Mausi tests my BF’s physical prowess for marriage – Sex story

Mausi tests my BF’s physical prowess for marriage – Sex story

Friends, this is my and my mausi’s secret. Today, I am sharing it with you all.

First, let me introduce myself and my family. I live with my mom and dad. My name is Neelam. I am 21 years old and studying in the final year in college. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall. My friends think that I am very smart and look like a model. I am dating my boyfriend Varma for six months. Varma is of my age and has a strong body with lots of sex appeal.

My mother has only one sister, and their parents have passed away. My mausi is 26 years of age and is married for one year. Her husband Rakesh has a highly successful business and also has a very handsome personality. Both of them visit our home quite often.

Now, let’s come to the story.

That evening my mausi Sonam and her husband came to our house. I was in my room. My room was on the second level of the house. There was a bathroom between my room and the guest room which was used by my mausi Sonam and her husband whenever they came to our house. Because the bathroom door was open from both sides, I was able to hear any conversation very clearly.

Sonam was in a bad mood that day. She said, “Why do I have to suffer? I have given you almost one year to see if there is any change, but you are still the same.”

“If you cannot satisfy me then what is the purpose of our marriage? You have only three options a) Divorce me or b) Get me satisfied one way or c) allow me to have a relationship just for sex with any other person and you must overlook it.”

“I am not coming with you unless you have the answer to my question,” and then she asked Rakesh to leave.

When I heard Rakesh leaving, I immediately went to their room through the bathroom.

I hugged my mausi first, then Rakesh. While I was hugging Rakesh, I whispered in his ear, “Do not worry too much, come on Monday to take Mausi back home, she will not refuse – trust me,” and I let him go.

After listening to their issue, I had a plan in my mind to help them. The next day, I called my bf Varma and explained to him my plan. Then I talked to my mausi, and told her to come with me and we will go shopping.

We went to the market, shopped for a few dresses, and then went to a hotel to have lunch. While eating, my boyfriend showed up. I asked him to join us. He knew what the plan was.

After having lunch, I told my Mausi that I wanted her to meet Varma. I explained to her that Varma wanted to marry me and I wanted her to approve it. I wanted her to check him in and out so I would have a successful married life.

I knew what her issue was. Obviously, she wanted to make sure that Varma was not like her husband.

I already had a room reserved in that hotel. After lunch, we went upstairs to our room and asked her to interview Varma. She started asking him different questions.

Meanwhile, I was just watching TV in the other corner of the room. After about ten minutes I said, “You guys talk, I am going downstairs. I have to check the mall across the street. I will be back in a while,” and then I left giving them the space to be with each other.

Before leaving, I pressed my mausi’s shoulder and again said, “Please mausi, do not make any mistake. Make sure that he is ok in all ways. Thanks.”

The next day Varma told me the whole story of what had happened between him and mausi.

“As soon as you left, your mausi got up and locked the door. She came back and asked me to stand up. I stood up. Then your mausi came close to me and keeping her hands on my shoulder, asked me the first question – Have you had sex with any girl in your life?”

I said, “Yes, only with Neelam two times, and I liked it.”

Her next question was. “Did she like that too?”

I answered, “I guess so, but I am not sure,” because we both did not have any experience.”

Then mausi took her hands down and held my belt. I asked her what she was doing.

She said, “I want to make sure that you know how to make a woman happy,” and she dropped my pants down.

She looked at my penis in the underwear and smiled. She suddenly pulled my penis out of my underwear and looked at it very curiously.

I believe she liked the size of my penis. You know it is about 7 and a half inches long with three inches thickness. She was shocked to see the size of my dick.

I was already in full swing due to her question. Then I smiled as well and held your mausi from her shoulders and kissed her on the lips. She did not resist.

I pulled her close to me holding her waistline and started kissing her from the lips to her neck, while both hands were on her butts. I tried to spread her butt cheeks while kissing her neck. Your mausi started squeezing me as well. Now she was getting overly aggressive.

Then I grabbed her and slowly moved towards the bed and made her sit on the bed. When she was sitting on the bed, I tried to take her top off.

First, she tried to stop me then changed her mind and dropped her hands down. I took her top off and opened her bra hook as well and pushed her on the bed on her back.

I started kissing her from the lips to her neck, to her boobs. She has beautiful boobs, size must be 34D. After licking her nipples for 4-5 minutes, I moved down to her stomach. I kissed around her belly button for 3-4 minutes. She began shivering with joy and was squeezing my head with her legs.

Finally, I moved down to your mausi’s pussy and was astonished to see such a beautiful pussy. It has good size wings and a long cunt on top.

I started licking the sides of her pussy wings while, I tried to slide my thumb inside her pussy, but it was barely half in and could not go further.

