Brothers have sex with their GFs in same room – Sex story

Brothers have sex with their GFs in same room – Sex story

Hey everyone. This is my first story here. No doubt I am a sex story fan and thought that I should share my experiences here.

My name is Daniel. I am 22 years old, 5’10” tall, fair, have a fit physique, residing in Bangalore. I travel between Chennai and Mumbai often for work.

Let me get to the story. This takes place in Bangalore. I was dating a girl named Priyanka. We were both 20 years old at that time. She was fair and only 5’2″ in height. Quite short compared to me but I loved hugging her.

She was fair, had a curvy body, small perky boobs with pink pointed nipples, and a round ass. Yum. I loved squeezing and eating her ass out. Thinking about it makes my mouth water. She also loved to drink. We would go all around Bangalore, getting drunk and trying out various restaurants and pubs.

Priyanka was a gymnast which means she was flexible as fuck! 😉 After we get drunk, she would tease me by doing full splits, spreading her legs, and making seductive faces at me putting her hands near her vagina. I used to get really horny but I had had sex only one time with a different girl at that time.

So after we get drunk, we would shamelessly make out openly in bars. Then I would fondle her boobs and press her ass and if the pub was empty she would even give me a hand job secretly.

I loved how wet she would get. I would put my hand in her pants and feel her wetness and suck my fingers while staring at her eyes while she gave me a hand job.

Her hands would shiver on my cock as I rubbed my fingers on her pussy. It would turn her on even more. People used to always stare at us but we loved the attention.

We took videos of ourselves making out and it was awesome. We never went past foreplay. Maximum I fingered her, ate her pussy out and she gave me a blowjob. We never got to the sex.

So, this one time, I was out of station for 2 months and our conversations became more sexual. Her voice used to make me so wet, I would masturbate and blast a load of cum after talking to her. I knew that I had to fuck her. I could not hold it in anymore. Blue balls weren’t going to be an option anymore.

When I returned to Bangalore, we had gone for a double date with my brother and his girlfriend at a brewery and like usual, we all got drunk and ate a lot of food and had a good time.

Pinka (I used to call her that) was all over me. After that, we left the bar and my brother was pleading with his GF to stay over at his house. Somehow he convinced her and I also ended up convincing my GF to stay. I told her that we will have a separate room all to ourselves. I lied, of course.

Then, we left for my brother’s place. It was around midnight. The roads were empty. We hugged each other side by side as we walked the roads and we would tease each other by touching each other everywhere.

When we reached the house, all of us went directly to the bedroom. It was a single bedroom house. She pulled me out of the room as soon as we entered and was like, “WTF Danny! There are 2 beds in one room!”

I took out a cigarette, lit my smoke and I apologized to her. She was mad at me since she was drunk. We stood in front of each other as I smoked my cigarette. There was a moment of silence. And then she gave me that smile. That seductive smile. God! I was turned on!

My 6-inch cock was trying its best to break free from the zipper of my jeans. Then she leaned forward and pecked my cheeks and told me it was okay. I too kissed her cheeks.

I stubbed out my cigarette and leaned on the wall. We looked at each other for a moment. I grabbed her by her ass, pressed it very tight and she left out a moan. I pulled her buttocks towards me and carried her. At the same time that I carried her, I was rubbing her pussy with my hard cock through our pants.

Her breathing speed had increased. The sound was making me wild. She pulled my hands from her ass, caught my shoulder, and kissed me so hard. We kissed for a while, exchanging our saliva and tongues for about 15 minutes. I touched her all over. Teasing her boobs, ass, and pussy.

That moment, my brother came out half-naked and said, “Fucker! Coming to bed or what?” I was like, yeah..yeah, give me a minute. I peeped into the room only to see his girlfriend in her bra and panty.

The pressure was too much. I couldn’t contain my excitement. She also winked at me and when I turned around, my GF was giggling saying, “Cumming or what?” Both of us laughed and then we again kissed. She broke the kiss, looking into my eyes, she showed her hand pointing to the room saying, “Shall we?”

The room was dark. My brother and his GF were lying on their bed waiting for us. My brother signaled to show me the smaller bed. I understood and took my GF there. She stood in front of me and I hugged her from the back.

She looked delicious. “Mmmmmmm,” she said. Like a madman, I pulled her top up and threw it aside. She turned towards me and pulled my t-shirt off.

We hopped on the bed and lay down next to each other. My brother and his GF said, “Good night Danny,” and she giggled after that and we all shared a good laugh.

I turned over to my GF. She had her eyes closed. The moonlight was shining on her through the window. Her chest was rising up and down with every breath. I ran my fingers from her belly button to her chest. She arched her back and looked into my eyes.

I could see the lust burning inside her. Maintaining eye contact, Pinka caught my right hand and put it inside her pants. I could feel that her panties were wet and damp. It made me crazy. I had to taste and fuck that sweet tight pussy.

She rubbed her pussy over her panties with my hand and caught my head with her other hand and pulled me closer to her. Then she said into my ears, “This is all because of you. Now take care of it!”

I asked her, “How?” She said, “Fuck me as hard as you can baby.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I felt almost sober after hearing those words. Meanwhile, my brother had already started his session and we could hear his girlfriend moaning so loudly that it was driving both of us wilder. It made our experience more erotic.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Do give me your honest feedback on [email protected] I will make a Part 2 depending on the reviews.


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