Story of how I made my married best friend pregnant

Story of how I made my married best friend pregnant

It was past dinner time when I had reached Kavita’s place. My married best friend greeted me with a smile and led me inside. The first thing she did was tease me for using too much perfume. In reality, I was carrying Riya’s fragrance.

Kavita’s husband held some important positions in his company and had to travel often. Earlier, her in-laws would come to keep her company when she was alone. But these days, old age seemed to have made their visits less frequent.

She had prepared dinner and was waiting for me to arrive. Since we were both very hungry, no time was wasted getting ready to eat. While having dinner, I noticed that she was quieter than usual, so I decided to start the conversation.

We chatted for some time, catching up on random things and talking about our past classmates. Her husband was due to arrive last night, but due to some extension, he had to stay for one more workday. That meant that he was stuck for the weekend and would only be back on Monday night.

I didn’t find this unusual. Kavita’s husband was a nice guy, but he was almost always out of town. He had been looking for a job change but didn’t have much success. We kept talking after dinner as I helped her do the dishes. She was visibly nervous but didn’t tell me what it was about.

Finally, she asked, “Do men lose interest if their wives can’t give them children?”

I wasn’t expecting something like this. I knew that she was planning to have kids, but something was wrong, obviously. I tried to dodge the question. But Kavita was persistent. She wasn’t looking at me as she talked, but I could tell that she was in pain.

She was trying to get pregnant for some time now, but it was not working out for them. Terror seized me for a moment. But she put them to rest quickly when she confirmed that her husband never lay a finger on her.

Nevertheless, he seemed less interested in her lately, and also refused to visit a doctor. I could relate. Fertility is something that could hurt a guy’s ego pretty badly. But Kavita was more worried about how distant he had gotten lately.

“I think that he may have taken a lover,” she said.

I was pretty sure that this was just her imagination. Her husband always used to travel a lot and sometimes extend his trips. The current state of things was getting to her head and making her suspicious of nothing.

I reassured her that everything will return to normal once they had a child. Things were probably not working out because her husband was always out of town. She didn’t seem satisfied but dropped the topic nonetheless.

We spent some more time together before I decided to leave. At first, she didn’t say anything, but as I reached the front door, she ran to me and held my arm.

“Please stay a little longer,” she said and placed her head on my chest. “I just feel very alone.”

“Okay,” I said without thinking, and she hugged me tightly. My arms were on her waist. She has hugged me many times in the past. But I was never so aware of her breasts pressing against me, nor her nipples poking me through all the layers of cloth.

I went and laid on the couch, watching some random show on the TV. Kavita came wrapped in a blanket and sat at my feet. It was a bit chilly but not uncomfortable. Neither of us was really interested in the TV show and kept talking during it. That seemed to lighten her mood, and she smiled again.

I was really tired. Pumping Riya’s tightness took more energy than I thought, and sleep was coming over me. I didn’t protest when Kavita turned off the TV. And I naturally shifted a bit as she lay along with me and covered us with the blanket.

The couch wasn’t really wide enough for the two of us, so we had to squeeze close. She was already shifting comfortably in my arms by the time I had realized what was happening. Neither of us said anything as we lay together.

She looked at me longingly for a while before, without warning, leaned in, and kissed me. It was sweet and tender. Her lips were soft and had a shade of taste of the curry we had for dinner. My heart was racing, and I was kissing her back.

This wasn’t our first kiss together. We had shared each others’ first kiss a long time ago when we were still in school. It was a secret between the two of us. I remembered that her breasts were smaller back then, and I hadn’t grown so much taller than her yet.

That kiss didn’t have the same intensity, nor did it blossom into love. We just pressed our lips against each other, and that remained one of the guilty pleasures of our friendship. Looking back, I felt that at some point, the two of us would’ve decided to lose our virginities together, too, had I not taken a girlfriend that is.

I kept imagining it. Walking back home with Kavita in place of my ex (Losing Virginty With My Modest Classmate Girl). Tearing her hymen and making her bleed on my bed. Finishing inside her and being scared together till her next period. Would we have had a better relationship? Or would it have faded away too?

