Finally, Sandhya And I Made Passionate Love To Each Other

Finally, Sandhya And I Made Passionate Love To Each Other

Hi, I’m Vihan, back with the next part of my story. Thanks for all the reaching out to me and letting me how you feel about these stories. It really helps gain some perspective on what people like and what they don’t like. So, thanks once again. Now without further ado, let’s get back to the story.

We came back home. I was driving the car. While driving, I was constantly holding her hand and looking at her. She was not ready to look at me. She was blushing, feeling a bit ashamed, and looking out the window the entire time.

As we came closer to our destination, her heartbeats were increasing, and she realized what lay next. We reached home. I parked the car and before getting out

Me – Sandhya Kaku, jaycha ka varti? (Should we go home?)

Sandhya – Hmmm

Me – Tumchya ghari ki mazhya? (Yours or mine?)

I didn’t know what was going on in her mind. Whether she had surrendered to reality or not was a mystery to me. But her words hit me like a meteor

Sandhya – Aplya! (Ours)

I immediately got out of the car. Opened her door. She was trying to get out when I told her to hold. I went near her and picked her up in my arms. She was looking at me with love and lust in her eyes. She also had tears in her eyes. We closed the door. Got into the lift.

When we reached our floor, I opened the door. I gently placed her on her sofa. I closed the door. She was removing her footwear. I told her to let me do it. I placed her leg on my knees. I didn’t care about my trousers getting dirty. I removed her footwear. First, from her right leg, then her left.

Her foot was in my hands. She was looking at me. I looked at her. She smiled a bit. It was as if I got the approval. I kissed her foot. And started moving upwards—first her toes. I sucked them dry. Then her ankle. I started moving her saree upwards and kissed her legs.

With that, Sandhya aunty, who was sitting upright until now, just crashed into the sofa moaning. I continued my journey upwards. She had waxed her legs. It was clean and shiny. As I was moving upwards, she stopped me

Sandhya – Ithe nai, bedroom madhe chal. (Not here, let’s go to the bedroom.)

I stopped and was about to walk the bedroom. She held my hand and said – Asa nai, mala uchlun ghe. (Not like this, pick me up.)

I picked her up and went to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed. Sat next to her. She was sitting with her knees to her chest, and her hands locking the knees. I went to her. First kissed her hands. Then her arms. Kissed her arms from her blouse.

Then moved to her shoulders. I started kissing her neck first. Then I went to her ears. I was licking her ears. She was getting aroused with every single move of mine. I kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. I kissed her eyes. I kissed her red cheeks.

It was now time for her lips. I went close to her. So close that we could feel each other’s breath. She closed her eyes. I stopped. I just stood there, breathing slowly. She got confused and opened her eyes to see why I stopped. As soon as she opened her eyes, I attacked her lips.

We were kissing like mad lovers. Like animals, I was holding her in my arms. She was holding my head in her hands. Her hands were traveling through my hair. First, it was just the lips. Now our tongues were fighting with each other. This went on for 10 minutes. We stopped tired and breathless.

I looked at her. She was looking at me

Sandhya – Aaj mi tuzhi ahe, Vihan. (Make love to me. Make me yours.)

I removed her pallu. Her bosoms were looking amazing with the valley in between. My tongue started doing its magic. First with the neck and then sliding into the valley in between her mounds. I came to her navel, kissed it. I kissed her belly button.

I’m a fan of the navel. I started playing with her navel. I pinched and even took a bite. “Ahh, chavu nakos.” (Don’t bite.) Meanwhile her hands were traveling through my hair. While making love, I thought of something crazy. I went to her navel. I kept my mouth on it and did ‘Phuuurrrrrrrrr.’

She started laughing. She gave me a pat on my back and said, “Vedays tu.” (You’re mad) I opened her blouse. There she was my beauty in just a bra. She was wearing a black bra. I started kissing her bra strap. And started pulling it with my teeth. I pulled both her bra straps below her shoulder.

Now I took my hands behind her back and opened her bra strap. As soon as I set her boobs free, she gave me a tight hug. Her head was down with shame. This was the first time she showing her boobs to someone other than her husband.

Instead of forcing her to see her boobs, I embraced her too. Much tighter this time. I could feel her bare boobs on my chest. I was caressing her back. Kissing her on her forehead. I slowly tried to move her hair back so that I can see her face.

Me – Kaku, khup sundar distay tumhi, ekda neet bghu de mala (You look beautiful. Let me have a look once.)

Sandhya – Kaku nako mhnus na. (Call me by my name.)

Me – Sandhya, I love you

She just looked at me and started kissing me. I slowly let her out of my embrace. And had a look at those boobs. Those milky boobs were something to die for – just the perfect round. I started kissing them. I licked her around her boobs. I kissed her nipples, pinched them. I took a bite.

“Oucchhh” she said.

Then I lifted her. Made her stand and pulled her out of the saree. She was in her petticoat. I loosened the nada of that, and it fell on the floor. Now she was in her panties. I sat on my knees and started kissing her thighs. I went near her pussy. First kissed the skin between her thighs and her panties.

Then kissed her pussy over her panties. With one go, I pulled those panties down. She had trimmed her pussy hair, not a bush, and not clean shaved. Just the way I like it. Instead of kissing her pussy, I started blowing air on it.

This made her out of control. She started moaning. She was holding my head and pulling my hair.

Sandhya – Asa nako karus. (Please don’t tease me. Take it. Take it all.)

With that, I attacked her pussy with my tongue. I kissed it and licked it dry. I was licking her clitoris. I even took a small bite of her pussy. She screamed when I did that. She was still standing, and I was licking her pussy.  I was making it difficult to stand straight.

I went below her pussy and licked the part between her pussy and her ass. I also licked her ass hole. I licked all 3 holes of her.

“Ah, Vihaan, make me yours. I can’t control anymore. Angakhali ghe mala.” (Fuck me.)

I threw her on the bed. My dick was saluting her pussy. I took my dick to her entrance and asked her

Me – Sandhya, do you love me?

Sandhya – Yes. I love you, V.

Me – Do you want me to fuck you?

Sandhya – Fuck me

Me – Beg me to fuck you

Sandhya – V, nako na re, ghe na mala, please.

With that, I pushed my dick in her. She was screaming. I kissed her. She was scratching my back. My back and shoulders started bleeding a bit due to her nails. I started fucking her. She was moaning and moving her head left and right.

After missionary, we did the girl on top. She got over me and rode me like a horse. We even tried the doggy style, back to the missionary position. I was going in and out. I was kissing her, kissing her boobs, mauling them, pulling her nipples. She was going crazy too.

She was asking me to do it faster and harder to a point where we were both about to cum. She told me that she was cumming. I told her that even I am. “Don’t pull out,” she said, “Leave it in.”

We came together. I fell beside her, tired. She was in my arms naked. Though she was my lover now, I still respected her. So I got up immediately, covered her with a bedsheet, and came and slept beside her. She was in my embrace.

I was kissing her forehead. She had this smile on her face, a smile of satisfaction. We kissed each other.

Sandhya – Thank you for today.

Me – I love you, Sandhya.

Sandhya – I love you, too.

We slept. Forgetting all our worries. Forgetting the rest of the world. For me, at that moment, she was my entire world. I tightened my embrace and slept.


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