Satisfied A Married Woman Who Had No Child – Indian Sex Stories

Satisfied A Married Woman Who Had No Child – Indian Sex Stories

Hi, my name is Akshay 5′ 8″, dusk complexion with attractive looks interested in women from Northeast. This Indian sex story is full of imagination, but all the characters exist.

Let me introduce my sex love in imagination. Her name is Ritu, a married woman.  She is in her late 30s, but unfortunately, has no children. She is from Assam, sexy. Since my childhood, I know her as she visits her brother, who stayed on rent for about 10 years nearby.

I had no bad intention on her as I was in my schooling.  I used to see her, and she was so lean and weak. Her brother moved to another residential place later. After many years I entered college. It was the time I started developing an interest in having a sexual encounter.

But I was so much interested in mature or married women rather than my age girls. And I have a peculiar problem. I have a craze for women who wear spectacles. I don’t know why. Some of my teachers would make my dick hard.

I traveled by bike to and from college. It was during my final exams in my college. On the way home, I met her in a juice shop where I stopped. It was she who recognized me. She was so happy to see me for a long time.

But I had a different feeling. Now she had turned into a bomb. She was now wearing a churidar, and her curves were truly visible. OMG, those curves were killing me. On top of all that, she was wearing specs! That put my dick so hard, and I somehow managed to hide it with a bag.

Then holding all my desires, I enquired about her wellness and her family. In a little conversation, I came to know that her husband is not here. He stays abroad. We had some casual talks before I offered her to drop at her place. At first, she declined, saying it’s too far.

But I managed her, saying that I got my bike and there would not be a problem. With little hesitation, she accepted my proposal. We started. It was actually 3 pm noon. But it was the rainy season here, and there was some rain.

At first, she sat one-sided (as most of the girls sit). Since I had an R15 bike, she felt discomfort. Amidst, I stopped and convinced her to sit double-sided. Then my game started. I put my bike into all potholes bumps to charge me with her milk tanks. It was so much fun.

At first, she managed without touching. Later she had no issues and let it be. Within half an hour, we reached her home. Before I could turn my bike, it started raining heavily. She offered me to stay at her place till the rain stops. I accepted, and we both went inside her house.

Her house was pretty good. Then she offered me coffee. She was only there in the house. Her mother in law went to her daughter’s home. In the meanwhile, she changed her dress and came in a thin red nighty.

It was just sticking to her body and clearly shows she wears nothing inside. Seeing her in nighty that too, my dick started to rise and salute her beauty without any inner garments. To hide my bulge, I took my bag kept on my lap.

My heart says to use this opportunity. But I didn’t dare. Then there hit a power cut. It was dark outside, and there was no light inside. She went immediately in search of a candle in the kitchen. I heard the sound “Ouch.” I went in to find out what had happened.

She had slipped and laid on the floor. With the torch on, she was holding her knee and shouting in pain. Then I took the light towards her face and asked if she is ok. She said, “I’m ok.” But my torchlight showed me something else. As she was holding her knees, her navel was clearly visible.

Then I lifted her up. She leaned on me, her boobs pressing against my chest and mixed feelings in my mind. We reached the bedroom. She asked me to find pain balm. I took it and gave it to her. She requested me to apply as it was painful. I gently applied. She got relieved.

As I reached up to her thighs, I was nervous. But she lifted her nighty and gave me a clear view of her clean, shaved legs. It was fucking hard to control my feelings seeing her sexy legs. Somehow I controlled my feelings. After some time, I said to her that I’m leaving.

But she insisted me to stay for a few hours as nobody was there for her. Again she wanted me to apply balm on her knee. She was so pleased with my massage. She wanted me to do the same with her back as she got back pain too. I acted as if I was not ready. Later I accepted.

She said to stay out for some time. After a few minutes, she called me in. She changed to saree inners. Then she slept upside down and instructed me to massage. I went on as she guided and applied balm all over her back and started massaging.

She made noises like “Aah” out of pain, but it drove me crazy. I was getting hard. Amidst that, the power came back. She then directed me all over her back and unhooked her bra. Then I got a break and went to drink water and came back.

