Drunk Indian college professor Shalini fucked hard – Sex story

Drunk Indian college professor Shalini fucked hard – Sex story

Hey guys, this is Rajveer. This incident happened almost 4 years back when I was in my first year of college. I was 21 then. I am 6 feet tall, a lean guy with a fair complexion and long shining black hair.

Let me tell you about the heroine of my story, Shalini (name changed). She was 26 at that time, with a height of 5’6 and 55 kg. About her assets, she was 34-28-36 with dimples on her cheeks and she had beautiful long hair, which cascaded right up to her waist.

This is quite a long story like my previous ones, as I tried to cover every detail in it. Enjoy the story.

Shalini was a chemistry professor in my college and taught my batch for 6 months, in the second half of the first year. I had seen her many times before, even in my first half-semester as she and one of our teachers were in the same staff room.

One day when I went to the staff room to get my book back from my teacher, I saw sitting at the adjacent table and I was amazed to see her. Wow!! How could anyone be so beautiful?

It was from that day, that very moment that I started lusting for my lady professor. Since then, we crossed paths many times in college and every time, I used to turn back and stare at her as long as I could.

I started falling in love with her body. Shalini was very attractive and her dressing sense was very good. She used to wear suits mostly and mixed and matched their color very well due to which she looked even more attractive and pretty.

Then the day arrived when she came to our class for the first time. I was very happy to see her again and thought to myself that now I will get to see her daily, for almost one hour.

I was very happy because she was so beautiful that she can turn on anyone by just looking at him. I started dreaming of her and I started to attend every lecture of chemistry.

As I was good at studies and communication skills, I became her favourite in just a month which made me very happy.

One day, a peon came to our class and called my name and asked me to accompany him. When we were outside the class, he told me that Shalini ma’am had called me to the staff room. I went there. She was sitting on her desk and working on something.

A few strands of her hair were falling on her red cheeks and she was looking mesmerising in a light pink suit. I greeted my sexy professor and she asked me to enter and told me to sit down on the chair opposite her.

Shalini told me that an International science conference was going to be held in Delhi after 2 weeks and that the principal sir wanted 3 teams from our college to go there and represent the college with our projects.

Shalini ma’am told me that she was in charge of choosing members for the team and she wanted me to be in her team. She asked me if I am ready to join the team as we have to put extra effort into that.

Without thinking a second I just said, “Yes.” She was happy and smiled at me. She asked me to come to the chemistry lab after college time as she wanted to discuss the whole plan.

I went there after my last lecture, where m’aam and one of my seniors from another department were waiting for me. She asked me to come in and then she introduced me to this senior girl, Aditi who was also going to be part of my team.

I shook hands with Aditi and said, “Hello.” We discussed a suitable project that would make our college proud and then started working on that on the very first day.

In between my work, I never lost a chance to have a glance at my hot professor whenever I could. She used to stand just next to me many times and I must tell you that she was smelling very nice and the fragrance of her perfume drove me crazy!

Also, whenever Shalini bent down, I could see her cleavage which was quite deep. I got a peep at her milky and juicy melons too. After working for 10 days like that, I came to know that it was her birthday, the next day.

I got some imported chocolates for her but she hesitated to take them. I insisted on her and told Aditi to convince ma’am and finally she agreed and took the chocolates.

One day before the conference, I went to my home back in Delhi to bring my car so that we three can go without any problem as my college was in Haryana.

The next day we decided to leave by 8 am, so that we can reach Delhi by 10 am, which was the time scheduled for the conference. I picked up my professor Shalini, outside the girls’ hostel as she was living there. On the way, we picked up Aditi and headed towards Delhi.

The conference was a great success and many other colleges were participating. Our project bagged third place which made us all very happy.

It was a tough competition as it was an International conference and there were many teams from all over India. We were even happier because there were 3 more teams from our college and they were not even in the top 20.

The long conference finally ended and everyone left to eat the heavy snacks which the management had arranged for the participants. Shalini ma’am insisted that we should leave because it was already late and her hostel will be closed.

So we started the car and headed back to our college. There was a lot of traffic in the way and I was just thinking about my heroine and dreaming of her lying naked with me!

Shalini was sitting beside me when we dropped Aditi on the outskirts of Delhi and left for our destination. I was desperate to talk to her, so I started the conversation and we slowly started open up.

On the way, she got a call from her roommate who was also a staff member saying that the hostel has closed and she can’t come before the next day morning as it was a Saturday. The warden was also not there to give special permission.

Ma’am panicked and told me all about her conversation. I was delighted but did not show it to her as I did not want her to leave and it was a very good chance to fuck my beautiful professor.

I made a plan and told her that she can come with me if she was ok with it as I was living alone in 1 BHK independent flat and in the morning she can go back to her hostel.

Shalini said, “Yes,” after thinking for a couple of minutes. I knew that I can’t be luckier than that so I started planning everything.

I started talking to her about her life and marriage, etc. She told me that she had been in a relationship which ended 1 year back and now she was single but her family was planning for her marriage and soon she will get married.

We reached my place and I opened the gate and welcomed her. As it was a well-furnished flat, there was everything that was needed. Then I offered her some juice and after drinking that, I changed my clothes.

I told her to take a bath as it was a long and strenuous day and we had also traveled a long distance. I gave her my towel and some clothes to change her formals and I went out to get some food.

