Bike-ride with Preeti ends with riding her on bed – Indian sex story

Bike-ride with Preeti ends with riding her on bed – Indian sex story

Hi friends, this is Ram from Mysore once again. I hope you all are fine. Thank you very much to all of you, who have given very good compliments and very nice feedback to my first story, “Three Days Of Romantic Sex With Married Friend Preeti“.

Please read that story first, and then read this story.

Anyway, this time I’m going to narrate my story which has happened after that incident with my married friend Preeti (name changed). Actually, instead of meeting in Mysore, we planned for a jolly ride.

I and Preeti planned to ride to Madikeri which is a very beautiful place, near Mysore. I and Preeti packed our bags with all the essentials for a 2days trip.

We left Mysore on my bike in the early hours to cover the places. On the way we visited the Kushal Nagar golden temple, then the Nisarga Dhama.

We spent till afternoon, going boating, and having a casual walk in the Nisarga Dhama park. We were holding hands, then after finishing that we left Nisarga Dama, and reached Madikeri by evening.

We freshened up in the jungle cottage which we had booked earlier. The cottage was very beautiful and was lovely covered by dense coffee plantations and other trees. As it was already evening, the birds were chirping, and the climate was getting cool and very romantic. As soon as we entered the cottage, we hugged each other.

Preeti started kissing me all over my face, then I responded to her and started kissing her on her forehead, and then kissed on her cheeks, and then finally kissed on her lips.

First, I kissed her upper lip, and then lower lip, and later locked both her lips with mine. She was enjoying the moment a lot, and then we both exchanged tongues. That deep French lip-lock continued for 15 minutes, so at last, we broke and kiss, and decided to freshen up so that we can visit the Raja seat for viewing the sunset.

We both freshened up, had a coffee, and left for the Raja seat. After viewing the sunset, we did shopping n Madikeri. At last, we returned to our cottage and spent time together by going for a small walk around the cottage to enjoy nature, and the chirping sounds made by the birds.

Then we returned to the cottage and finished our dinner. We enjoyed our time in a campfire for 2 hours. We then entered our room and closed the doors to have a pleasant romantic time.

As soon as I closed the doors of the cottage, my married friend gave me a cute and lovely smile. I went to her and hugged her and said in her ears, “Shall we have a romantic time here?”

She replied, “I’m waiting for it, come on please start. I can’t wait for more time. I’m all yours, come let’s have a pleasant time.”

I hugged her whole body in my arms strongly and started kissing her on all parts of her body. She was responding to me very well, as she too was enjoying it.

After kissing all her parts of the body, I lifted Preeti in my hands and went on to the bed. I placed her on the bed, hugged her strongly, and started kissing and licking her lips.

Later we exchanged our saliva with each other by sucking each other’s tongues which was making Preeti very hot. Then, while kissing, I started pressing her boobs and waist softly with my hands. She started moaning.

I began to unbutton her top, removed her top, and she removed my shirt. Then we both were half-naked. I kissed and licked her whole body once again. I licked her neck and then her earlobes, and then after licking her earlobes, I started kissing and licking her waist.

Then I moved to her navel and later moved to kiss her boobs. By then, she started enjoying it a lot and her moaning sound was also increasing.

I removed her bra and then started pressing her ass with my hands strongly. I started kissing her boobs one by one, first I kissed and licked her right boob and the left. I took both the boobs into my mouth and started to lick both the boobs at a time.

I licked both her nipples. I started biting both the nipples one by one, and Preeti started her enjoyment at that time.

Then I removed her pant and started kissing her toes. I started to move in an upwards direction. I kissed both her thighs and started licking her cute fleshy thighs for some more time. I removed my pant and then I started to press her ass hard, and started kissing her pussy over her panty. Preeti could not control herself.

She stood up from the sleeping position, removed my inners, and took my penis into her hands. She started to kiss the tip of my penis and later started licking my 7.5 inches penis She was doing it all around with her tongue, and kept it in her mouth, and started giving me a beautiful blow-job which she did for 15 minutes. Then meanwhile I removed her panty.

Now we both were fully naked. I told her to stop the blowjob because I came to a semi-erect position. She stopped the blow job.

