Friend’s wife proposes night of passion – Indian adult story

Friend’s wife proposes night of passion – Indian adult story

It was 5 pm on a Saturday. I was just contemplating on going for a swim since the weather was somewhat beautiful with bright sunshine and not so humid.

While sipping my camomile tea with a couple of biscuits and enjoying Mozart on Opus channel on my TV, my mobile screamed to my disgust.

It was my friend, Rakesh on the other side who said “hello” so hurriedly.

He said, “Bro, can you please do me a big favor?”

“Yeah sure bro, what is it?”

“I am supposed to pick Roshini (his wife) from the airport at 6 pm but I’m still in Penang. I promised to be there on time but unable to finish my business here. Can you please pick her up?”

I was a bit upset since my plan for a swim came to an abrupt end. But I was obliged to help him though, as both Rakesh and his wife are very good friends of mine and our friendship goes a long way back.

So, I said, “Sure mate, I will pick her up, not to worry.”

“Thanks, I really owe you, one man. You know how paranoid she is about public transport since that one bad experience of hers the last time.”

“Yeah I do, don’t worry, what time is her arrival?

“6.00 pm.”

“Hhmm…OK, I have plenty of time to get there before she checks out.”

“Thanks, Arun.”

Rakesh, 56 is a businessman. He just looks his age, like a real daddy type of a guy. 5 feet and 10 inches tall, weighing about 80 kgs, with a slightly receding salt and pepper hair and not to mention with a decent pouch.

While his wife Roshini, a Malayalee, is 51, a lecturer at a local University. She is about 5 feet, 4 inches tall with a 36-33-37 body structure.

They have a daughter who lives in Singapore. Like I said earlier, we do go a long way, and have been close friends for a long time now. We have total freedom whenever we visit each other’s homes.

I had a secret crush on my friend’s wife Roshini but due to our true friendship, that’s as far as it gets. So it has always been an admiration from a distance. I had no clue if she had the same crush on me up until the evening I spent with her after picking her up from the airport.

I hugged her upon receiving her at the airport, then while on the way back home, she asked me if I have already had my dinner. I gave her “No” as an answer.

So we decided to go to a good restaurant on the way. While I was checking for a restaurant, she received a call from Rakesh telling her that he would only return home the next day.

Since this has been a norm in their life, she wasn’t that upset at all. We had our dinner at a nice fine dining restaurant. Then I drove her home. We talked so much along the way as usual.

Even though we were open-minded and close enough as friends, I would not disclose any secret of Rakesh to her. I always kept a reasonable distance on that.

I do not even share with her the typical men’s talk that Rakesh and I sometimes have. Rakesh and I, along with a few of our other friends sometimes travel abroad for holidays and have great fun with girls there.

These are the little secrets that always stay with us men. But never underestimate women as they can smell things from nowhere. But as far as this couple was concerned, their married life has always been smooth-sailing without much trouble.

Maybe it wasn’t, perhaps he hides this part of his marriage to me. Nevertheless, I am not the type who sneaks into people’s private life.

Oohhh…I forgot completely to introduce myself. I am Arun, 45, weighing 72 kg and with the height of 5’7″. I have been a widower for 5 years since my wife’s death due to cancer.

Since then, I never wanted to get married again – not that I am a one woman’s man, but I just wanted to enjoy my single life again. I always had a keen zest for finer things in life and explore everything that life has to offer.

And to some extent, I have been successful in achieving that. Other than the occasional flirting around with friends when we go for holidays, I have never found anyone that was so interesting to pursue anything.

So, I just let life find something in its course for me. I kept myself busy, playing sports, spend time on my other interests in music, arts, computer, and traveling. I always kept myself fit as well.

We reached home at around 9 pm. As I was ready to leave, my friend’s wife invited me for a drink. I obliged her and parked my car inside and waited at the lounge as she went to make coffee.

Roshini brought the coffee and talked about her visiting her daughter in Singapore. As I was looking at my watch, she asked me, “Are you in a hurry?”

“No…no. Just a habit that I keep looking at my watch. I am all good, I can spend some time here.”

“Can you please stick around for a moment while I take my shower?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead, I will watch TV meanwhile.”