On returning, I struck my leg with the bed and made a huge noise.  She suddenly stood to see what happened. There were her naked boobs, freed from blouse and bra. Suddenly all my pain flew away. I stopped. She didn’t care. She thought that I did it intentionally and sat on the bed without correcting them.

I didn’t move my eyes out of those milk tanks. I slowly moved towards her pretending to be very shy. My dick started out of my pants, and she was staring at it. When I moved closer, she just pulled me on her and rolled on me in the bed. She planted a kiss on my lips.

I stayed quiet and let her kiss. She then pulled me and gave me a lip-lock. Soon we started kissing, rolling, pulling as if it was my last sex. But it was my first experience with any married lady. She was getting wild. Her hands over my neck and another grooming my hair.

My hands were now on her boobs, squeezing them hard. Kissing slowly turned into eating each other with our tongues, exploring each other’s mouths. I put my hands and started playing with her boobs. She was trying to remove my shorts, and her hands were moving on my back.

I was doing a French kiss with a sexy married lady in her cozy home. What else do I need? I started removing her petticoat. Within that, I was tipping her nipples, which gave her little current. She gave a moan, “Ahhh.” Now I removed her petticoat and her panty in one go.

Her boobs were perfect round milky and pink nipples. I thought she should be awarded the ‘Perfect Boobs’ award. Her hand was already scrolling over my pants. She put her hand inside my pant and caught the devil. That gave me a new feeling as I was still a virgin.

I started going down on her sexy boobs. And then her belly, kissing her inner thighs. Teasing her, I didn’t touch her lower pink lips. She pleaded, please suck me, Akshay. I agreed and started licking her pink lips – my hands on her soft ass. I started kissing it and then sucking those petals.

I moved my tongue inside her pussy, and she caught my head in between her legs. I was eating her pussy, and she was making noises. I started squeezing her boobs and nipples. This desperate housewife was about to cum just with my tongue fucking. Her face was red, and she was shouting. She squirted.

Then she kissed me and tasted her cum. She was now going down on me. Removing my pants, she kissed my dick and then started sucking it like a lollipop. She was having fun with my dick. I was holding her burgundy long hair while she worked down there.

She was very good, and I was like, “Ah, honey, suck my juices.” She sucked the very last drop and gulped it. We started to kiss. I left her in my arms, taking her to her bedroom.

Ritu:- Give me your meat inside me, baby! Love me, baby!

I was again aroused by kissing and sucking her greats milky boobs. She sucked my dick for a while and then lay on the king-size bed spreading her legs wide. I was standing with my dick parked in the hot aunty’s pussy. I teased her, and she said, I’ve already run out of patience. Please fuck me harder. I want to feel your dick inside me.”

I jerked my whole dick into her juicy pussy, and she shouted. I then started pounding her deeper and faster.

She:- Oh, yeah, baby!

Me:- Ah, you fucking cunt, your boobs are fucking good. Bitch, I’ll ride you harder.

I kept on pounding her for about 5 minutes, and then we changed to cowgirl position. I held her ponytail hair and inserted my dick once again from the back. She left out a sweet moan. The whole room was filled with her moans and sound that were created from our bodies.

In all, it created a good fucking hot experience to drill such a hot lady. Within some time, She was about to cum. I kept the pace and stroked deeper inside her, squeezing her boobs harder. She came inside, and then we changed the position. I took her from behind with her one leg over my shoulder.

While kissing her, I started fucking her tight wet pussy. I increased my pace and kissed her. Tears started rolling out of pleasure when I stroked deeper and harder. Her face was red, and she was moaning.

Even I was about to cum. She said, “Cum inside me. I want to get pregnant with your child,” I kissed her lips and started pounding her harder, and within no time, we both came together. It was such a great experience when our sperms were mixed in her pussy.

We caressed each other, and again we explored each other’s mouth. She said, “I never had such great pleasure.” We then hugged each other and slept naked. In the morning, I woke up, wore my clothes, smooched her for around 2 minutes. Then I left her home with all the great pleasure and satisfaction.

I hope you liked the story. Do reply to me with your feedback or suggestions to improve my writing skills for the upcoming stories. You can send me your feedback at [email protected]

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