Sensuous Massage Given To A Sexy Couple By 2 Guys In Kolkata

Sensuous Massage Given To A Sexy Couple By 2 Guys In Kolkata

Hi everyone. My name is Riya (Real name changed). I am from North Kolkata (Near Dumdum). I am 23 years old, fair, 5’3’ tall. My stats are 34b-28-36. I am sharing my stories in chronological order as they have happened. This is my second story. It changed my life and made me crave more and more.

My first and previous story is, ‘It All Started With A Massage In Kolkata’.

After the first sensuous massage, I was very much excited. For two weeks, I was fantasizing about it. Whenever I was having steamy sex with Jay (my boyfriend), I was thinking about that incident. One day I told Jay to arrange another massage. He said fine and spoke to Ratul in WhatsApp.

But to our bad luck, Ratul went to Mumbai, and he will not come back again. Anyways I was kind of sad, but Jay told me that he will arrange a massage with someone else.

Another week passed, I asked Jay about it. He said he spoke to many guys, but there is one guy who seems very passionate about it. His name is Vikram, 32 years old, lives in Ballygunje (near South Kolkata). But he has one issue.

I asked what it is. Jay said that Vikram guy doesn’t live alone. Another guy named Bikash, 28 years old, lives with him. According to them, they both have massaged couples together previously. Jay wanted to discuss with me whether to fix it with them or find someone else.

I told Jay its fine. Let’s do it. Jay spoke to them and finalized the date and time. It was fixed on the 2nd Saturday of November 2018. I shaved my pussy one day before.

On that day, I wore a black top with a shrug, jeans, and a neon light green bra and panty underneath. We reached Ballygunje by train around 9.30 AM. We were waiting near the station. Jay called Vikram and told him that we have reached.

After a few minutes, a guy came near us on a bike. He removed his helmet and introduced himself as Vikram. He is a little taller than Jay and had a dusky complexion, well built and muscular. We hopped on the bike. Through many alleys, he drove us.

After 15 minutes, he stopped the bike in front of a building and told us to get down. Then he parked the bike in the garage under the building and told us to follow. He went into the building and took the stairs. We followed him until he stopped on the 2nd floor.

Then he buzzed a doorbell, and Bikash opened the door. We went into the 2 BHK apartment. I asked them to show me the washroom. Vikram told Bikash to show me, and he took Jay into a bedroom.

Bikash is also dusky and as tall as Jay but slim built. He took me to the washroom and switched on the light. I washed my hands and face after taking a pee. When I opened the door, I found Bikash standing outside. It felt weird, but I smiled anyway. He smiled and gave me a towel to dry my hands and face.

Bikash and I entered the bedroom where Jay and Vikram were already sitting on the bed. Vikram told me to get on the bed. Then we chatted a while. Bikash then offered us some chips with cold drinks. Vikram and Bikash decided to start with Jay. They both massaged him for an hour and then took a break.

It was 11.45 AM. Jay told me to get ready, and by getting ready, he meant getting naked. Jay went to the washroom. I was about to undress, but Vikram asked me to stop. He said, “Let us do the honor.” I was getting turned on when he said that. I said, “Fine, but my underwear stays on for now.”

My slutty persona wanted to tease them a little. Vikram started to pull my top off, and Bikash pulled my jeans from below. In a minute, I was only in my bra and panty in front of two strangers. Then Vikram told me to lie down on the bed facing down.

Vikram poured some oil on my back and shoulder and started to massage. Bikash poured oil on my legs, thighs, and feet and started rubbing thoroughly. In the meantime, Jay came back from the washroom and took a seat on the sofa. He was doing something on his phone.

After 10-15 minutes, Vikram asked for permission to unhook my bra as its getting in the way. I said, “Unhook it but leave it on the side.” Vikram unbuttoned my bra and left it open.

Then Bikash said, “What about the panty, should I remove it?” I didn’t say anything but lifted my ass and nodded. He understood and pulled my panty down to my feet, and then it was completely off of my legs. I don’t know where he put it then.

When Vikram was rubbing my back, his hands felt very good. He was strong, and his hands were very firm. His fingers were touching my side boobs when he was rubbing my sides. Bikash was rubbing my ass. It was more like mauling.

Suddenly Vikram held my one hand and pulled it up from the behind. He rubbed my upper chest from behind. He did it a few more times. Every time he was trying to reach further with his fingers. After trying a few more times, he was successful, and his finger touched my nipples. I moaned a little.

I guess he heard that. Then again, he brushed his fingers on my nipple for more than 5 seconds. Then he left that hand and went for the other side. He did the same thing on the other side.

Bikash poured more oil on my ass. He spread my ass cheeks with both hands and kept on rubbing. His fingers were getting closer to my pussy and asshole. After 5 minutes or so, his thumb was touching my pussy and asshole. I tried to keep quiet, but my body was trembling.

Bikash then poured more oil on my asshole, which slipped and reached my pussy. Then he put one thumb on my pussy, and slowly he was entering it. He put another thumb on my asshole and started to rub slowly. When he entered his thumb in my pussy, I let a moan out.

As soon as he heard the moan, he pushed his middle finger in my asshole. This time I moaned louder. He started fingering my ass and pussy simultaneously but gently, first with one finger on each hole. When it became easier with one finger, he pushed another finger inside both my holes and kept on fingering.

I was feeling so much pleasure that I lifted my ass a little to give Bikash more space. Vikram then pulled my bra from my front and put his hands on my boobs. He started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples.

They both took me to heaven (orgasm) in a moment and kept making these erotic attacks on my body. They both suddenly stopped after 5 minutes. I looked at them and said, “What happened? Why did you stop?

Vikram said, “I think we should take lunch and then continue this.”
Bikash said, “We are tired and feeling hungry. Aren’t you hungry?”
I was astonished but murmured, “Fine, whatever you say.”

Then they both got down from the bed. I was lying naked. I looked at the clock, and it was 12.30 PM. I didn’t realize how 45 minutes have passed.

Jay came to me and kissed my back. I turned to him and kissed him on his lips. Vikram then asked us what we want to eat. We discussed with them, and Vikram placed an order on Zomato.

Bikash gave me a towel, and I wrapped myself. Bikash offered us a drink. He had some whiskey in the store. As the weather was a little cold and the AC was on, we were fine with whiskey. So we drank a little.

I took 2 pegs, and Jay took 3 pegs. After 25 minutes, the food came. I offered to serve the food while Vikram brought the plates. We four shared the cost of the food. We took our lunch and chatted a little. Vikram and Bikash asked us how we liked their massage.

Vikram also asked is it our first time, or we have done it previously. Jay, while eating, told them about our previous experience and that we had sex after the sensuous massage. I understood that he was feeling very excited. I shouldn’t blame him because I was feeling very horny too.


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