She left and I picked up the remote and started watching a movie. After some time, my friend’s wife came back from her shower wearing just a t-shirt and beach shorts.

I didn’t fail to notice that she was not wearing a bra inside as her nipples were quite prominently poking out from the plain white thin t-shirt. I could smell her English country soap even from a little distance.

Roshini came and sat on the sofa next to me so we could both face each other easily and watch TV at the same time. While we were talking, out of nowhere, suddenly she quipped, “Arun, are you still thinking about Banu (my ex-wife)?”

“What do you mean thinking, why such a question after this long?”

“I mean, thinking in a sense that you are not seeing anyone as far as I know.”

“Ohhhh… I have got over her passing away, and I guess I am just too tired to start all over again.”

“Besides, my work gets a bit too much, and I am happy as well, spending time on my hobbies. If it happens, it happens, other than that I’m not going to spend time looking for her, whoever she may be.”

“Ohh, I thought you are happy meeting other women like Rakesh..”

Holy cow!!! How did she know that? Hmmm… bloody women!!!! Never underestimate them at any cost. I was honestly shocked, not because she knew it, but because she had no issue with Rakesh having such a lifestyle away from home.

I was trying to play innocent by pretending to not knowing what Rakesh had been up to. “How did you know that he sees other women?”

“Come on Arun, I am a woman, and I am his wife.”

“Sorry Rosh, that’s his personal life and it has got nothing to do with me. Please don’t expect me to reveal anything more about it.”

“Oohhhh no.. no.. no.. That’s not my intention, I have known enough of it, I am fully aware that he knows that I know it too.”

“But then how come you are not confronting him? Why do you allow him such freedom to do it?”

“I believe in love Arun. Love is all about giving, not just taking. The best thing about him is that, despite being this way, he never failed even once to be a good husband to me or a father to my kids, except in bed in recent times. It has been reducing gradually, but he still loves me as ever”.

After a sigh..

“I guess it has got to do with age. We have discussed it, but I guess it’s our age or the number of years that we have been together. We tried hard but the spark is as good as gone in bed.”

“You have a big heart Rosh.”

“But I also have a big appetite for sex Arun, and I am not getting much from him of late.” I could have done what he has been doing but I never had the courage.”

“I’m sorry Rosh.”

I kept silent for a while and looked in her eyes. They were a little red as though she was about to burst into tears. She looked down, not having the courage to look into my eyes. So, I killed the silence by asking her, “So what do you intend to do? How are you going to solve this?”

“Can you help me?”

“Me? How?”

“I need sex Arun, but I don’t want to simply do with just anyone. I don’t want to do this to take revenge on Rakesh or anything. I do not want to hurt him but at the same time I want to fulfill my desire too.”

“I can understand you but how can I help you with this?”

“Hmmm… well, Can you spend the night with me please?”

“Rosh, I am not sure this is the right thing to do. Both of you are my friends. How can I do something to hurt our friendship?”

“I will deal with that Arun. I have thought about this for a very long time. In time to come, I will make him understand this. You know how open-minded he is and I am very sure he will understand us.”

“But what makes you think I’m willing or ready for this?”

“Hmm… I knew all along that you had a crush on me Arun.”

This made me a bit uncomfortable. I took a deep breath and leaned on the couch.

“How did you know that?”

“C’mon Arun, I am a woman, and I knew this for a long time, Don’t tell me I am wrong.”

This time I was completely silent and also clueless as to how to answer my friend’s wife. I wasn’t brave enough to look into her eyes either. She came close to me and held my hand.

I didn’t want to withdraw my hand from her. I said, “Rosh, do you not think this is immoral and wrong?”

“Why would you think so when we both like each other? We both are in a position that we need each other. We can help each other, can’t we?”

“It’s not just that Rosh, there is Rakesh!!!”

Just leave that to me please, I took a long time to contemplate and come to this decision. I will talk to him myself in time before he gets to know it. He loves me so much that he could understand my inner feelings.”

I was mesmerized by her self-confidence. While saying this, she came and sat next to me. I felt an emotional connection between us, not just lust. I just could not resist her anymore.

