A Story Of A Lady Who Misses Her Husband’s Love

A Story Of A Lady Who Misses Her Husband’s Love

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy again with a story of how I met a lady of 54 years who missed her husband’s love. I made friends and made love to her. I am a 52-year-old who stayed alone in Indore due to work. The lady is my dear Sheila. She is a lovely lady with a nice figure. Not fat for her age but has flesh in the right places.

We met recently at the gym when we went for a workout. I go daily for the treadmill, and so does she. I have been seeing her for the last week. She comes to use the treadmill and sit for a while, looking around, then dresses up and go. She generally wears shorts and a tight short spaghetti top without a bra.

It so happened last week that it was an hour left to close. The gym owner got an urgent call from home and so asked me to close the gym before leaving. Since we stay in the same colony, he said he would collect the keys from my house. None of his clients except this lady Sheila was expected.

So he told me if she comes to let her use the treadmill and then close down. I had seen her in sari before and in her shorts daily. Sheila had a figure of 36-34-38 and height 5’9”. Though she was 54, you could not tell as her tits were fleshy and not hanging much.

I waited for her to come. She came within 10 minutes and asked about the owner. I said, “He had an emergency and had to go. So he asked me to assist you.” I asked her name, and she very shyly said, “Sheila.” I gave her mine, and she went to change.

She asked me if anyone was coming. I said no, so she asked me to keep the door shut so that she is not disturbed. She asked me that if I did not mind could she check something she bought and see if it fits. I said ok and started my walking.

She came out in a tank top just above the navel and a panty which had her pussy covered. But the string in between the bums ending in a triangle at the waist. Her bum cheeks were lovely and fully exposed. It was fleshy and had a lot of dimples in it.

She came out like she was modeling and started using the treadmill without feeling shy that I was there. I went to her, and we started talking about our interests. She said that she had a problem with her husband’s equipment and, as such, needed some adventure.

We chatted for half an hour. While cracking a joke, she laughed and missed her step and fell, hurting her thigh and tail bone. I picked her up, carried her to the bench, and took out ‘Move’ from my bag to put. She showed me the thigh, which I massaged and went up to her bum as it hurt all along.

She then said her tail bone hurt. So I asked her to sleep on her stomach and tell me where. The pain areas were covered with a small patch of cloth. So she asked me to remove the panty and then showed. I gave her a massage and, in the process, massaged the valley between the cheeks to her bum hole.

She felt good and turned around unconsciously. She picked up her panty and went to the toilet. I liked the sway of her bum. I just got a glimpse of her vaginal hair. She had a bit of a bush. When she came out, I got caught staring at her mound. It looked big because of the hair.

I asked her that the panty looked new, and she said yes. I was in my boxer and banian. She looked and saw the hard-on I had. It was now getting late. So I asked her if she was ok. She said that she had pain and was finding it difficult walking and bending.

So I helped her change into her other clothes. First, real sex story I took off her top and then her panty. She was nude in front of me. I then put on her top and pants. We closed the door, and I dropped her home. On the way, I asked her why she did not shave her pussy and that it was hygienic to be without hair.

She said that since I like it clean, she would do it tomorrow and come. The next day was Saturday. Her husband had gone to Bangkok for a holiday with friends for a week. She invited me over to her house for a drink after the workout. I asked her how the pain was.

She said that the pain was better as I had magic in my hands. She said now the pain had traveled in the front. We both laughed. So I asked her what her plans were for the evening and she said having fun. We reached her house, which was big and comfortable.

She gave me a glass of water and offered me to bathe and relax after the workout. She gave me a lungi, and I went to the bathroom. In a couple of minutes, the door had a knock, and she came in nude. I asked her to show me the hurt and kissed it, so she felt better.

She started the bathtub and put hot water. We sat there with her back to me and me holding her around her waist. I could feel my dick growing hard and against her back. I played with her tits and tweaked her nipples. This made them hard and pointy.

She loved it and put my one hand between her legs. Till then, I had not noticed she had shaved the hair off as promised. Sheila enjoyed the bath in the tub, smooching me and feeding me her tits. I pinched the nipples and played with the fleshy bums.

She then made me sit up while she scrubbed my dick, washed it, and sucked it. Since we were in the tub, she asked me to spill on her face and tits. Sheila was enjoying it, and now meri chudai it was my turn to pleasure her. I put her legs on my shoulder and dived into her beautiful vertical lips.

She loved the manipulation and was squealing in delight. She held my hair tight between her legs and humped my tongue. It was a delight to see her close her eyes and squeal in with pleasure. I then carried her and made her sit on my lap. She first sucked and made me hard.

Then, sitting, she guided my dick in her pussy. Sheila humped my dick hard as the water splashed around. She was like a baby jumping up and down in the water while the dick was penetrating her deep in the ravines of her pussy. In the process of it moving in and out, she went a bit high.

My dick entered her bum hole. She screamed with pain as it was the first time someone entered that orifice. Since the hole was small, it did not go in fully, but then Sheila got used to it and then started the pleasure. Sheila was on the verge of orgasm when I stopped it.

I sat on the commode, and she again sat on my lap, penetrating her bum. She started humping, and I took the bidet and started spraying her pussy with it. It gave her tremendous feeling. I stopped the spray as she was about to cum. She came with a tremendous orgasm, and the juices flew across the bathroom.

I also came simultaneously in her bum. We then had a bath and came out for dinner.


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