Both The Coleagues Satisfy Their Lust – Colleague Sex Story

Both The Coleagues Satisfy Their Lust – Colleague Sex Story

Hello everyone. This is Sujan, back again with the next part of the story. Thanks to everyone who gave their valuable feedback and suggestions. Those who are reading this story for the first time, I request you to read the previous story. You will get a brief introduction about me, my colleague and the story.

So, let’s continue the story. As I kept kissing and licking her thighs and toes, she began to press her boobs and bite her lips. She was slowly rubbing her pussy over the panty. The wet bra and panty were sticking to her body like gum and making her even more delightful.

Then I moved towards her pussy and began to tease her by licking the edges of the panty and groin region. This was arousing her more and making her impatient. I made her turn around with her ass towards me. Oh god! That ass and the ass cheeks were so delightful to watch.

I slapped those white and bubbly cheeks which made her moan and asking me to slap little gently. The slap left a red mark on her ass cheeks. Although the slap was a bit painful, she enjoyed every bit of the slap. I began to bring down her panty inch by inch.

I kept kissing her ass cheeks while removing her panty. I do not have words to describe her naked butt. As I was removing her panty, she had already removed her bra and started playing with her boobs. After I removed her panty, I began to lick her ass crack and caress it with my fingers.

She began to lose patience and started yelling, “Don’t make me wait, give it to me.” Then, I asked her to go down on her knees and remove my pants and take out my penis. Once she undressed me and pulled my inners down, she began to play with the penis.

There was already some precum oozing from my penis because of seeing her naked. She licked all that precum and started giving me a handjob by spitting some of her salivae on my penis. After some time, I asked her to take my penis in her mouth and give me a proper blowjob.

As she was taking my dick in her mouth, I began to hold her hair and push my dick as deep as possible. It began to suffocate her. After 10-15 minutes of blowjob, I released some load of cum in mouth and she swallowed every drop of it.

After all this, I lifted her and threw her on the bed. Then, I began rubbing her pussy with my fingers. Her pussy was neatly shaved the previous night (I came to know later). She was moaning a lot as I did that. I made my fingers wet with my saliva and began to insert it in her pussy.

I simultaneously rubbed her pussy with my thumb and inserted my middle finger and was fingering her. I was making her squirt. When she said she was about to have an orgasm I stopped fingering her. I moved towards her boobs to make her wait for the orgasm.

Then, I started licking, pressing and sucking her boobs like a child. Her pinkish-red nipples and areola were a delight to suck. I bit her nipples a little and left a bite mark on her boobs. I kissed her lip and her neck. Later, I began to tease her by making my penis tip touch her pussy.

She began to say, “Enough of this foreplay. Stop teasing my pussy and fuck me. I cannot wait anymore.” So, slowly I started to insert to my penis in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight even after so many years of marriage. It was difficult for me to penetrate easily. So, I pushed my penis little hard and it hurt her.

She gave a loud moan. I began to slide my penis in and out of her pussy slowly. After 3-4 strokes of doing like that, I began to increase my speed. She started to moan loudly, calling my name and began shouting, “Fuck me hard, Sujan. Please don’t stop. Make me your bitch.”

I began ramming her pussy even harder by holding her neck. She began to moan even louder. After some time, she started saying she was about to cum. I placed my mouth near her pussy and drank all her juice. The feel of fucking a pussy without a condom is different.

Then, I played with her pussy with my tongue for some time. She began to moan and say, “You are way better than my husband and satisfy me.” Then, I began to tit fuck her. The view of my penis in between her tits was a joy to watch. Later, I made her ride me while I held her boobs.

I was playing with them. I started to lick her armpits which was also neatly shaved. I always had the wish to fuck her in the doggy style and I told her about this. “I am your bitch. Do as you want,” was her reply. I was so thrilled and aroused by her reply.

I asked to turn around and I began to insert my penis in her vagina. I held her waist and began to ram her vagina hard. She was moaning aloud saying, “Fuck that pussy hard.” After fucking her for some time, I told her I was about to cum. She asked me to give it to her in her mouth.

I sprayed some on her face and in the mouth. She swiped all the cum off her face and swallowed it. The whole session was about 1 to 1.5 hours. We just slept on the bed cuddling each other with my penis still in her pussy. This is when she dropped a bombshell on me.

“I always knew you were into me. I could see the lust in your eyes whenever you saw me. I knew you were touching my ass during office purposefully and acting as if it was unintentional. I always enjoyed you touching my ass. I could not wait any longer to have you in bed with me.”

“So, I intentionally touched your hand while giving towel to make you aroused and think this as a chance. I left the door unlocked intentionally as I was sure of you utilizing this chance.”

By hearing this I was shocked. Before I could speak anything, she got a call from her husband asking whether she had come home. He was coming home as the rain had stopped. I did not get a chance to say anything.

She asked to me clean myself while she cleaned the bed so everything would be normal when her husband came. I cleaned myself and got dressed. She gave a goodbye kiss and asked me to leave.


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