The warmth of my friend’s wife’s body, leaning on mine, piercing through me slowly. I thought I just fell for not just her beauty but her confidence, authority, and passion.

I just held her face and stared at her green eyes. Her arms wrapped around me, while I planted my lips on hers and stayed that way for a moment. Not sure how long we were frozen that way.

I opened my eyes and hugged her tightly saying, “I have been adoring you for a long time Rosh, but I was always helpless to see you were my best friend’s wife.”

“I know, not a word again, we can talk about that later, take me to my bed.”

I carried her and walked to her room, and we together sat and rolled in bed hugging each other tightly. She pushed me down and started unbuttoning my shirt and pants.

She pulled my pants down, while my 7 inches thick cock was throbbing in my underwear. I got up and removed her T-Shirt, and got shocked to see her pink stiff nipples that were so prominently jutting out.

Her breasts were just amazing. They were quite firm for a 51-year-old mother. For Rakesh, they may not be that attractive, as he finds young tits wherever he goes but, for me these were amazing.

I was more excited and eager to see her pussy but I decided to work on her tits first. I kissed her hard, deep French kiss, rolled my tongue into hers and sucked her tongue, siphoned her saliva out, and swallowed.

My friend’s wife was an amazing kisser as well. She sucked my tongue like she was sucking my cock. I started sucking her tight nipples one by one while holding her firm ass in my other hand.

Then moved slowly to her navel and rolled my tongue all over her. I saw the untrimmed bush that made me go crazy. To be honest I am one guy who loves everything natural, not any artificial inducement such as toys or even ecstasy pills.

I started biting her pubic hair with my teeth and licking her there. I made her pubic region all wet while placing my fingers on her thick and fluffy pussy. I just couldn’t resist her pussy but I wanted to make sure she gets everything little by little not all at once.

When I got back to Rosh’s pussy, I nuzzled my nose between the pussy lips and took long, slow deep breaths taking in that divine and womanly fragrance.

Roshini lifted her knees to give me better access, so I slid my tongue deep inside, licking and sucking, literally like drinking in her love juice. She wrapped her legs around my neck, pulling me harder into her pussy lips.

She had her first orgasm, squirting love juice deep down my throat as she did. I kept on using my tongue and fingers playing her to prolong the orgasm for as long as I could, even tonguing her tight butt hole.

As my friend’s wife came down from her orgasm, I started my licking again. This time, I was going to eat her whole pussy. I started to feel her body trembling again. She came again. I swallowed all her juice completely licking her pussy dry.

Roshini just fell on her back, but I was still playing around her cunt and made her horny again for the third time. As I was slowly working around the area with my tongue, she started moaning again.

This time, I decided to give my cock some action. I quickly got up and held my dick and slowly entered her. I didn’t want her to cum again so fast. So I started fucking her real slow.

Then I increased my tempo and started pounding my friend’s wife. Slowly, Roshini was reaching her next orgasm as I could feel her body start vibrating and was watching the bliss on her face.

I pounded her as hard as I possibly could, like I would never have sex again and the whole room could hear the sound of her bed creaking. I felt the build-up of a terrific orgasm deep inside my groin.

I couldn’t hold back anymore and was sending streams of hot cum deep inside her, holding her tight to prevent my cock from slipping out. Rosh was still having hers, so I kept on moving in and out as fast as I could, but my hip was starting to go.

Eventually, Rosh fell flat on her back and dropped both her arms, with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Apart from moans and groans, Rosh hadn’t said a word throughout the whole course.

I lay beside her, just looking at her until she opened her eyes to look at me and whisper a thank you. I grabbed her and kissed her deeply. Both of us explored so much that night.

Days and months passed by. We managed to keep our affair secret until one day, during a dinner at her place, Rosh decided to speak to Rakesh about it and she did.

It wasn’t a pleasant night, to be honest, and it took a few days until Rakesh came to an understanding. We both met and had a deep heart to heart discussion. With much deliberation and a few emotional moments, my friend allowed me to carry on with this relationship with his wife.

And he too had already been a bit serious with another young woman as well at that time. I think that really was an advantage for me to be honest. Feeling a bit free and with no guilty feelings from all sides, we have been having a great life together.

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