Discoveries made by the crouching woman – Housewife’s story

Discoveries made by the crouching woman – Housewife’s story

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Kalyani then saw the clock and saw she was sleeping for about 2 hours. She was still wearing her towel around. As a crouching woman, she saw through the window, and the sky was dark with possible signs of rain. She understood it might start to drizzle any time now.

She remembered the drying clothes. She had no time to dress. She sprinted out to the stairs and climbed up with just a towel around her. As she was on the top floor, she thought no one would notice her in the towel. She entered the terrace, and it was starting to drizzle.

She ran towards the clothesline and grabbed them one by one. She saw some other’s clothes also hanging on the line. But she collected her clothes alone. She even had no time to collect the clips. She was collecting the clothes with just a towel around her.

There was a high probability that someone might see her. But she liked the thrill of getting nearly caught. With no buildings anywhere near, she rolled her dice. After collecting the clothes, she ran towards the stairs. But her towel’s tip was stuck on the grill grate, so it slipped away.

Kalyani was shocked as her body was completely exposed. She was holding all the clothes in her hand, but none was covering her. Then she decided to let the towel be and decided to carry the clothes to her house naked. She was thrilled by the opportunity that anyone will get only in their fantasy.

She got down, and she checked if someone was in her corridor. Then she walked faster, carrying her clothes to her house. Then she reached it and dropped her clothes on the sofa and deeply exhaled with a sense of thrill and relief. She felt the adrenaline.

Now the rain started to drizzle with bigger droplets. Kalyani wanted to have some more fun. So she thought of going back naked and taking the towel stuck on the stair gate. The mere thought gave her goosebumps. She then checked her corridor and then jumped out of her house naked.

To make things a little naughtier, she didn’t even run to the stairs. She was just walking to the stairs. Her eyes were scanning around, and no one was around. She reached the stairs, climbed up to the gate, and pulled her towel from the grill gate.

But it was stuck deep. She was shocked and pulled it so harder. But it still was not coming out. To make things worse, she heard someone climbing up the stairs, and the thudding sound was getting closer. Kalyani’s heart started pumping faster in fear.

She pulled the towel with all her strength, but in vain. Kalyani knew that the possibility of seeing her naked is high if she ran to her house. So she decided to hide under the tank room for some time and then go to her house. Her heart was pumping fast.

She ducked and ran naked towards the tank room. Her boobs were jumping. She hid inside and peeked outside to see who it was. The footsteps thudding grew louder, and she saw it was Mahima. She was wearing 3/4 leggings and a t-shirt.

She saw the towel struck at the gate. She gave a hesitant look around and then left. She ran towards the clothesline, and she was collecting her clothes as quickly as possible. Kalyani was watching it from the tank room. Then the rain started pouring.

This made Mahima run towards the tank room to save her dry clothes from getting wet. Kalyani saw it, and her heart started pounding. She looked around the room and saw a plastic rain cover covering some old things in the corner. She quickly raised it and went to the corner and hid under the cover.

She was even breathing very slow, and she was so thrilled at that moment. Mahima, with her clothes, entered the room. It was a little dark because of the cloudy environment. She didn’t notice Kalyani hiding under the plastic car cover and the other things.

Mahima placed her clothes inside the room. She was waiting for the rain to stop for a minute so that she can run down the stairs. The rain now became heavy, and there were thunder and lightning. Mahima was watching the rain standing, and Kalyani could see Mahima through a tiny hole.

She saw Mahima’s t-shirt was a little wet and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were erect. Mahima was wiping off the droplets over her and finally looked at her breasts. She saw the protruding nipples and chuckled.

Then her phone rang, she took it from her pocket. As her cheeks and face are a little wet. She wiped her hands with a dry cloth and attended the call with the speaker on. It was Devi on the other side.

Devi: Hey, Mahi, I’m at your doorsteps. Where are you now?

Mahima: I’m on the terrace, collecting my dry clothes. I am going to take a little time, what’s the matter?

Devi: I knew you did it again yesterday, and I will blame you if we ever get caught because of what you did. I couldn’t even remember what I did last night.

Mahima: Chill, Devi, no one remembered yesterday’s party. Don’t make a fuss about it. It’ll be alright, don’t worry, you know we are secure inside the colony.

Devi: Kamala told me that she will never attend the party if you keep doing this. What if Kalyani saw us yesterday? What would she think of us if we were wandering topless inside the building?

Naked Kalyani hiding under the cover was so confused by their conversation then she heard some more. Mahima giggled sarcastically and said

Mahima: What! Kalyani? Did you think she will react to it so sensitively? I saw her the other day morning while watering the plants on the terrace, sleeping just like Kamala was last night. She was exposing her boobs. She had the same pinkish nipples as you have. Her husband must’ve sucked them the whole night.

Devi: What are you saying? I don’t believe you. You are just complimenting me. I know Kalyani spanked me playfully that day. But she wouldn’t indecently expose herself.

