Doused fire in bhabhi’s cunt in devar’s absence – Family story

Doused fire in bhabhi’s cunt in devar’s absence – Family story

Hello readers, this is my first story and I hope you like it. I have a huge crush on my bhabhi since the day I saw her. She is a total beauty with a voluptuous figure and fair soft skin. Her curvy ass and breasts are big enough to get attention from any man around and she knows exactly how to lure them in her grasp.

Although she is just like every Indian woman who becomes shy and sober after their marriage, that doesn’t mean they not sexy or attractive. They just commit to their husbands or so-called “patidevs” and devote their lives to them.

My bhabhi Komal was the same. I never saw her admiring or flirting with any other guy other than my brother and I thought that my brother was truly blessed by the Gods to have such a wife of good nature and kindness. I needed a wife like her or to be honest, I needed only her.

We lived under one roof together like a family. My father and brother were abroad in Dubai as we had a small family business there and I was join them after my studies. Until then I had to live with my mother and Komal in India. That was not a problem but my luck, as it was something like a solution.

This happened last summer when we were celebrating the second anniversary of bhabhi and my brother’s marriage. But it was sad as they had to celebrate it separately.

My brother was in Dubai for at least 6 months at that time and for some reason, he had to stay there. Bhabhi didn’t complain anything to the brother but deep down, I knew she was feeling lonely.

She was depressed and sad. I believe women need more attention from their men after their marriage. Their lust increases by a thousand times and they want to get fucked more frequently. They will do anything to please their husbands and to make them more passionate in love. But if men do not co-operate, women become dull and sorrowful.

Some women then lure other men other than their husbands who give them the attention they need. Because sex becomes a hunger and it has to be satisfied by any means.

Coming back to my bhabhi Komal, I believed that my bhabhi will never do anything like that because she was a woman of her words. She will kill herself before thinking about the touch of other men.

So I made a plan to test her. I started admiring her more frequently and started giving some compliments like she is looking very pretty or beautiful today. Of course, they were genuine compliments and she just blushed every time I said anything like that. But I never got any sign that she was interested in me.

At least a month passed like that. Then I felt something different in the behaviour of my bhabhi. Whenever I gazed upon her, she covered her breasts with her dupatta so as not to give me a view.

But that was not of much help because her big boobs could not be covered with just a dupatta. They proudly stood firm on her chest waiting to be grabbed and crushed.

Although she was not conservative, her dress code was. She always wears traditional outfits like sarees or my favourite salwar suits. I never got enough lucky to see her cleavage in these dresses.

But sometimes, she wears a t-shirt as a nightdress and at that time, I never miss a view. The lust was building in me for her. I started checking out her wardrobe for her inner garments.

Her smell on her panties was incredible. I used to masturbate by covering her panties around my cock and then wipe my cum with them. It was making me horny but it wasn’t giving the real fruit I wanted.

I wanted to fuck Komal with her consent. I started flirting with her, checking her more, and making deep eye contact. She was not fooled enough not to see my intention for her and I think that lust was also making her blood boil.

One evening, my mother went to the neighbourhood and bhabhi was cooking dinner. I was in my room masturbating thinking that I will fuck her in the kitchen and then I couldn’t control myself.

I got out of my room in boxers and went straight to the kitchen and grabbed her boobs from behind. They were the softest thing I ever laid my hands on.

She was shocked when she felt some hands on her forbidden fruits that she kept untouched by any other man other than her husband. Immediately she screamed and tried to force herself out of my hands but I held on to her tightly.

“What are you doi…?” she shouted but I shut her mouth with one hand before she could complete the sentence. My other hand was still on her right breast squeezing it hard and impatiently.

She was begging me to stop by putting her hands on my hand which had been grabbing her mounds. To stop her protest and to tighten my grip I moved my hand from her breast to her belly. Our bodies pressed each other and I felt her pretty ass pushing deep into my crotch.

“Bhabhi, please let us have fun.” I was out of my breath as was she. “Bhabhi, I loved you from the first day and I knew that you are feeling lonely as brother is not here. I just wanted to satisfy you and myself.”

I said these words to her in her ears in a passionate way and without wasting another second I pushed my lips into her naked white neck. I kissed her for a minute and her neck was drenched with my saliva. Her aroma was tempting which was making me even harder.

As the lust was building inside me she also felt something. She was enjoying my touch even though she was not accepting that. But her protest to stop me was losing.

I can’t risk moving my hand away from her mouth as she may start screaming, but my second hand could be moved and I moved it to her salwar by tickling around her navel.

Now I put my hand through her salwar into her panties. She again held my hand, but this time not to stop me but to slow me down. I put my hands on her wet pussy hidden in the bush.

“Bhabhi, please don’t shout. Please let us enjoy it. You will never be alone. I will always make love to you if you give me permission and I will never ignore you like my brother. Bhabhi please don’t shout.”

I requested her and freed her mouth from my hand. She didn’t shout and the protest to stop me was gone. That time she gave herself to me and I became the master of her body.

“Bhabhi put your hand on my dick please.” I guided her hand to my cock and she started stroking it from the behind. It was hard for her so I moved her to face towards me and when I did that, she didn’t look at me and closed her eyes but her hand got back to my cock immediately.

“Bhabhi open your eyes and face your devar.” I lifted her face with both my hands and looked deep into her eyes. It was as they were asking me to fuck her immediately. Then I adjusted my gaze on her pink lips and sucked on them very hard. My tongue was exploring her mouth and we were exchanging our saliva.

“Bhabhi, let’s get into the bedroom I wanted to fuck you,” I told her and we went to her room and locked it from inside. I removed my clothes at that very moment but bhabhi was standing doing nothing.

“Bhabhi what happened?” I held her in my arms and she gave me a very innocent look. “What will your brother say when he finds out about us?” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Who the fuck is going to tell him? Bhabhi just enjoy this moment. He will never find out anything” I told her.

“Still it is wrong. I am committed to him and now I am fucking his brother. I am totally a slut.” She said crying.

“You are not a slut. He is the one who is not giving his wife the attention she needs and I happily confess to you he is fucking some bitches in Dubai all this month and that’s why he did not need to come and see you.” I said to her. There was a fire in her eyes that was now ignited by my words.

“Lie on your back on the bed, please I want to ride you,” she said. This was not the reply I was expecting but it was far more pleasant. I obeyed her and when I put my gaze upon her, her salwar and panties were at her feet.

I was watching her when she stepped out from them and moved on to the bed. She was so horny. She didn’t think about removing her suit. She sat on my crotch in cowgirl style and guided my dick into her hole.

I felt the tightness and warmth of her pussy walls. She put her hands on my chest for support and I saw my thick 7 inches dick slowly disappearing inside her.

When there was nothing left of my cock outside, she removed it and put it back again inside. This time it was fast and it became faster with every stroke.

I watched her breasts bouncing even in her suit while she was riding me. It was more than I dreamt of. Out of breath she moaned and collapsed on me after orgasming.

“I am your slut now. Use me as you wish. Fuck me, destroy my pussy. I am your slut” she said and that encouraged me to tear her pussy. I put my hands on her back for support and fucked her really hard.

She was moaning loudly and orgasmed again and again. I slapped hard on her ass many times which made her cry but she didn’t tell me to stop. The pressure was building inside me and I then cummed in her pussy.

We were both out of breath. She immediately stood up and put on her salwar without her panties. My cum was dripping down her thighs from her pussy. Then she left the room without saying a word.

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