacher looked at me and said, “Coffee?” I said, “Yes.”

She took out the flask and said, “Let’s share this.” While she was pouring the coffee into the mug, I was looking at her. She was looking damn sexy. Her stats were 36-30-36. I was like, she has become a sex bomb now!

While talking, she told me that she was getting divorced because her husband had an affair. I was standing at that time and was looking at her backside. Wow, she was really a sexy woman.

Suddenly, my teacher was sobbing. I sat next to her and held her shoulder and turned her face towards me. She was still sobbing. I wiped her tears and hugged her tightly. At first, she didn’t respond but slowly, her grip got tighter. While hugging, I opened her hairs and she tightened her grip.

I got the green signal and I locked the door. She said, “Why are you locking the door?!”

I came near her and kissed her. She was reluctant but kissed me back. Our kiss got passionate and my hands moved to my school teacher’s boobs. Man, what a pair of boobs it was.

I broke the kiss and removed her kurta and the two magic balls were free from the prison. She was shocked by this but understood that it was the day she was going to get satisfied.

I started sucking my school teacher’s boobs madly. She was enjoying it and pressing my head onto her boobs. I was happy as I was sucking the tits of my favourite woman.

Nilima asked me to remove my clothes and I did it. She saw my manhood and started sucking it. I was very happy by that and I was pressing her head forcefully and choking her.

My teacher was fully naked now and I was really horny by seeing her naked in front of me.

Nilima – Come and fill me with your cum, Raj.

Raj – Nilu, are you my bitch?

Nilima – Yes, I am your bitch.

I was happy by hearing this and I started to spank her. Then we got into 69 position. My school teacher’s lips were driving me crazy and I exploded in her mouth after 20 minutes.

She said, “You are not a small boy anymore. You have a lot of strength in you. I want you to fulfill my thirst.”

We started kissing and I took her in my arms. We both were ready for the second session. Nilima placed my manhood in her pussy. Wow, what a tight and warm pussy it was! I was in heaven.

She was on me and slowly started to ride me. I was also stroking her at the same time. We changed the position after 20 minutes and accidentally, I placed my cock in my teacher’s ass. She was like, “Hey, it’s my ass!” I said, “Now, it’s mine.”

And with a huge jerk, I was all inside her ass. She was in real pain now. But I was stroking her. Finally, she started enjoying it and said, “Fill your bitch with your cum, my man.”

I was happy and started to fucking my school teacher’s ass hard. I held her hairs from the back. She was in pain but loved it. Finally, I exploded and filled her ass with all my cum.

We slept in the same position and she woke me up an hour before we reached Bangalore. She was still naked and I started to kiss her again. We did it again and this time, I came inside her pussy.

We exchanged our numbers and addresses before we reached the station. Before we got down, I kissed her and smooched her again and then we went on our separate ways

This was really a sexy experience of my life. I hope you all will like it. If you like it, kindly send me your review on [email protected] I will be happy to satisfy you. Thank you.

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