Mystery story of a housewife’s investigation

Mystery story of a housewife’s investigation

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Kalyani was so hyped by Preeti’s reply about her investigation. She took a bath, and she wore a red half saree with a blue blouse and a matching petticoat. She had the same long single braid and a red bindi on her forehead. She took her breakfast around 9:00 am.

She planned on asking her neighbors for a hairdryer (since she doesn’t have one). Kalyani went to the second floor, to Devi’s house, and knocked on her door. It took a little time for someone to answer it.

Devi, the wheatish angel, opened the door, but this time she was wearing a long nighty. Kalyani paused a second and took a glance at Devi’s beautiful look from head to toe. Devi was just then spinning a bun with her hair.

Kalyani, without her control, gazed upon the exposed armpits of Devi. It took a few seconds to realize Kalyani is literally lusting over her apartment mate. Devi smiled and waved her hand in front of Kalyani to get her back to senses, “Hello, Kalyani, good morning.”

Kalyani got her senses back and asked her if she has a hairdryer. Devi replied with a sorry that she never used one and doesn’t have one. Kalyani responded with dismay and told her it’s alright. She will ask the other neighbors.

Devi said fine and welcomed Kalyani for a cup of coffee. Kalyani couldn’t refuse and enter her apartment. Kalyani sat down on the sofa, and she found that Devi was watching some English movie channels.

Kalyani was surprised to see a conservative woman watching English movies. Kalyani also noticed that Devi’s mother-in-law was not in the house. She asked Devi where her mother-in-law was?

Devi replied that her mother in law and Kasturi left this morning for a devotional tour for three days. Kalyani asked her how Mahima will stay alone in her flat. Devi replied that Mahima usually stays with her family in the city. But this time, she has a tight schedule for her studies and is staying in the apartment.

She also said that Mahima sleeps with her either in her flat or in Devi’s flat. Kalyani’s inner demons started spinning stories about the two. But she was struggling to keep them away.

Kalyani complimented Devi by telling her that the nighty had made her so beautiful. Devi replied with a chuckle and said, “Thank god, my MIL is touring. I can be free for another three days.”

Kalyani laughed a little and asked her in detail. Devi said that she has completed MA English and loves watching Hollywood movies. Devi also said that her MIL was strict. She insisted Devi only wore traditional wear (saree) even inside the house.

Then Devi heard the whistling sound of the milk. And walked into the kitchen. Kalyani noticed the movie’s name is ‘Rough Night.’ She remembered seeing this movie before. Where a group of girls enjoyed the bachelor party with drinks and some kinky stripper stuff.

Kalyani remembered the next scene, which was about to come is a threesome scene. Though it was a non-nude scene, she always gets horny by seeing it. To avoid the embarrassment, she grabbed the remote to change the channel. Devi, just then with the coffee cups, was walking towards the sofa.

In a hurry, Kalyani dropped the remote, and the batteries were out and rolled in different directions. Kalyani saw the scene was almost about to start where the movie’s black girl gets kissed by another nympho woman. Kalyani couldn’t find the batteries on time.

Worse still, Devi saw the screen and was fixed to the screen with awe. She was holding the cups in her hand and stood still to watch the scene in surprise. The scene played, and both girls were kissing each other.

Now the nympho’s husband went behind the black girl. The nympho spread the black girl’s legs and started sucking her vagina. Though it was not a nude scene, the expressions of the girl will make the audience horny.

After the scene was over, Devi came back to her senses and served Kalyani some tea. They both exchanged an embarrassed look and laughed out. Kalyani didn’t speak a word. Devi said, “Soon, Indian cinemas will also adapt some taboo scenes like these.”

Kalyani replied with a chuckle and handed over the finished coffee cup to her. And told her that the remote’s battery fell down. Devi looked around and found the batteries lying under the TV table. She kneeled and bent down to take it. It was a little far and took a little time to reach the battery.

Kalyani’s eyes automatically grazed upon Devi’s hot ass even though she wants to control her actions. Devi was arching her ass, and the nighty clearly revealed her beautiful butts. Kalyani couldn’t take her eyes off the butt, and her hands were so eager to touch it and spank it so hard.