Kavita and I have been close for so many years now. And yet we could have been so much more! Her marriage was arranged just before we graduated from college. This was before I ended things with my ex, but after my fling with Sania (Breaking Virginity Of College Girl, Sania)

What if my affair was with Kavita instead, I wondered. I was sure that she had married as a virgin. She had taken no boyfriends even though a few have asked her out. I wondered what she would’ve said if I had asked. I was genuinely happy for her when she got wed. But I had also felt a strange sense of loss.

All these thoughts flooded my mind till our lips parted. She didn’t look at me. We were both quiet. Kavita turned her back to me, and I shifted to give her more room. She settled and leaned back on me to not fall off the edge of the couch.

With my free hand, I held her gently across the waist while she lay on top of my other arm, which was extended over the edge. She adjusted the blanked with her leg, and it ended with our legs in a knot. I could feel the side of her breast pressing against my pinned arm. It was such a cruel tease.

I could almost bend my wrist and grab her boob. If she just moved a bit, I could’ve felt her nipple pressing down on me. My hardon was poking her from behind, painfully close to her pussy. It would be difficult to go to sleep like that, but I would just have to control my urges.

Kavita dozed off, and soon after, I drifted into sleep. Kavita shifting in the morning woke me. Both of us were sore from cramping on the couch, but she seemed to be in a much better mood. Since it was still pretty early, I told her to get some more sleep and left for my place.

Though sleepy, both of us wanted to avoid an awkward conversation more than anything. I got some sleep after getting back. It was tough to rank last night’s experience. Riya’s tight pussy vs. cuddling with Kavita. But Kavita was my best friend, and she was in a bad place.

I decided that I needed to be there for her and not take out my lust for her. But Riya, on the other hand, would make a perfect fuck buddy. I called Riya in the afternoon. She was sore from the previous night and pretty pissed that I didn’t spend the night.

She admitted that she got carried away because of the drinks but was happy with the experience. Apparently, she didn’t want to start a relationship and preferred to keep the previous night a secret. I didn’t mind, so I agreed. I thought about paying her a surprise visit that day.

She may not want a relationship, but I was sure she’d like me to spend the night this time. But that thought was interrupted by the doorbell. Kavita had come over to my place. I wasn’t expecting her, but she came in without saying anything.

I realized that she wanted to talk about last night. But she didn’t talk much and just kept pacing around the room. At last, she apologized for kissing me. I panicked and said that it was alright and that it would remain between the two of us. She smiled at this and edged closer to me.

“How do you feel about me?” she asked, taking both my arms in hers. She wasn’t looking at me, and I didn’t know what to say. A world of emotions was going through me.

“You were poking me yesterday,” she said again, smiling and put her head against my chest. My racing heartbeat seemed to comfort her, and I was experiencing emotions I have never had. But something came over me, and I could not hold back anymore.

We kissed for the third time. It was passionate and tender at the same time. We held each other tight as our tongues twirled and saliva mixed. I moved my arms on to her boobs as she arched her back to help. They were soft and fluffy. We moved to my bedroom, undressing each other on the way.

We left a trail of clothes behind us as she fell back on the bed and I climbed on top of her. She had put on some weight since her wedding. But that just seemed to make her figure even better. I had imagined her boobs to be rather saggy for her age, seeing them over her clothes.

But they were perfectly full, perky, teardrop-shaped, and just a bit dangly. I sucked them both one after the other and circled my tongue around her nipples. I squeezed and nibbled nipples her as she moaned with pleasure. Her boobs were very soft.

I sat up on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. She moved closer till her ass was on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist. I couldn’t believe that I was about to enter my best friend’s pussy. She was overflowing with anticipation.

I placed my dick at her smooth-shaven entrance and felt her almost pulling me inside. I could tell that she had just shaved recently. The moment our organs touched send electric shocks through my body. Kavita’s eyes were fixed on me as she lay back, a mix of lust and fear visible in them.

She held my dick with her arms and rubbed the tip on her clit slowly. Sideways first, she kept moving me. Then she switched to an up-down motion, parting her pussy lips and dangerously close to penetrating her each time. Somehow I managed to resist my urges and reached out to the bedside drawer for a condom.

