At A Farmhouse With My Friend’s Wife – Romantic Sex Story

At A Farmhouse With My Friend’s Wife – Romantic Sex Story

This is Mohan Reddy  54 years, once again. This time a long story in parts.

Orders for the lockdown came at such a time that my family was out on holiday after school to my in-laws’ place. So I was alone. My friend has a farmhouse but he had gone to the US to visit his family leaving behind his wife. He had asked me to help her out at the farm if she needed it.

The farm was 40 km from our town. When the lockdown was announced, she spoke to her husband. Since the farm was well stocked up and vegetation was full it would be no problem if she stayed there during the period. Her husband told her that the farmhand was not there as he had gone to his village. Romantic Foreplay In The Moonlight On Our First Real Date

The farmhand’s 2 daughters, Seema, 20 years and Rekha 18 years were there. So, if there was a need there would be no man around to help. He requested me to help out as he knew my family was also stuck out of town. I took his wife Sonia, 45 years.

We picked up masalas, non-veg, and my booze stock and went to the farm. We reached around 4 pm. The girls helped Sonia to put the stuff away. I took a round of the farm. It was a 20-acre farm and so where the house was, no one could see it from out.

The girls got down to making the food. At 7 pm I went to the terrace and was having my booze. The girls made snacks and gave it to me. I noticed the girls were friendly and very soon began to talk freely. But I avoided much and they were talking to Sonia.

The house was a 5 bedroom, hall, the kitchen having attached baths with all rooms and bathtubs in two. Overhead there was the solar geyser so no problem for hot water. The house was on the 1st floor.

The ground floor had half store and a house for another family with an in-built toilet. As villagers, they preferred bathing at the pond made of 5 ft x 10 ft and 3 ft deep.

Since Sonia was tired she requested them to give her a body massage and ran the hot water in the bath tub. While I was having my drink, Sonia had her massage with coconut oil. Then she had a bath after lazing in the bathtub. She came out after an hour. By then I had 2 drinks and was ready for dinner.

When I came I saw all 3 of them in mini dresses 2 inches above the knees. We sat and watched a romantic old Hindi movie. Then we had dinner and went to the terrace as there was a bed with a net put up. I came down had my bath, changed into boxers and a vest, and went up. It was cool and nice.

Rekha came and gave me a jug of water. In the moon light, I noticed that she had not worn anything under her dress as she bent down to put the jug on the table. Seeing my eyes gazed on her cleavage. She gave me a naughty smile and left.

In the night I came down to go to the toilet. I saw the night light on in the kitchen and master bedroom. I peeped in the bedroom and saw Sonia sleeping on her stomach and the nighty up above the bum. She had no panty on. I noticed that she kept a pussy with short hair which was quite moist and shining in her sleep.

I then looked in the kitchen to see both the girls sleeping. It was hot and the fan had blown the dresses up. I saw that both had bushes between the legs and under the arms. I made a bit of noise in the bathroom before leaving and so when I went up all had covered with sheets.

In the morning I got up with sounds of water flowing and clothes being washed. I looked over the parapet and found that the girls were having their baths and washing their clothes. I hoped that I would see them more open.

But they had their petticoats on.  So I only got to see their legs up to around 6 inches to the groins but the thighs were lovely. The boobs were well covered.

At breakfast time everything was normal. But I got some shy grins from the girls and Sonia. But I did not show that I had seen anything. We had a normal conversation. Then I went for a walk to the farm with Sonia and the girls to get vegetables for the day.

In the mid of the fields was a big banyan tree with a tank 6ft x 10 ft and 3 ft high. This they used for water while working. Sonia sat at the edge and kept her legs in the water. So we all sat talking and telling stories. Sonia had shorts and a tank top on with her inners on.

Jokingly I tapped Sonia on the shoulder. She fell in the tank, getting wet. I apologized but she did not mind it. In turn, she said as a penalty I had to give her my t-shirt so that she did not get a cold. I gave her my t-shirt and was in my shorts and vest. Sonia removed her clothes and wore my t-shirt.

She had a lovely figure 38C-30 -36. Oh, what a sight it was. Lovely tits with big nipples and cunt with short hair around an inch long. Jokingly I asked her why she does not shave it. She said that she did not get the time for the last month. And now the parlors are closed so no one to do it for her unless I help.

I was shocked as it is seeing her nude body. Then again her asking me to shave her. I said OK I will do it if she wants and passed on the topic. The girls were also shocked to see that she had stripped nude in front of me.

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