Before leaving, I asked her if she wanted anything to which she said, “No.” I came back and put the food in the kitchen. During that time, she had taken her bath and changed into my clothes.

Her hair was untied and wet which gave me an instant boner. I could see my young professor’s figure more clearly in those trousers and tee-shirt. She told me that she was looking in the fridge and found a wine bottle.

I told her that I drink occasionally and asked her if she would like to have some drinks before food. I also told her that I had some whiskey too and if she wanted to have that, we could. She agreed for wine.

We drank the wine till it was finished and she began feeling drowsy. I served her food and we both started eating. Shalini was high and started talking in a low tone which was very sexy to hear. I was following every word she spoke. She told me that I was a boy turned into a gentleman and she was quite impressed with how I treated her.

Now it was my turn to start something or otherwise she will sleep and I will regret it for my whole life. I started asking her why she was still single as she was very beautiful and could date whoever she wantws.

My professor said there was nothing like that, as no one had proposed to her in the last year. I said, “If you were not a professor then I would have proposed to you the very first day I saw you.”

She understood my intentions and gave me a naughty smile. Then she moved her fingers in my hair and said, “You are cute.” She went to the kitchen and started washing the utensils.

I followed her and told her not to do that as I will do it later. She did not stop, so I took both her hands in mine and said, “I can’t let you do this.” She said, “Ok, then tell me what should I do?” I said, “Nothing.”

Shalini smiled at me and said, “Nothing hah! How unromantic you are?” It took me a couple of minutes to register what she had just said. I told her that I had started dreaming of her from the day when I first saw her.

She said, “Oh my god. Someone was falling for me and I don’t even know this.” We both stood quiet for a minute. Then she stood up on her heels a bit up and kissed me. I didn’t respond to that.

My horny lady professor pushed me against the wall and we started kissing like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed her breast and started pressing while we were playing with each other’s tongues.

We then parted and smiled at each other and again started kissing. She was playing with my hair and I was pressing her big rounded hips. Then I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom and threw her on the bed.

I wanted to fuck my beautiful college lecturer very hard, so I removed her tee shirt and bra. Oh…my goodness, she had perfect curves. She was far sexier than she appeared.

I grabbed her melons and started sucking them one by one. She was turned on fully by that time and she started moaning. Then I put one hand in her pussy. It was wet. She removed my tee shirt and her trousers. She had worn a white-coloured pantie.

Imagine a milky coloured girl in a white pantie without bra and untied hair – the scene was beyond my imagination! I took off my professor’s pantie and saw her baby pink pussy for the first time. It was clean-shaven and fair in color.

I started teasing Shalini with my hand rolling over her inner thighs and she was moaning like hell. Then, I started kissing her neck and ear lobes and she got out of control.

She took my fingers and inserted it in her pussy and I started fingering her and she was enjoying the whole thing very much. There was a mild scent of perfume left on her body after taking a bath around armpits and that smell drove me crazy.

Finally, she orgasmed and she was looking very happy. Then she pulled down my boxers and I was naked in front of her. She grabbed my 6+ inch penis and started a handjob.

She did it for a couple of minutes and later my hot professor put my tool in her mouth and started sucking! She was doing this for 5-6 minutes and then I unloaded in her mouth.

Shalini drank the liquid. I took out my dick and then it was my turn. I went down and started licking my professor’s vertical lips. Slowly and slowly, I was chewing her clit and she was moaning and enjoying it. She pushed my head into her with both her hands. I put my tongue inside her and started licking it passionately.

After licking for 10 minutes, Shalini unloaded again.

Then I moved upwards and started kissing her and biting her shoulder and neck.


I put my dick inside her and as she has not had sex for almost a year, it took some effort to insert my tool fully into her.

I started fucking my college professor in missionary position and after 5 minutes, we changed to women on top and we both were enjoying it fully. Then we switched to “reverse cowgirl” and she was jumping passionately.

Then it was time for the “face-off” position which we did that for a couple of minutes and switched to doggy style. I was spanking her and squeezing her boobs with my other hand while fucking her very hard.

Shalini shot off her juices again for the third time. She took a couple of minutes to enjoy it and then we switched to “ballet dancer” but we were not that comfortable in doing that.

So we finally switched to “Flatiron”. I had now started pushing very hard and deep with full force and she was moaning and her moans were heard all over in the room.

Then I increased my speed and ended up unloading inside her and we stay there for some time. Finally, we both went to the washroom to clean ourselves, and after cleaning we kissed each other and went to the bedroom, lying naked in bed. I kissed and hugged her from behind and we slept like that.

In the morning, my tool was erect again. Shalini could feel it poking her back. She woke up and started sucking to which I also got up and we had one more session there. We slept after that.

We woke up at 12:30 pm. It was Sunday so we didn’t have any work. I made coffee as it was my routine to take coffee to break the fast every day. I gave her it too and she said that the coffee was really nice.

We again had a fuck session in the shower. Then Shalini ma’am changed her clothes and asked me to drop her. I bought contraceptive pills on our way and gave that to her.

She told me that it was the best sex to date, that she had. She kissed me and left. I came back and slept again after having a banana shake as I was tired by then.

I and my sexy professor ma’am fucked many times after this incident for almost a year without telling anything to anyone. Then her family fixed her marriage and we stopped meeting. She then got married and left college and moved abroad and after that, we never spoke.

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