A Point Of View Story Of Satisfying Dark Desires And Fantasy

A Point Of View Story Of Satisfying Dark Desires And Fantasy

Hi, this is me Aadhi, a 25-year-old passionate wild guy from Chennai with a fresh point of view story. I am slim, well built, nice brown color, black eyes, and curly-haired. We have known each other for a few months. We met through a random app, and we share a great bond.

In the days past, we became really close, and we started sharing all our sexual fantasies. We were dying to meet each other to quench our sexual thirst.

One night as you walk home from the office, you start hearing some noise. You fear it and start walking fast. Suddenly someone holds your hand. You turn and see me. I smile at you, and you hug me tightly.

I kiss your forehead and say, “I have waited for so long. Let’s go home.” We both start walking home. You stay alone at your place as all your roommates went to their hometowns. I make a plan and somehow sneak into your flat.

Once I enter the flat,  you come very close to me that I feel your breath. You push me to the door and lock it. We look into each other’s eyes, deep. You say, “You never know how much I missed you.” You press your boobs on my chest and lock my fingers into yours.

As your boobs are squeezed on my chest, you start kissing my forehead, eyes, chin, ears. Then you start smooching me. The smooching goes on for long. We get so passionate kissing each other, exchanging each other’s saliva. I release my hand and hold your head firmly, and we kiss more passionately.

I hug you so tight, squeezing the hell out of you, making you moan.  My hands then slide over your back from top to bottom and hold your ass. My firm hands start squeezing your soft plumpy ass, and you let out a few moans. You try to defend by holding my hands while I bite your ears.

You feel my breath on your neck. I then bite your shoulder and give a lot of kisses on it. I start sliding my hand into your pant-into your panty. Both hands hold your raw ass firmly and massage it. You then push me to the wall and unbutton my shirt in one go.

The buttons fall on the floor, making cute little noises. You bite my neck and move your hand over my chest and my hip. You start removing my belt while I push you on to the bed and jump on you. I pull your top from your body. The milky boobs look squishy mushy in that black hot bra.

I squeeze then hand with my hands. I start biting it with the bra. I remove your bra, and my hands completely hold your cup. It presses slightly, making a hole for the nipples in the center. I then rub my beardy face on your boobs. I rub them hard.

Then I start sucking the left boob passionately while pressing the right one. Then I start sucking the right one. I sucked it hard. I then tickle your nipples with my tongue. I hold your nipple with my teeth and start tickling it. I then start licking your body from boobs to the navel.

I insert my tongue into your navel, and I lick it hard. I start kissing around your navel.  I slowly remove your pant with the panty, and my licking tongue goes from navel to your juice dripping pussy. My tongue touches your clit. I tickle it fast with my tongue for the next few minutes.

The tongue then goes below it, to the pussy hole. It starts licking it so deeply. The tongue goes deep into your pussy. In and out. Your hand holds my hair firmly, and you make loud moans. I then bury my face into your pussy and start licking it faster.

A few minutes past, you pull my hair towards you and whisper into my ears, “I need my lollipop now.” You say that and turn me upside down where you lie above me. My belt buckle makes sounds as you remove my pant. You see my big tent in that red brief.

You remove my brief and see my hard rock cock saluting you. You hold it with your hands firm and start blowing me. I hold your head and push it deeper. I say, “Bitch, you are one hell of a sucker.” You take me deep throat. I hold your head and push it faster in and out.

After a while, I go and bring soft, shiny black cloth. I close your eyes with it and whisper in your ears, “Welcome to my dark world.” I push you on to the bed, facing upward.

You can see nothing but darkness. You hear some sounds from the kitchen – the sounds of utensils and fridge. A while later, you start feeling chillness in your tummy button. I hold an ice cube with my mouth and rub it on your navel. You get an incredible feeling.

I slide the ice cube around your belly button, making its way to the nipple. The ice cube plays around your nipples. You feel the chillness and heat at the same time. I bring the ice cube and rub it on your lips. The upper lip and lower lip feel the chillness.

I then liplock you with the ice cube. We smooch with it feeling the cold in our mouths. A while later, you start feeling the chillness on your pussy lips. I start rubbing the ice cube on your pussy lips. I move it up and down. I rub it fast on the clit. I slide it around your pussy walls.

The drops from the ice cube make its way through the ass crack and touch your butthole, making it feel the cold. I then bring the ice cube and rub it on your butt hole.

I turn you around and move the ice cube through the ass crack all the way from the bottom to top of your back. I go straight, and then I write I love you on your back with the ice cube. I bring the ice cube to your neck and move it along.

I whisper into your ear, “Now, it’s time for your punishment.”

Strictly for women – I am a man-hater!

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