She found a tiny little ant climbing up Devi’s nighty from her back knee area to her luck. Devi didn’t realize it and was keen on taking the battery out. Kalyani was praying so hard for the ant to climb up to her hot bums. It was a nail-biting moment for her, and her inner self told her not to do it.

But her muscle memory is involuntarily responding to the opportunity. Just when the ant reached her right bum, Kalyani’s hands raced towards her ass and spanked it with, ‘Splat’ sound. Devi’s ass shook in slow motion.

Devi let out a little scream with a moan and turned around with a shock to see Kalyani. Devi, with her palms brushing her bum due to pain, asked Kalyani, “What was that?”

Kalyani showed her the dead ant. She told her she was aiming for the ant and reacted fast. Devi, with a doubtful grin, said, “You should have told me. The pat was much painful than an ant’s bite.” Devi took it sarcastically. Kalyani left her flat, thanking her for the coffee.

Kalyani then knocked on Deepika’s door. The door opened slowly. Behind it was Pooja in her school uniform. She was getting ready for school. She greeted Kalyani inside. She said that her mother is taking a bath and will be here within 10 minutes. As the school bus has arrived, Pooja left the house in a hurry.

Kalyani was waiting for Deepika on a sofa and reading a weekly magazine on the table. She turned the pages to the cinema column. She saw an actress standing and holding her pink towel with her hands and wet hair.

She was showing an innocent look that was so hot and will make anyone horny in seconds. Kalyani was fixed towards the picture and almost drooling. Without noticing Kalyani, Deepika entered the hall with a white towel wrapped around her just at that time.

Kalyani looked up to see the chubby wheatish hottie in a towel and was almost getting wet in her panty. It took a few seconds for Deepika to notice Kalyani sitting on the sofa. Kalyani didn’t realize her face is almost jaw-dropping as she thought her kinky fantasy would come true.

Deepika noticed Kalyani and adjusted the towel’s knot. She asked with a smile, “When did you come in?” Kalyani replied, “Sorry for the surprise. I’m here to borrow your hairdryer for a moment.” Deepika told her that her hair dryer was faulty and requires repair.

Kalyani still looking at Deepika’s whitish chubby thighs, which were not fat but a little bigger than her own. Kalyani was eagerly waiting for an ENF moment now. But Deepika was holding the towel so firmly. She asked Kalyani with a chuckle, “How long will you keep starring at my half-naked body?”

Kalyani came back to her sense and replied, “Oh, I’m sorry I was looking at your beautiful thigh… Oh, I mean tight… You know…” Deepika laughed out and could understand her embarrassment.

She told her to ask Mahima and added that she was about to video-call her sleeping husband in private. She said that in a sarcastic and more sexy tone. Her husband would not like it if he catches his wife spending time with another woman, half-naked. She winked at Kalyani.

Kalyani was burning in lust and was anytime ready to jump on Deepika. But she controlled herself and understood that Deepika is about to have video sex with her pilot husband in NY. With eyes filled with lust, she left her flat and got down to the ground floor

She saw that Mahima had already left for college and will only be back in the evening. She then finally knocked on the door of Ayesha to see if she has a hairdryer. Kalyani knocked on her door and heard the voice calling her to come in.

Ayesha, the black beauty, was lying on a sheet and was doing yoga in a military green t-shirt and black tights. Kalyani said, “Wow, so that’s the secret of your well-toned body.” Ayesha relaxed a little and chuckled. She said, “I was a sports model during my college days. I have been maintaining since then.”

Kalyani noticed her tights are showing her hot and perfectly chiseled ass. Her breasts were the perfect shape of an athlete’s body. Kalyani’s eyes were staring at her boobs involuntarily. Ayesha noticed it and casually replied to her, “They are natural, not some silicon pad.”

Kalyani felt embarrassed and broke her sight. With a smile, she replied that she was an admirer of body. Ayesha appreciated her and asked her if she was willing to join her in the yoga session. Kalyani’s evil mind started fantasizing about the yoga lesbian sex scenes she saw before.

Kalyani replied that she was so eager for the session. Ayesha asked Kalyani if she needs anything. Kalyani remembered the reason why she came and asked her for the hairdryer. Ayesha replied that she doesn’t have one and added that Mahima uses a hairdryer every time she washes her hair.

Kalyani thanked her for suggesting and shook her strong hands. Ayesha replied that she can join any day for the yoga session.

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