Fucked My Hot Maid While Alone At Home – Indian Maid Story

Fucked My Hot Maid While Alone At Home – Indian Maid Story

I used to stay in very good society in Hyderabad with my wife. We had a servant quarter right adjacent to our house.

We had hired a 32-year-old Telugu maid (Aarti) who was short, wheatish complexion and slightly curvy. She wasn’t very sexy or anything but there is something about an Indian maid that turns on Indian men.

This story is of April when I was working from home for some time while my wife went for work every day. It had been around 10 months that Aarti was working with us. My wife never liked her and always kept shouting at her and humiliating her.

I (because of the active hormones) used to be calm and played the good cop. Aarti always used to come to work in a well-fitting kurta and churidar and always wore a dupatta. She used to take the dupatta off while working. But whenever I was home, she used to wear it.

She never gave any seducing signals. But somehow I always had a feeling that she wouldn’t mind a little fun. One day, around early April, my wife had gone for work and Aarti was working. I purposely didn’t wear any underwear while she worked, hoping to give her an outline view of my 6-inch cock.

She was working in the kitchen when I went there for a glass of water. As I took the bottle, it slipped and the water spilled on the floor. Super attentive that she was, she immediately took a cloth and sat down to mop the floor. That was the very first time I saw her cleavage.

Her medium-sized breasts were tightly supported by the bra. An instant hard on took over and I guess she got a view of my tool too from underneath. I sensed an unusual aura as she started taunting me saying you are very clumsy while handling stuff around the house.

She said it with a smile and while watching my boner from the corner of her eye. I thought I would pretend everything was normal. I very casually adjusted my crotch and giving her a harmless smile. I went to my bedroom and started playing with my cock.

After some time she came to my room and asked me to hand over my shorts to her as they were wet and that she will take them for laundry. I asked her to wait outside for a minute. As I was closing my bedroom door, I could see a very wicked and sheepish smile on her face.

I took my time to jerk off on my shorts, changed and handed over the sperm stained shorts to her. While the shorts were wet from the water, the sperm stains and stickiness could be easily felt. She took them and did not respond.

Later, when she was washing clothes in the bathroom, I noticed that she had kept my shorts separately from the other laundry. Our bathroom, if the door is kept open, can be easily seen from my bedroom. I was shocked when she suddenly took my shorts, smelled them and kept them aside again.

She turned to see whether I was noticing but I quickly turned my gaze away. But this action had cleared her intentions. Now I had decided that this was the day I was going to get her to my bed. Soon after she was done, I told her I was going for a bath. I went inside. I got completely naked and poured some water.

I noticed that she had just washed the clothes and would be drying them in our bedroom balcony. I peeked from the bathroom as she went to the balcony. As soon as she was out, I came out of the bathroom. I went to the bedroom and latched the door from inside.

I started pretending that I wasn’t aware of where she was. I turned away from the balcony while wearing just my towel. She came inside and as soon as she saw me, she got shocked. A very muted and shocked ‘Aww’ came out of her mouth.

I turned around, saw her and in the utter shock (which I pretended), I dropped my towel. There I was in front of her waving my fully erect 6 inches in front of her. She was super shocked and for the sake of it, covered her eyes and started apologizing. I apologized too and bent down to grab my towel.

She ran towards the bedroom door and tried to open the latch. I could see while she pretended to be shocked. She was trying to hide a naughty smile behind her hands. I rushed towards her and before she could open the latch, I hugged her from behind.

All this while, I was shit scared if things turned the other way around and if she complained to my wife. But then again, this was the point when lust had taken over my brain and I just kept tightening my grip on her. She let go of the door and protested saying, “Don’t do this. This is not right and ma’am will see and fire me.”

I realized that it wasn’t my lust that bothered her but the fear of getting caught. I told her madam was not coming till evening. If she wished, we could have a bit of fun and she can make a little money too out of it. She kept protesting and trying to get away while shouting, “Madam will fire me” continuously.

Her Mother’s Wicked Smile! – Erotic Indian Sex Story

I kept on hand on her mouth to keep her from shouting and used the other to untie her churidar. She tried to take my hand off but in vain. I was too strong for her. I pulled the churidar down. As soon as I touched her panty, I realized she was wet.

I told her that it was evident that she was turned in and she wanted it too. But she kept mumbling and trying to get away from me. I pushed her to my bed and made her lie down on her stomach with legs on the ground. I went down, tore the panty apart and spread her legs wide.

She again started protesting that my wife will fire her and with her hands, tried to push me away. I held her hips, pushed them apart and started licking her clit from behind. She was hairy and smelly but all that added to my lust. Slowly her voice lowered and the constant protesting eased out.

She let go of her hands and made it easier for me to push my face further inside. I licked her for good 2-3 minutes until I felt she had lost controlled and her body was shaking with every movement of my tongue. I stopped licking. She turned around shocked. I laughed and made her get up.

I held her by her hair and made her sit on the floor on her knees. I took my cock out and forced her mouth on it. She protested and tried to get away but I pulled her hair which made her scream. As soon as she started screaming I shoved my hard-on inside her mouth.

I applied force to keep her mouth in place released it for some time and as she tried to let go of my dick, I pushed it in again. I continued it for half a minute and released my grip when I realized she was enjoying my cock. I let her suck it on her own for some time.

Then I picked her up, removed her kurta, threw her on the bed and climbed on her. I kissed her lips, sucked them hard. She was good as for a good amount of time, our tongues played with each other. I took her bra off and started biting her nipples. A moan came out of her mouth and that was my final signal.

I took my dick and slowly shoved it inside her pussy. She was tight but I made my way. I fucked her wildly for some time. As I was about to cum, I took my cock out, made her sit on her knees again and came all over her face and breasts. Then I threw her naked on the bed again and lay over her myself.

Later we took bath together, cleaned ourselves and I paid her ₹ 1200/- to keep it our little secret.

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