Kalyani now knew that Devi has respect for her.

Mahima: Why don’t you check the color of her tits all by yourself? Wanna bet the loser will get 10 bare ass spanking. (She was laughing when she said that)

Devi: Don’t deviate me. You promise me you’ll never drug on us again.

Mahima: Alright, fine, I won’t do it again. I swear on my boobs (with a giggle), you happy now?

Devi: You better not break your promise again.

Then Devi hung up the phone.

Kalyani now got the whole picture. Mahima must have mixed drugs in the beer. That’s why there was a fuss the previous night, and no one remembered a thing. Kalyani was so happy that she didn’t lose her dignity, yet she had her fantasy fulfilled.

Mahima then hugged herself with her arms and was shaking in the cold. She saw her t-shirt was so wet. She looked around and checked no one around. She then raised her t-shirt from her hips and removed it. Kalyani was awestruck and saw the hot white toned topless body of Mahima.

She was twisting her t-shirt and was draining the water out of it. Her boobs were bouncing in slow motion. Then she took her mobile out from her leggings pocket and stood in a selfie position. She was hiding her boobs with her right forearm and with the mobile, on the other hand, clicked selfies.

She was making different poses in erotic topless selfies after the call ended. She then checked her selfies and was giggling. Kalyani heard the tick mark sound of WhatsApp from her mobile. Kalyani was shocked that Mahima was sending her topless pics (though she didn’t expose her tits fully) to someone.

Then Mahima was typing some texts. She also received some replies from that person (the receiving sound of WhatsApp confirmed it). She was giggling at those replies. Kalyani wondered who might the other person be.

The rain has now become heavy. Mahima became alert when she heard some footsteps coming from the terrace stair room. And she saw someone. Kalyani couldn’t see that person properly. Seeing that person, Mahima quickly wore her t-shirt.

But the t-shirt was not completely dried. She still had that protruding nipple. Kalyani saw Mahima’s face was little lit was blushing as if looking at her lover. She called that person by saying, “Over here,” and waved her hand. Kalyani heard that person running towards the tank room.

Kalyani was afraid that she’ll have to be more cautious now. The person who entered the room turned out to be Ravi. Kalyani was shocked to see him in the room where she was hiding naked. It was like her worst nightmare.

Thoughts were flooding her mind, “What if they found me naked?” Kalyani’s heart was pumping so fast in fear, butterflies were flying in her belly.

Ravi spoke to Mahima

Ravi: Are you stuck here?

Mahima: Yeah, I took out my clothes, but the rain started. So I had to take shelter here.

Then Mahima remembered her manners and lent her hands to Ravi and introduced herself

Mahima: I’m Mahima, by the way, granddaughter of Kasturi.

Ravi shook her hands and replied,

Ravi: I’m Ravi, Kalyani’s husband.

Kalyani could see Mahima’s face was so bright and happy while she was conversing with Ravi.

Ravi: Did you see my wife around? Cause the door was open and dried clothes were there, but she was not.

Mahima: No, she must’ve been to the neighboring house.

Then Mahima realized her nipples were almost visible. She blushed and hid her boobs with her hands. Ravi understood her situation. He removed his shirt and wrapped it around her like a gentleman, and turned away from her. Kalyani was so touched by his act, so was Mahima.

Mahima saw him wearing a white tank top and his chiseled shoulders from his back. Mahima literally was checking Ravi out with his wife watching. Kalyani felt both kinky and proud at the same time. Though there were many dried clothes near them, Mahima preferred wearing his shirt to cover herself.

Then the rain paused for a minute. They both saw it as their cue. Ravi grabbed those dried clothes and told her that he’ll carry those clothes to her house. Mahima was hiding her embarrassment. She can’t carry them all the way to her house. Mahima led the way, and Ravi followed her behind.

Kalyani found her gap, and she immediately uncovered her naked body. She was in a crouching position and slowly went to the stair room. She peeked down to see them both climbing down the stairs. Then she pulled her towel out of the grill gate, succeeding this time.

Without making a noise, she climbed down and entered the corridor. Since Mahima’s house was all the way to the ground floor, Kalyani had time to settle. She then entered the house, took a long nighty, and wore it with no underwear. Her breathing speed was reducing slowly. She felt it was so thrilling.

Ravi came after a minute. He entered the house and saw Kalyani sitting on the sofa watching the TV. He asked, “Where were you? I’ve been searching for you everywhere.” Kalyani turned to him and acted surprised.

She told him that she was using the common bathroom for a change. (It was located on the north side of the building, just like a big school toilet).

Ravi said, “Oh, I thought you were upstairs taking the clothes off the line, even saw your towel stuck on the gate.” Kalyani bit her tongue and said, “Yeah, the towel was also drying among them. I just now found it was stuck and brought it back.”

To be continued.

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