An Instagram Request That Leads To Sex – Romantic Sex Story

An Instagram Request That Leads To Sex – Romantic Sex Story

Hi, all this is Rohan from Pune. This is my second story on XIS. So I hope you all enjoy it. Please don’t forget to give me feedback. A little bit about myself. I’m 23 years old working in the medical field with an athletic body. A bit on the heavy side with tool size 6 inches that can satisfy any woman.

So coming to the story. This happened with me last year in December. The story began when I received a follow request on Insta from a girl. When I first saw it, I thought that I might know this girl. Bingo! She was my junior from college where I studied.

Her name is Ankita (name changed) she was the perfect girl everyone would love to fuck. A bit curvy but on the right side with 34 boobs size. A perfect ass at which I guess everyone looked at while in college. So when I approved her request I sent her a text saying that I might know her.

A: Yes, I’m your junior from college.

R: Oh, nice to meet you again.

A: So how are you?

R: I’m fine, thanks. What about you?

A: I’m also fine.

R: So how do you know me.

A: Actually when you had given a talk on teacher’s day I had developed a crush on you. I wanted to tell you this for a long time but hadn’t got the courage.

Yes, guys, she had a crush on me from college days. And I had given a lecture on teacher’s day in the class which she was studying. After hearing this I was excited but was also a bit tense as what will she further say.

But things went on smoothly. Our conversation started from formal talks to some personal stuff like boyfriend and girlfriend and all. She told that she was single. Then after 2 days of normal chatting, she said that we should meet.

A: Let’s meet tomorrow. I’m free tomorrow.

R: Yeah, it would be perfect. Where to meet?

A: Let’s have some hookah?

R: Perfect, I know a place where we can go to in Bhugaon.

A: Sound’s perfect. Let’s meet then.

She was a hookah lover. We decided to meet over some hookah and dinner. Then finally the day of the meeting had arrived and as decided I went to her place to pick her up. That was the first time I was meeting her after graduating from college.

Wow, she was looking like a sex goddess wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt in which her boobs were looking more tight than normal. This gave me an instant boner and wanted to fuck her right there. But somehow I controlled myself and then our journey started.

She liked bike rides. So I decided to take a long way to the restaurant so that she would enjoy it. The same thing happened as I thought. After reaching the restaurant she told me that she enjoyed it a lot and had the best ride in recent times. Then we sat on the table and order a hookah.

Due to her looks, most of the guys including me in there were checking her out. She was looking so sexy I thought she noticed that thing. She was sitting right in front of me and my eyes were looking only at her boobs. They were looking fantastic and round shape of it gave me a boner from time to time.

Then our chatting started and nearly after 2 hours we decided to head home. So it was an evening well spent. As she was living in PG,  she had a deadline which was before 9 she should be home. So without wasting any time we left the restaurant and started the ride. But this was different from the first.

She was sitting closer to me and had put her hand on my shoulder. We were still chitchatting. After a while, I told her that I’m feeling a bit cold. Then how she reacted to it I wasn’t expecting that. She started to rub her boobs on my back which gave me instant boner my dick was dying to come out.

I said, “What are you doing, Ankita. She replied, now are you feeling some warmth. To which I said yeah a bit but I need more. Then she took her hand from my shoulder and started rubbing it over my jeans.

She was quite happy to feel the size of the dick. She after some rubbing she pulled the chains down and pulled my dick out of nowhere. She started stroking it and at the same time was rubbing her boobs over my back. I was tensed a bit as someone or the other may see what we were doing.

I guessed 2 or 3 people got a glimpse of what we were doing. But to my luck nobody recorded any video otherwise it would have been another meme material. Anyways I was enjoying all she was doing. I wasn’t able to concentrate more on driving.

After continuous stroking of 10 minutes I came and came hard. All my juices were seen on the speedometer. I told her that I want more but she told that wait for tonight we will book a room and will enjoy the whole day tomorrow. I was excited as well as a bit sad.

Excited because I am going to fuck such a sex goddess and sad because I wasn’t going to fuck her today. We continued our journey as well as her rubbing boobs on my back. She was seducing me like hell but I wasn’t able to do anything as I was driving. Soon her PG arrived and we bid adieu.

We decided to meet tomorrow for what we didn’t complete while driving. I went home straightway booked a room and was very much excited. The next day I again picked her up. I went directly to the room. She didn’t do anything much on the bike apart from rubbing her boobs on my back.

She was also excited. As soon as we entered the room, I pushed her to the wall and started kissing her wildly. My one hand was on her boobs pressing them and another hand was inside her jeans rubbing her pussy. We hugged each other and I pushed her on to the bed.

Then after a lot of kissing she went down on me removed my jeans and boxer and started sucking my dick. Although she wasn’t doing it nicely it was kind of ok. After 10 minutes of sucking, I came on her huge boobs. Now it was my turn to return the pleasure.

Guys, remember a thing the most important thing in fucking is not fucking but sucking her vagina. Trust me if you did that well she would never say no to have a fuck. I continued to suck her pussy while fingering while she was moaning. I could feel from her moaning that she was enjoying it.

I sucked her pussy for nearly 30 minutes and she came 2 times. She was drained completely. Now was the time for actual fuck. I made her come in a missionary position and inserted my dick. But it was tight as if she was a virgin.

To my surprise, she was a virgin.  While inserting she told me that she had never done sex before.  Then I lubricated my dick with the saliva and inserted it in her pussy. At the same time, she moaned loudly and tears started to roll down from her eyes.

Seeing this I started kissing her. After 5 minutes of kissing again I pushed my dick but this time it went completely in. I started to fuck her slowly. After 5 minutes all the pain was gone and she too started enjoying it. Then after 15 minutes of fucking in missionary, I decided to change to the doggy style.

I came from behind adjusted my dick over her pussy. This time in one hard push my dick went inside her pussy. She was moaning loudly while I was fucking her badly. After another 10 minutes, I came inside her, and mow we both were completely drained.

This is how I fucked her that day 3 times more and also did bathroom sex and enjoyed a lot. I hope you guys must have also enjoyed the story. Any lady aunty married/divorce or any girl in Pune or around Mumbai can contact me to have such type of fun.

Also, I’m available for a chat at the hangout. I hope you all enjoyed my story and please comment on me or give your feedback at below mention email address

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