Gorgeous conservative aunty explored during sleep – Hot Indian story

Gorgeous conservative aunty explored during sleep – Hot Indian story

Hello guys, this is Arjun Shaurya from Bangalore. I am 22 years old and I am an average guy with no six-packs or heroic looks. But I am a very horny and normal guy like others of my age. This is a story that happened back in 2016.

This is a true story and will be a long one too, so I will be explaining the story in different parts and I want to give all the readers full pleasure.

Coming to the story, the main character and heroine of our story is my aunt. Her name is Anjali (name changed).

My aunt was a very conservative Indian lady with a gorgeous figure who wears saree most of the time and wears nighty only at home. She never exposed herself too much in public, but whenever she went out for a walk, every guy will ogle at her breasts and ass! I will tell her measurements later.

At first, I didn’t have any bad intentions toward her since I was not taught about all that. But after reading sex stories on this site, I got seduced by my aunt’s beauty. She had a kid of 6 years who goes to school. My uncle was a real estate person and he comes home only at 10.30 pm and sleeps very soon because of the tiredness.

I realized my aunt might be sexually deprived even though she never showed it outside.

On a Sunday, they shifted to Bangalore from Salem. I and my family went to my aunt’s place and she greeted us with a wide smile.

We all settled and it was around 10 am. It was a winter season so the climate also was too cold. As soon as I saw my aunt, I got an instant hard-on! She was wearing a pink silk saree with a purple blouse. Her sexy curves cannot be explained in words. (Guys, she was so sexy in that pink saree.)

My aunt was serving the lunch for us and when she bent a little, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She had a wheatish complexion and as soon as she bent, there was a bridge in middle of her blouse and believe it or not, “it was my conservative aunt’s cleavage!”

My cock got rock hard. To my luck, nobody noticed me. But my aunt saw me ogling at her and adjusted her saree and went back to the kitchen.

As she was new to our area, she always called mom and asked her to send me to her house for shopping, etc. Even I helped happily and was enjoying her beauty.

I always used to stare at my aunt’s butts and her cleavage whenever she bent down to clean the floor. Even she noticed it sometimes but didn’t adjust because I was just 19 at that time.

One fine day, when my uncle had to go on a trip for 4 days with his colleagues, he requested my parents to send me to sleep in the night for the 4 days. As I was jobless at that time, I was on cloud 9 when my mom told me about this. I was so happy that I was getting a chance to sleep in my sexy aunt’s house.

Uncle had left for the trip. I dropped him at the metro and came back, had my food, and said bye to mom and came to my aunt’s house.

Her house was on the 2nd floor. I went and knocked on the door. She opened the door and I was dumbstruck to see her in nighty. To my surprise, she was not even covering with a dupatta. I stood for 20 seconds checking out her body. She blushingly called me inside.

Aunty(blushingly) – Arjun, why you are so late?

Me – Nothing, aunty. Mom prepared dinner very late today.

Aunty – Okay Arjun, go and wash your legs. I will arrange your bed in the hall room.

Me – Okay, aunty.

I went inside the washroom, finished my susu and washed the legs. My aunt gave me a towel and I came to the hall. The bed there was arranged on the floor. Aunt and her son were sleeping in the bedroom. As it was 11 pm already, her son had slept.

Both of us wished good night. I came to my bed and she went to her room.

I was waiting for my chance to seduce her but it didn’t happen since I was very late that day.

I was texting on Whatsapp with my friends and it was 12.30 am already. I was waiting for my aunt to get into a deep sleep. At 1 am, all the lights were switched off and only the bed lamp was on.

I went near her room and looked inside. To my luck, the door was not closed. I slowly opened the door but saw aunt moving when I opened the door. So I thought I should wait till 2 am for her to get into a deep sleep.

I was damn sleepy but I was not in the mood to lose such a golden chance. So I waited, waited and waited till 2 am.

I kept my mobile in silent mode and slowly pushed her room’s door and went inside her room.

I saw my aunt was already in deep sleep. I went near her and gently placed my hands on her legs over the nighty. A shock wave passed through my body and my heart was beating heavily.

I proceeded further and took my hands near my aunt’s thighs. She was sleeping on her side so her ass was on my side. Slowly and patiently, I took my hands near my sleeping aunt’s ass and rested my hands on her ass. Damn, it was so fleshy and it was so warm. I was floating in the sky by then.

The time was 2.15 am. I decided to pull her nighty till her thighs next.

What happened next? I will explain you that in part 2. Bye-bye for now, readers.

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  1. Where is the part 2 for gorgeous conservative aunty explored during sleep?

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