Then I lubricated my middle finger with her pussy juice and pushed it in her butt. Now my middle finger was in her butt and thumb in her pussy while I was eating her clit with pleasure.

My thumb and middle finger were slowly going in and out causing her to jump on the bed. Now she wanted me to give her my penis.

She was out of control and was begging for that. I decided to give in to her pleas. I pulled my fingers out and standing on my feet, pulled her legs on my shoulder.

I set my thick penis on her pussy. I lubricated my penis with her pussy juice holding it with my hand, and tried to move it from top to bottom of her pussy.

I then stopped when I found the hole properly, then I pushed it in but guess what, it refused to in because her pussy was so small and very tight.

I asked her, “Are you still a virgin?” She opened her eyes, smiled, and said, “Yes.” So, I decided to lubricate myself better.

I went to the bathroom and looked for anything to lubricate my penis. I found some vaseline there and came back into the room.

She was in the same position closing her eyes. I came close to her and spread her legs wide open and lubricated my penis with vaseline and set it on her pussy hole.

I was holding her shoulder and whispered in her ear to be prepared. She was a little scared. She said it is too big and requested me to be gentle.

I promised her that I would be gentle and put my lips on her lips, holding them tight, I pushed my penis with force.

It went inside her about two inches. She started crying and had tears in her eyes. I continued kissing her and pulled my penis a little bit back and pushed it again with full force.

It went all the way in her pussy. She was crying and lifting her back from the bed. I said, “Do not worry, that is it, it is done. You took it all in.”

She did not want to believe me, then I started gently pulling and pushing it back and forth. Now, she was having a little pain but had started enjoying it as well.

Gradually, she was moving her hips faster and faster helping me to let my penis run like a piston in her pussy. She was in full swing now, and I speeded up my strokes.

It continued for about 8 minutes. Finally, she discharged and I discharged at the same time. Now we were lying on the bed next to each other.

I was closing my eyes when I saw she got up and started sucking my dick. I smiled and asked her if she is ready again.

She said, “This time I will do it and not you,” and got on my dick. She tried to get it in but it was not going in. I asked her to go to the bathroom and bring some Vaseline and then to try again.

She went to the bathroom, brought some vaseline, and lubricated my penis which was hard again, and she sat on it.

She then pushed it hard and my penis went in a couple of inches and stopped. It was not going further up, so I tried to help her.

I held her back with both hands, and then I pushed from the bottom so hard, it went all the way in. She jumped, but it was already inside her pussy.

Then she started stroking in and out with full speed and I was holding her tight as well. Finally, in five minutes, she discharged again and I had to put on her back on the bed.

Keeping my penis inside her pussy, I started stroking harder and harder until I discharged as well. This was the third time since we started the whole session.

She was so happy and wanted to do it again in the near future and asked me if I was willing to help her. I told her it was all Neelam’s idea and if she will agree, I do not have any problem sharing both of you.

Now back to Neelam’s conversation.

I had asked mausi to call me when the interview was over, so mausi called me and asked me where I was and when I was coming back.

I asked her if she has done with the interview? She said, “Yes,” she is done, so I came back. She was smiling and gave me the thumbs-up signal. She said, “You can marry Varma, he is qualified enough.”

We came out and Varma said that he will call me later and went to his house. I with my mausi came home as well.

My mausi was incredibly happy and was continuously smiling. When we were in our room, she hugged me and said, “I know it was your idea.” She liked it and said, “Thank you.”

I said to her, “Mausi, you are always my best friend, how I can ignore your problem.”

I then told her that I had heard when she was talking to mousa jee.

I then explained to her that was the reason, I came up with this plan to make her happy. I suggested that she should stay with mousa jee, but whenever she feels low, she can let me know. I can invite Varma to help her.

I also told her to invite me and Varma to her home someday so that I can introduce Varma to Rakish. Then Rakesh will not be anxious if Varma visits her in Rakesh’s absence. We can work out some arrangements if needed until we have a permanent solution of this issue.

She told me smilingly that Rakish should not have any problem. He had once told her that his fantasy was to see his wife fucked by a stranger in his presence. So, he will enjoy that if it happens.

Since then, this is our secret.

Occasionally, my mousa jee was watching Varma fucking my mausi. Once during this session at my Mausi’s home, I joined as well.

Mousa jee gave me an oral from top to bottom and I really enjoyed it. Mousa jee  had learned a lot seeing Varma licking me from my boobs to my pussy.

Now, I and Varma are a married couple but we are still helping my mausi and mousa jee occasionally.

Please tell me how you liked this story. I will tell you another story, where I had to help one of my neighbor friends.

She wanted to be fucked by my mousa jee but I knew that he was not capable of doing that, so I let Varma break her virginity in my house.

That will be my next story, next week.


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