Friend Divya was game for 3some with me and BF – Sex story

Friend Divya was game for 3some with me and BF – Sex story

To begin, let me tell you about myself. I am Anu. I am fair and curvy enough to satisfy my boyfriend’s desires. I am committed to this good-looking hunk Ajit for almost 5 years. We have a casual sex life.

During the recent lockdown, we were not able to meet regularly desi chudai ki kahani but were very active in our sexting and that kept us active and boosted our fun.

Coming to the story, once everything was back to normal, I and my boyfriend were planning to enjoy a day out somewhere far from this city life. We just planned it on a perfect weekend that we would spend in a resort at a nearby hill station. We wanted to spend a good time together.

There was a friend of mine who was also my roomie. She used to be alone after her recent breakup. So, I just asked my BF, if she could accompany us. My boyfriend didn’t have any problem and so I invited her along with us. She happily joined us.

She was a good photographer and she later made a lovely couple-photoshoot of us on that day. She was also fair-looking and with damn sexy curves that no one could resist after watching her. Her name was Divya.

It was a 4-hour drive, and we had booked 2 mountain view cottages. To our luck, we had got 2 cottages attached to each other with a common pool. Once we reached there, we headed straight to our rooms to freshen up.

My hunk was already waiting for the chance, and the moment we stepped into the room, my boyfriend just started undressing me. He didn’t even allow me to freshen-up. He took me to the bed, made me seminude, and started to lick my boobs in a single motion. I can’t express that electric feel that went through my body.

We were doing this after a great gap of time. I never stopped him. I just wanted him to do whatever he wants on that day. I was already submissive to him. I always like it when he licks my pussy over my panty and he also likes the way I get wet slowly over my panty.

We were so intense that I almost bit him twice on his neck, and scratched him all over his body.

He started to undress removing his pants and was about to take his mammoth dick out. It was such a long wait to get big dick back after a year. I was going to get him inside me after such a long time. I was ready to take his dick in my mouth. I wanted him to bang me all day.

Then, we heard a knock on the door, it was my roomie Divya. ‘No, please don’t spoil this,’ I was thinking in my mind. My pussy was waiting for his dick but the knock just drove us away from the intense mood.

My boyfriend went to the bathroom, and I dressed up and opened the door. She was already fresh and had come to order food. We then ordered the food, had lunch, and roamed the property.

Divya didn’t want to disturb us and so she tried to maintain a discrete distance from us. But I didn’t want her to be alone at least on that day. I made her comfortable with us and she was enjoying the day.

It was the rainy season and started to rain heavily that evening and so we went back to our rooms. Divya headed to her room. Now, there was a chance again to start what we had abruptly stopped. This time, there was nothing to stop us.

It started with a kiss on the lips, and we jumped into bed, He played a low volume melody on his mobile. Within seconds, my boyfriend made me nude completely, and he started to suck my boobs. He likes to bite my nipples and I always enjoy that.

My boyfriend started to squeeze my boobs, one after the other and used to lick them alternatively. He almost licked every inch of my body and made me wet without even touching my pussy. He licked my armpits.

“Aahhhhh,” that was such a heated moment. I wanted my boyfriend to dominate me. He then turned me and directly went between my ass-cheeks. I enjoy it every time he does this. It was his favorite part of my body. He will spread them so much and then put his tongue directly into my tiny hole.

My boyfriend always locks his tongue there for around 15 minutes. Yeah, I was going nuts, enjoying being licked. He started to rub my anal with his nose and licking simultaneously with his tongue. He started to rub my pussy now, “Aah,” this time, it struck all my nerves. Yes, I had waited for one year for this.

I was already oozing when he touched me with his fingertip. He turned me around again and started to lick my navel and rub my pussy. “OMG, don’t stop, baby.”

Then, my boyfriend suddenly put his head down to my love-hole. I was already shivering at that moment. He licked my pussy for almost 10 minutes. I was already too wet down there and he never cares. He licked everything that came out of my love hole. He took it on his lips and comes over me and put it over my nipples, and licked it there. That was really such an amazing moment of my life.

My bf almost dug every corner of my pussy, he was still digging with his finger. His 3 fingers could easily penetrate inside me. He started to rub me till my core. I can’t explain how it feels when your man takes charge of your love-hole. Love-honey was dripping from everywhere and he didn’t waste a single drop.

I was already on cloud 9 and I needed sometime before I take control of his dick. We slept naked side by side. I just took his tool in my hand and was giving him a gentle stroke to keep him hard. We were kissing in that position, and then I took my mobile to play some porn.

We always watch porn to make ourselves try new things and to keep the excitement on high.

