My hot girlfriend fucked after post workout sessions – Sex story

My hot girlfriend fucked after post workout sessions – Sex story

Hi, my name is Rahul and I am back with another story. Thank you for your feedback on the previous one, the Dubai vacation.

Fortunately, after the wonderful vacation, I got into a relationship with a very hot girl and this is one of the times which I can’t forget. I always had a fetish for sweat and in gym clothes and one particular day all of that came true.

My girlfriend, rather my ex-girlfriend now, was the hottest girl I came across. She was in NIFT college in Hyderabad and she was trying to become a model. She was dusky with the perfect assets that could make any guy drool for her.

We both used to stay in different apartments with our friends and we used to visit each other during the weekends.

One particular weekend, I went to her place on Friday night. We didn’t do much during the evening and just cuddled in bed and watched a movie.

Some hot scenes came up and obviously there was a sexy girl beside me, so I started to make the move. She was eating popcorn and watching the movie. I acted like I didn’t do it on purpose but the popcorn bowl fell all over her.

There was popcorn everywhere on her and she was looking angry at me. “Sorry, I’ll clean up,” I said as I was looking at her as I bent and took a popcorn with my teeth near her nipple and while taking it into my mouth, I bit the nipple softly. She hit me with her hand but her eyes told another story.

I went for a kiss and started kissing slowly and kept increasing the pace. Suddenly, my girlfriend’s phone rang and she said she had to take it. I was so disappointed and it took hours for her to get back. I slept in the meanwhile.

The next morning I woke up and she was not there. I remembered that she has a habit of going to the gym early in the morning. I was feeling horny. I went to the kitchen and started making some coffee for myself. I heard her coming into the room

“Baby, is that you?” I asked.

“Yeah, what are you making?”

“I’m making some coffee. Do you want some?”

“No, I just got back from the gym. I’ll have a bath and get back.”

“O..Ok” I fumbled as I came outside.

The view was like this. My gf was in a sports bra and tight gym pants, her hair was full of sweat and I could see the sweat drops dripping on her body. She was checking her phone and she was so hot. I got an instant boner looking at her perfectly curved ass and my first instinct was to bite it.

She looked at me and smiled and went back to her phone.

I kept the coffee mug down and took her to the soft and made her sit on my lap sideways. She kept the phone down now.

“Aree, let me go and freshen up. I’m sweating a lot. Please no romance now!”
I didn’t reply but kissed her.

“Aree, ardhamkadha (Don’t you understand?)”

I kissed the side of her neck. Her eyes closed.

“Please ra, let me go have a bath”, She requested me before I pulled her close and sucked on her neck again.

My girlfriend closed her eyes again but this time, she didn’t say anything. It was my signal. I turned her around towards me and I started to kiss on her chest. I started to kiss the lining of her sports bra tracing it and kissed on her cleavage. She was looking down at me, kissing and playing with her sweaty skin.

A sweat drop was sliding down from her neck onto her cleavage and it went down between her boobs.

I took my tongue out and kept it inside my girlfriend’s cleavage and licked the sweat out of it. She was looking at me all this time and she got very horny. I could clearly see the nipples trying to pierce her bra. I felt her hot breath on my head and looked at her.

My hot lover sat on my lap and looked at me as I opened my mouth and put it over her tits and as I looked into her eyes, I sucked on it slowly till I could feel the nipple between my lips and kept my mouth in that position. Inside my mouth, the tongue was playing and flicking the nipple. She let out a beautiful moan as she bit her lips.

She was enjoying this fully. She kept looking at me in the midst of an inner struggle, a part of her wanted me to push me away and get rid of her sticky sweat but a part of her was immobilized. She couldn’t move her body.

The pleasure started at her nipples and it coursed through her body till it reached her pussy and it started getting wet. She wanted more. Lust took over logic. Her hands, like a reflex, reached her sports bra and took it off for me.

It was then I realized how much small her sports bra was for her. They refused to pop out as she took it off over head and finally they gave up and they bounced onto my face. I adjusted her position on my lap and looked at her one final time.

We knew that this was the final time we would be seeing each other without doing anything. I took both of her tits into my hands and held them as I opened my mouth wide enough to give her a hint of what’s coming next. There was no smile on her face, a hot stream of air was dropping down onto my face.

If one saw her eyes only, at that moment, they would mistake it for being furious but it was opposite to that. She was full of lust. I wasted no time. I took one of her tits into my mouth and gave a small bite. She let out a satisfied moan. Then it started.

My girlfriend started grabbing my hair and twisting and dry humping in my lap as I sucked her tits like a child sucks on a lollipop, occasionally stopping to play with her pink nipples, licking them, biting them, and sucking on her areolas. This went on for some time and finally, I stopped.

She was looking at me, begging me for more. I could feel the heat from her pussy over my shots. I lifted her up and pushed her down onto the bed. She gave in to her urges, she was obeying everything that I was doing and she didn’t even make herself comfortable.

I grabbed her legs and before I could lift them, she lifted them up for me, raised her hip even and I just took off her pants along with her panties. She was dripping wet down there.

