Exploring Lesbian Games – A Story Of Sex On A Train Journey

Exploring Lesbian Games – A Story Of Sex On A Train Journey

Thank you for all the love! I am glad you all continued to be a part of this journey of pleasure and lust in these lesbian games with me! If you haven’t read the earlier parts. Check it here. Exploring Classic Lesbian Love

Cuddles never felt warmer before. We hugged each other, all naked, all wet, our bodies intertwined, breathing back to life as we gradually fell asleep. The best part about sex is when you wake up naked after a good sleep, still feeling your partner’s skin, it just gives you a different high.

You are sexually charged again, and it only enhances the entire experience. The AC in the compartment was in full swing. The compartment had become pretty cold. Cold enough to wake us up. But her warm body was enough to let me be naked for the rest of my life.

We both opened our eyes and looked at each other, in awe, passion, and lust. She ran her hand all over my bare body. So did I. She touched the most sensitive areas. Feeling them ever so slowly that I got goosebumps all over. It sent a shiver down my spine.

I couldn’t stay away from her lips any longer. I pulled her face towards mine and started kissing her. I could feast on her lips. They were that soft. Small pecks slowly grew into literally eating each other’s lips. We started sucking each other’s tongue passionately. The compartment was filled with noises of us kissing. The kisses only grew wetter.

We were burning with desire now! We started breathing heavily. She was on top of me. Overpowering me. She turned my head to the sides and started sucking my earlobes. Licked my neck. It was all wet. I could feel her saliva drip on me. It made me hornier.

She inserted a finger into my mouth. I sucked it like a candy. She sucked my neck and bit it in ecstasy. I held her soft ass and pressed them hard every time she bit me. I was pushing her on to me. Her pussy grinding against mine. We started dripping again. Fuck unexplainable.

We started kissing again. Sounds of slurp fell in our ears every now and then. Fuck the world, we had broken free. She slowly went down, kissing every inch of me. Just when I thought she would suck on my breasts, she pulled both my hands up. Exposing my clean-shaven armpits.

“You smell erotic, bitch,” she said. Saying this, she tied both my hands with my own shirt. There I was, handcuffed, naked on a train. She made me keep my hands above my head. She pulled my face near her face, holding my lips and said.

“The more you make noise, the more difficult I am going to make it for you. I won’t stop. I would only go on till you shout on top of your voice.”

“Which means, we will be caught and no more action. Get it?”

I was just dumbstruck. My heart was screaming in pleasure. I nodded my head with a lustful smile. Saying this, she pinned my hands above my head and gave one long lick over my armpits. Fuck, I shivered. I was very sensitive there and could never ever control if someone licked that.

She licked it again. This time slowly. I was dying of pleasure yet couldn’t scream. She kept licking my armpits, constantly varying her speed. I was shedding happy tears. She now completely lay down over me, solely focusing on my armpits. Fuck, it was something else.

She did it for a good 10-15 minutes. One fucking bitch. I was dead by now. She paused. Got off me and knelt down on the berth. I stared at her, wondering what she would do next. She turned me around completely. With my breasts crushed against the berth, I was waiting for her to make a move.

I suddenly heard her opening her purse. Fuck what she was about to do. I didn’t turn around. The suspense turned me on. A few seconds later, I felt her run her finger through my anus. Fuck, it was something creamy cold and soft. It smelled of chocolate.

She had chocolate spread applied over my ass. Bitch turned me on as fuck. She pounced into my ass with her mouth. Both her hands spread my ass cheeks as wide as it could get. She started licking the chocolate spread off me. Licking it off me like a dog. Fuck, I gave up. It was a pleasure I never felt before.

She ate my ass to her heart’s content. And then in one go inserted her finger inside my anus. Aah, I shuddered in pleasure. She was in no mood for niceties. She just fucked me in and out at a crazy pace.

My journey towards an endless orgasm had begun. She knew I had completely surrendered now. So she did what I never ever imagined I would be doing in my life. She fucking had taken out a necklace she had in her purse. That necklace was made of pearl beads.

My pussy was already wet. In went, the necklace with its round beads. One. Two. Three. Four. Fuck one after the other, she just pushed them in. More than half of it was inside me. She kept the other half outside. I turned my head around in sheer lust, disbelief, and pleasure.

She had a slutty expression. She inserted her fingers in my ass again, and both my holes were completely filled now. She now started pulling strings out of my pussy. I quivered. She didn’t stop. Not even once. Took them out, pushed them back in while she constantly kept finger fucking my ass.

I was going to cum any moment from now. She quickly turned it into a 69 position. She lay down in a way that my pussy was near her mouth and hers near mine. It was just what I wanted. I wanted to cum and that too in her mouth. Also, I could hold on to her pussy so that I don’t scream the fuck out.

The smell of her wet pussy and her ass just kicked me higher. She spread my legs wider and shoved her tongue into my pussy. I did the same. We started licking and fucking each other ferociously. We flicked each other’s clits, sucked on them, bit them, and finger fucked our anus.

My face was filled with her wet juices. I didn’t let her pussy go. She didn’t let mine. She increased her pace now as I slowly inched towards my orgasm.

“I am cumming,” I shouted. She pushed further deep. I gave in. I came on her face. I dug my face into her pussy to suppress my screams. I had the loudest of the orgasms I had ever had in my life. I shivered. My hands tied body cold with goosebumps.

I couldn’t move. I didn’t even open my eyes. I let out moans, short fast breath. I was unconscious with pleasure. She turned around and came over to me. To set me free of my handcuffs.

“Don’t,” I said.

I put my hands over her neck and pulled her closer to me. So close that even air wouldn’t escape. She smiled to her heart’s content. It was pretty late at night. We hugged each other and slept – all naked, with just the crumpled bedspread on.

A while later, I started to hear people move around. I slowly peeped outside through the window. It was early morning! We had to get dressed before we got caught. I looked at her, she was still fast asleep. Her face looked even more beautiful with the morning light hitting her face.

I gave her a kiss on her lips, only to realize I needed them more. I closed my eyes. I didn’t know what feeling overtook me. I didn’t know whether it was love or just pure lust. All I knew is that I wanted her. My kiss had woken her up, maybe she read my confusion.

There she was, giving me her number half asleep. That moment redefined my feelings for her. I kissed her more… soul-satisfying. We spoke at length before we got down. We got to know each other better. I came to know where she lived, and it wasn’t close to my house.

But I knew one thing that this distance was never going to matter. She was one helluva woman and completely worth it!

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