My boyfriend now made me bend like a dog, and placed the mobile in front of us, and played a random video. Then he started to thrust my pussy in that position.


He was about to enter me, he was making a way for his tool inside me. The video which was playing on the mobile, was of a guy fucking a girl from behind, yeah, in the same way as my man fucking me. But that was a threesome video where another girl was sucking the boobs of the other girl by sleeping beneath them.

It was such an intense video and we both were enjoying that scene while we were fucking by watching it.

My man increased his pace by now, and I was in heaven already. In the heat of the moment, my evil mind asked my boyfriend, how it would be if we also try that scene from the video?

We both got aroused by what I told him. But I was tense thinking how it would feel for him. He didn’t reply for a while. He lay over him and whispered in my ears, “Let’s try it.”

OMG, this ignited the fire in us again. We started to continue in the missionary position. I told him we should try it with my friend Divya. We were discussing having a threesome with Divya, but we were not sure if she will join in or not. But, I wanted to give it a try.

At some point, I felt miserable for asking him this, but he made me comfortable with his words. We promised to be true to each other and that this will remain between us. Now, I started to seduce my boyfriend with the idea of a threesome. He wanted to see my pussy-scissoring with Divya. But how to ask her was the question.

I wanted my boyfriend to seduce my friend somehow, but he was too shy to do that. I was damn sure of this and it was already getting time for dinner. I prepared myself for getting her on our bed. Divya was kind of open with me, and we always used to discuss sex and stuff.

Divya was way too forward than me to catch a sign and the smell of things. To be frank, I had once seen her masturbating in our room and she didn’t even felt awkward for that. So, I was going to approach her.

After dinner, I sent my boyfriend outside and told him that I’ll text him once we both are on track. Divya was in our room and we were casually talking blah..blah. She found a packet of condoms on the table and smiled and asked me about my day.

I thought this was my opportunity and time, and so I asked her straight if she wanted to join us. We stood silent for few seconds and she was like WTF.

I went near her and slapped her bum as I used to do every time, but this time, I was squeezing them in lust. We both were in our nightdress. She was a bit hesitant at that moment but I know her well. She didn’t even resist but was smiling at me, and was asking what was wrong with me.

I was a bit shy to talk stuff with her. I placed a kiss on her lips. I never thought I would do this. I am not a lesbian but this was something that I never thought of, but I still wanted it. She didn’t resist me now. She took up the pace and asked where my boyfriend was? I didn’t reply to her and started to undress her.

I could see the lust in her eyes too. I never thought this would be that easy. She also started to kiss me back and made me undress.

We have seen each other semi-naked before, but this time, the lust drove us to the bed. She didn’t even bother about anything and took charge now. Our boobs were crushing each other while we were kissing. My hands were grazing around her curvy ass, and she was enjoying that.

I removed my bottom and made myself comfortable, and sat on her. She pulled me and started to lick my boobs. OMG, I cannot believe what was happening. We both were enjoying this to the core. I moved my hands to her shorts and removed and pulled her panties down in one swift movement. She was telling me to take it slow.

She now asked again about my boyfriend. I told her not to worry saying that he won’t be here anytime soon.

She was now asking me why we didn’t try this when we were together. I was getting shy now, and I started to rub her pussy. I could see her enjoying. She too was waiting for such a moment. I turned her back as my BF turns me, and her ass-cheeks just mesmerized me. I kissed them. I couldn’t believe what I just did.

I grabbed her bums and started to lick them and finger her ass. “Ohh.” there she was as she started to moan. I removed my panties and placed my pussy on her bum and started to rub.

I was literally enjoying this and was she. I took this as an opportunity, and took my mobile and clicked her ass photo and sent it to my boyfriend. I didn’t have to text him a lengthy message now. That one picture was enough of a signal for him. I told Divya that I’ll shut off the lights.

I went and opened the door lock and switched off the lights to make it easy for my boyfriend to enter. I turned on the bed lamp, and the room was dimly lit and filled with our smells.

Divya was lying down in the same position and I climbed on her. We both were completely nude. I wanted to see my hunk’s expression.

I took her on top of me, and she started to lick my boobs sitting over me. “Yeahhhh,” now my man comes and he is awestruck by seeing this. I didn’t want Divya to stop now. She didn’t notice my man entering the room. I signaled him to get nude without wasting time.

My lover did not need a second invitation. He was there ready to fuck his girlfriend and her friend. He was very tempted to see Divya in that position.

Divya was sucking my boobs, her pussy was pounding mine. While she sucked my boob, my boyfriend was right behind her with his hard tool in his hands. I couldn’t imagine how lusty would be the next session of ours. I was already dreaming of these two giving me pleasure.

Well, that will be covered in the next episode!

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