College crush making out with roommate Sonia – Desi Tales

College crush making out with roommate Sonia – Desi Tales

Hello friends, you can call me Asthaji. This is a story about me and my journey of becoming the college sex queen. So, without wasting your time, let me come to the story.

On the last day of my school life, I had a breakup with my boyfriend Rohan. Even though we didn’t have sex, we often indulged in many naughty things after school. So I had a little experience with sex during my school days.

After my breakup with him, I was depressed and decided to move out to a new city for college admission as I wanted to try to forget Rohan.  I came to this new city Hyderabad (place changed). My sister and her husband lives here so they would be available for help and any local assistance that I required.

My college was 30 km away from where my sister’s house was located so we decided that I will be saying in the hostel. I was delighted with this arrangement as the hostel had no restrictions and I could enjoy my college life like I always wished.

I arrived at my sister’s house one week before college opened. My sister had got married just 1 year earlier, so you can understand the situation in their house. I had seen them fucking each other many times but I just pretended to be asleep and acted as if I had not seen anything.

Every morning I used to pretend to be asleep but had noticed that my sister had to give her husband a blowjob before he goes to the office.

Like this, one week passed and then I went to the hostel. My college had started and I made some friends. One new friend that I made was Sonia. She was my hostelmate also.

I also made a new friend, whose name was Rahul. He was my classmate and he would always seek an opportunity to touch me, which I often enjoy.

But my crush was Varun. He was my senior in college. A few months later, one day after college it was raining and I was caught in the rain. But, luckily, Rahul came on his bike and offered to drop me at my hostel.

I told Rahul that I was thankful for his offer, but as I had promised Sonia that I would go with her, I was waiting for her. Rahul laughed and said, “Don’t you know your friend has gone with our senior Varun. They must have gone to the park.

“Are you crazy I interrupted? She is not like that she already has a boyfriend. Don’t you dare talk bad about her!” Rahul said, “Just sit on my bike.” I refused. He said, “I will show you where Sonia has gone. Then only you will believe me.”

I sat on his bike and after some minutes of the ride, we spotted Sonia and Varun entering into the park. This park had quite a reputation and was known by all as a sex park.

We followed them till they went into the bushes. It was a weekday, that too an afternoon and in addition to that it was drizzling, so that’s why there were only a few people in the park.

I followed Rahul as he sneaked into the bushes. Then he stopped and we could get a good glimpse of Sonia and Varun sitting behind one of the bushes. As soon as they sat, they started kissing each other. Varun placed his hands on Sonia’s boobs and Sonia was holding Varun’s cock from outside his pants.

Rahul whispered in my ears. “So, tell me now where is your lovely innocent friend that you were praising only a few minutes ago?” I gently slapped on his cheek and asked him, “How you know they were here?”

Then I turned my face back to look at that spot and I could see my roommate Sonia stroking Varun’s cock and Varun was pushing her face towards his penis but she was refusing to suck. She was continuously stroking his cock.

Rahul again whispered, “Come lets go”. I stood there in sadness seeing my crush Varun enjoying with my roommate Sonia. Though I tried to look away, my eyes were glued to Varun’s cock and I could see that it was long and thick.

Rahul gently tapped my shoulder and I came back to my senses. Rahul had caught me staring at their lovemaking and especially my eyes glued to Varun’s cock.

I said, “How you know about them?” He answered with an evil smile and said, “I know many more things,” and winked.“ You must be knowing all this because you too do like this.” I said.

He smiled and said, “Well not here.” It had started raining and we saw Sonia and Varun get up and start walking towards us. We both ran from there. Suddenly, I got leg cramps and could not stand. Rahul held me and somehow, I limped and managed to reach a shed that was there. I had terrible leg pain and so was quite.

Then the rain stopped. We both left the shed but we were bit drenched in the rain. I sat on Rahul’s bike and I could see the boner in his pants. I could not guess why, till I realized that my top was wet and my pink bra was visible.

We were near the hostel when it started to rain again. Rahul stopped the bike under a building. I could not hide my boobs as they were clearly visible and even I could see my nipples. I thought better to pretend that I was unaware of this.

Suddenly, I sneezed..aaahccccuuu.

Rahul – I think you got a cold. If you don’t have any problems my room is in this building. Why don’t we wait here and as soon as the rain stops, I will drop you off to the hostel.

Astha – I don’t want to impose on you.

Rahul – Come on, you are fucking shivering, and don’t you worry I won’t touch you. Just come and dry yourself.

As it sounded good, I nodded my head in affirmation and followed him. It was an apartment. He gave me his towel and guided me to his washroom.

I locked the door and tried to dry myself. I was not having any clothes and there was no sign that the rain will stop any time soon. So I called out to Rahul and asked for his shorts and a loose t-shirt which can cover my boobs.

I call from inside but there was no response. I open the door but he was not in the room. I hesitantly went out of the room, covering myself with the towel as I was nude underneath, having kept all my innerwear to dry.

Rahul was singing a song from the kitchen. I followed his voice and saw that he was making tea, keeping his headphone on his ears. He turned around and saw me wrapped in a towel.

My boobs were hardly covered with the towel and half of my ass was visible for him to see. His mouth opened like a hungry dog. I asked him for his clothes to wear and quickly went inside the washroom.

A little later, he knocked on the door and gave me his t-shirt and shorts. When I wore them, I found that his shorts, were too short and his tee-shirt was too tight. It hardly covered my boobs but instead, it made them more prominent.

What happened next I will update in my next part which will be very soon. I know you are expecting sex but don’t worry it will be there in the next part.

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