My girlfriend did one thing which made me go wild. She lifted her legs and held her ankles with her hands as she gave her pussy to me. I couldn’t stop myself. I bent down and just went for her pussy. I took out my tongue and gave a nice lick from her pussy all the way up to her clit.

“Fuck, do it again!” my gf screamed, my hands grabbed her inner thighs as I spread her legs a bit wider and I licked her dry. “Don’t stop,” she said to me, half speaking half moaning as I kept licking her for some time.

After some good licks, I stopped and took her pussy into my mouth, her sour delicious juices flowing inside my mouth as I tried to shove my tongue into her tight pussy. She might have felt my tongue pushing its way inside cause I felt shivers throughout her body.

Her legs were shaking as my tongue kept wiggling and the tip of my tongue rubbing against her insides. There was a continuous flow of juices from her pussy into my mouth as I happily gulped them down.

There was a heavy shake in her body as I kept slurping and sucking her pussy like a vacuum and she squirted all over my face.I moved my head back from the stream of her juices and it hit my chest and I was completely drenched. “You made me workout twice today!, Fuck you!!” she said as she collapsed on the bed.

I took off my shorts and then she looked at it. My cock was hard af. It was barely contained inside my shorts as I took them off, it was ready to pound her. She smiled as she made her breathing steady. She was ready for round two.

I got on top of her, my arms beside her as I took support of the bed to position myself. My dick was trying to get inside her pussy, she was tight. I tried pushing it in with a few thrusts but she started giving slight sounds of pain. She lifted her legs to make it easy and I pushed it in her.

My cock could only go halfway through when she held my hair and said to me “Slowly, it’s painful”. I stopped rushing. I took it out and pushed it inside a bit deeper, it went inside a bit further.

We were looking at each other without a blink of an eye. I took it out and pushed it inside. This time it went through. Her warm pussy was filled with my hard cock as the tip touched her walls inside, she let out a heavy moan. I took it out and inserted it again. Each time the pleasure grew intense, she was moaning, her nipples were pointing and hard.

I was trying hard not to cum. I felt like my cock was melting in her pussy. There was no physical sensation of my cock being jerked off as I fucked her slowly, increasing my pace but I got the feeling that it was getting milked. It was exhilarating.

I increased my pace, my hips hitting against her crotch as I bent down and started kissing her. Splashing sounds were filling the room as her pussy started dripping and my crotch was hitting her. The cock was hitting in different spots each time it went inside. My girlfriend’s eyes rolled back as she grabbed my hips with her legs.

The room was now filled with both our moans, we were sweating and the room had become hot and humid. She grabbed the sheets as she tried to control her pleasure. I was squeezing her tits now, every time I was reaching close to orgasm, I squeezed her harder and slowed down for a bit. I did not want to end this so soon.

I stopped and lay down beside her as we took a quick break. We were both panting trying to catch some breath. She looked at me and I was rubbing the sweat off my forehead as it dripped down onto my eyes.

“My turn,” she said, and before I could protest for a break for another five minutes. She pounced on me and she was already positioning my dick into her pussy, I titled my head and moaned as she slammed her ass down. My cock went inside her in one go and it hit her insides. My girlfriend moaned, so did I but it was too much pleasure for me.

She was in control. She lifted her hip whenever it went too much for her but I was lying there motionless taking in all the pleasure. It was tough for me not to shoot my cum into her pussy. I was in her shoes now.

She was enjoying this fully. She was bouncing up and down and started going faster as my cock twitched inside her. When she felt my cock getting hot, she stopped till my urge to cum subsided. She was playing with me.

After some time of this torture, I gained back my control over my urges. I got used to being fucked so good. I was waiting for an opportunity to turn the tables and I got one.

She lifted her hip higher and my cock slipped out of her pussy, before she could position it onto her pussy, I grabbed her hips and positioned it over her ass and I pushed my hips into the air.

My gf’s mouth was wide open, she didn’t make a sound as I shoved my cock deep into her ass. It was tight af and she was not ready for that. I took it out, not fully, just a bit so that she could relax a bit and she slapped me across the face.

“You fucking bastard, why did you d-do th..” and I rammed my cock back again. It was easier now and this time, she moaned out loud, she loved it. She scratched my chest and there were red lines over it,

I stretched my legs as I positioned myself and lifted my hip with my cock still in her ass. She fell forward and took support on my chest. I started raising my hips and started fucking her tight ass.

My girlfriend looked at me and grabbed my chest hair between her fingers and bit her lower lip as the tip went inside her ass rubbing against her skin. Her ass was so tight and I knew that I couldn’t hold on much longer.

I started going faster and faster and suddenly, her hands were shaking. And with a whimper, my girlfriend cummed on me, her eyes almost at the back of her head, her body trembling and my cock was covered in her juices. I didn’t stop and she had a long one.

She choked my neck and it was the final thing I needed. I shot my warm cum into her ass. I was moaning hard along with her. We were done now, exhausted and sweaty. She fell on me and we painted on the bed, drenched in our sweat and cum.

We slept off. I woke up in the afternoon. She was still lying on the bed. That beautiful hot body shining in the sweat. I put her aside and she opened her eyes.

“You can have your bath now,” I said. My gf smiled as she playfully hit me with her hand dragged me closer as she tugged herself into me and slept.

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