I laid down on her and started kissing her beautiful and wonderfully clean-shaved pussy. In the beginning, I started to kiss on the walls of the pussy, pressing both the boobs one by one with one hand, and with the other hand, I was touching her waist and ass.

After kissing the walls of the pussy, I started fingering her married pussy which made Preeti aroused. Then I started with one finger and later with two fingers, and by then her pussy started to get loose.

Preeti started moaning heavily and enjoying the movement to her peak. She was ready to release her cum.

I stopped fingering her pussy, and then started licking her pussy with my tongue. This made her reach the peaks. I was slowly licking her pussy from above and reached the depths of her pussy. I started licking her pussy very deeply which made her feel like heaven and Preeti started moaning loudly.

Then I changed to 69 position. I was looking at her pussy and she took my penis in her mouth and started licking it very hard and kissing my penis all around.

Later Preeti said, “Enough now, I’m unable to control. Please fuck me, dear, please!” She was already in her heaven, and unable to control herself but I was not yet ready to fuck her, as I wanted to have a nice romantic time with her.

I still continued to lick her pussy, and press her boobs with my hands. At last, she lost control of herself, and took my penis from her mouth, and told me to stop licking and to fuck her as she had reached her last stage of releasing cum.

Then I took my penis into my hands and started rubbing it on her pussy which made her aroused. I slowly inserted my penis into her pussy.

As it was already loose, it didn’t have any problem entering into her pussy, and then as soon as I inserted my penis in her pussy, I slowly started moving my penis front and back.

Slowly, bit by bit I started inserting my whole 7′ 5 inches penis into her pussy which was touching her cunt. She was enjoying it a lot.

Gradually, I started increasing my speed and started fucking her harder and harder, deeper and deeper in her cunt by which action, the whole bed started shaking.

By that time, she had already reached her climax and her pussy started to release her cum. When I came to the end, I decreased my speed and was giving her the lip-lock meanwhile, so that I can control the cum. Like that, I continued the fucking sequence for 15-20 minutes, and at last, I released my load of cum into her pussy.

By then, the cottage was very cold but our bodies were too hot and I lay behind her.

Later she came upon me and started kissing and doing blow-job to my penis again. Preeti wanted more action, so after a continuous blowjob and oral sex, again after 40 minutes, my penis got strong. I was ready for action.

Then Preeti told me to lay down in a sleeping position, and Preeti came on me. She took my penis in her hands and kept it in her pussy. She was going up and down with this action so that my penis can touch her vagina. Preeti was enjoying it a lot and next, we changed to doggy style and started fucking each other.

After 15 minutes, I released my cum into her vagina and her juices were also leaking from her pussy. The whole thing was so romantic.

Later, we both took a rest for some time and slept for 2 hours hugging each other. The climate got so cold that we got up, and planned to make the cold climate hot.

This time I asked to fuck her in the ass-hole. Preeti happily agreed. I first massaged her ass smoothly and then did finger fucking to her asshole by applying oil to it for free lubrication.

Once the finger started moving freely, I started fingering with 2 fingers, Preeti felt a bit of pain, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Preeti said, “It’s ok to carry on. I will bear the pain.” After fingering with 2 fingers, I removed my fingers and started inserting my huge penis slowly inside her ass-hole.

Slowly after inserting my penis into her ass hole, I started to bang her ass by giving her strokes with my penis. In the beginning, Preeti felt some pain because of my huge penis. But once after entering my penis into her ass-hole, the pain vanished and she started enjoying the movements.

I started to fuck her asshole very hard, and after continuously banging her asshole for 15 minutes, I released my cum into her asshole. By then, it was already 4 am, so we both were lying next to each other on the bed. We both slept for 3 hours, and got up at 7 am.

We hugged each other and did a lip-lock for 15 minutes, and then went to the bathroom together. We had a shower together where we both enjoyed the oral sex.

After 45 minutes, we finished our bath and came and changed our clothes and started moving to Mandal Patti to enjoy nature.

Till the evening, we enjoyed nature, and then after seeing all the beauty of Mandal Patti, we returned back to Mysore by night.

I hope you all like this story too, as my previous story. Thank you, to all those of you who read my story. After reading it don’t forget to give me feedback on my mail ID.

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