She held on to me firmly and had me back in the same position in no time. Kavita was eyeing me carefully as I was trying to tear the packet. For some reason, the more excited you are, the harder it is to tear the packet. She was rubbing me on her again but more slowly this time.

I could feel a wetness on the tip of my dick. As I managed to tear the packet, the wetness engulfed the head of my cock, and a certain warmth could be felt on its tip. Kavita had taken matters into her own hands and placed me at her entrance.

Before I could object or even say ‘condom,’ she reached out one hand, locking it around my neck, lifting herself to a sitting position. She kept the other hand in place to make sure that I had penetrated her completely. Then she moved the other hand until both were around my neck and started gyrating her hips.

She arched her back, purposefully, to make me lose balance. I had to drop the condom and use my hands for support as I lay her gently on her back and climbed on top. Not once did she let my cock slip out. Her insides were silky smooth and really wet.

Though she was gripping me tightly, I could still move quite fast inside her. Screw the condom, I thought and started moving inside her. She matched my moments with her hips and rubbed her clit. Her moans, which were but a whisper till now, were getting louder and longer.

I couldn’t stop anymore. My hands were exploring her skin from her thighs and ass to her hips and boobs. I kissed her neck and sucked at her boobs before planting a long kiss on her mouth. She held my head down with her and while rubbing herself with the other.

I envied her husband, who had her all to himself. If only I had known how good she felt, I wouldn’t have given her up to anyone!

Her legs and arms were wrapped around me, and I was pumping her like a madman. Pulling out was not an option. Even our tongues were intertwined together. She was already cumming as I was ready to explode. Her insides kept contracting violently with her orgasm, and it aroused me even more.

I came deep inside her, getting more spasms that I ever have. I collapsed on top of her, unable to move for a while. My cum flowed out of her as I pulled out. She seemed very happy and cuddled again. After a small break, her mouth was around my cock before I could say anything.

She kept using her tongue, lips, and hands in tandem like a pro but stopped just before I came. With a cheeky smile, she lay back and split her legs, indicating that it was my turn. I was already rock hard when I started to lick her pussy, spread like a flower.

There was a redness from the fucking, but it only made it look more beautiful. I made her yelp with joy as I licked her and rubbed her clit with my fingers. She squirmed quite a lot, but my mouth was always pressed against her.

Just before climaxing, she pulled away and sat up. Then after laying me on my back, she climbed on top confidently and rode me in a cowgirl position. I kept playing with her boobs and moved my hips to match her movements.

Both of us came together again, and she collapsed on top of me. She kissed me again, and only then did she let me pull out. Some of my cum leaked out, but she was happy to take as much as she could. We spent the rest of the day together. She left the next morning with a womb full of cum.

To my surprise, she visited me the next day after work, even though her husband was back in town. After another steamy episode, she left for her own house. This continued all week.

I didn’t know how to feel about her. I was definitely falling for her, but did she feel the same way? Surely, she was spending every night with her husband after me. The thought seemed to burn me up for some reason.

That weekend, I spent with Riya just to get these thoughts out. I kept imagining Kavita while fucking Riya and got rougher on her when I imagined Kavita with her husband.

Kavita would spend the night with me if her husband was out of town. I wanted to ask her to leave him. But I still didn’t know how she felt about me. We were still best friends. We talked the same way. But we also now had sex.

This went on for about two months before Kavita declared that she was pregnant. Her husband didn’t seem too excited when I met him. He probably feared it but was in denial. I was fairly certain that it was my child.

Kavita and I continued to fuck even after that. I didn’t ask her if she was still sleeping with her husband, as she didn’t have to. But I convinced myself that she was all mine now. That somehow felt good.

We stopped meeting about three months into the pregnancy. And then the lockdown happened. We were out of touch for a while, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl recently. I did meet her after that, I held my daughter as well.

The whole thing puts me in a weird place now. I’m in love with my married best friend, but we have a child together. I want to ask her to leave her husband, but I haven’t had the strength to do it. The scandal that follows and the fallout in our families will be disastrous. I think that she knows this as well.

I wonder how things will come to an end!

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