Young guy gets ass penetrated by uncle in car – Hot gay story

Young guy gets ass penetrated by uncle in car – Hot gay story

This story begins on a Sunday. It was just a few days after I had graduated as a doctor. I was back from Mumbai for a few days. Our family and my neighbor’s family decided to visit a small hill station close to our home. It was an overnight journey and proved to be a very pleasurable one.

I am a guy who has a very unique figure. I have 33B man-boobs which are very perky and hence point out of my shirt. Then, if you go down, I have a curved 34 waist which bulges out into curved asses.

I wore a tight pink shirt and grey-colored shorts that day. Inside, I was wearing a silk panty. I don’t cross-dress, but I love the feel of panties along my ass crack.

We had booked an Innova. The car arrived at 5 in the evening. There were around 10 members including the driver – me, my mom, my dad, my sister, the neighbor uncle, his wife, their son, and their daughters. Every female in this group was oversized and that made it very difficult for all of us to fit in.

My sister, mom, aunty, and her daughters got into the back seats. My dad took the front seat and their son took one of the middle seats. We were left with just one middle seat now.

The uncle was of medium height. He had strong arms, a thick mustache, and a broad grin on his face. He was wearing a blue shirt covering his slight pot-belly and a set of black pleat pants. He smiled and suddenly announced, “Arey, Ravi, and I will manage. He will sit on my lap.”

I looked in horror at him. “Oh come on, you are not that heavy and I am a very strong man,” he said. And surprisingly, everyone agreed. So, it was decided. My neighbour uncle sat on the other middle seat and I sat on his lap. The car ride began.

After a few hours, it was night. Everyone in the car was busy listening to music and chatting. Uncle was pretty silent though. He asked me twice if I was comfortable. I nodded in affirmation.

As the road progressed, our home-packed food came out. Everybody had some dinner and gradually started drifting off to sleep.

Around 11, only me, uncle and the driver were awake. Uncle was busy on his phone. And that was when the first fuck-up happened. A hump came and the car jolted a bit. My shorts slid down a bit. I had no idea this had happened.

I continued happily surfing Instagram when uncle slowly came close to me and whispered, “The panty is beautiful.”

My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know how to respond. I then realized the mishap that had happened. He had noticed the panties through my slipped shorts!

I quickly adjusted my shorts up and sat there in silence. I thought that was the end of my panties obsession as my neighbour uncle would definitely tell my parents.

About 10 minutes passed in this anxiety. Suddenly, I could feel a palm over my left boob! The inside of the car was completely dark by then. The only lights which were there were from the other vehicles coming in through the windshield.

My neighbour uncle slowly groped my boob. A current jolted through my body. “Do you like this?”, he whispered. I again nodded.

He pressed a bit harder and a small moan escaped my mouth this time. I looked around. Everybody was asleep except the driver.

My neighbour uncle then started using both his hands and pressed my boobs hard. He held the base of my boobs and started squeezing them. I was definitely enjoying what he was doing to them. He knew his stuff!

He slowly progressed to my nipples and started pinching them. I started wriggling in pleasure, but he held me in his arms tightly. Then, he started slightly biting the edges of my right ear and its lobes. I was in seventh heaven!

My neighbour uncle had become hard. I could feel his cock in between my ass crack. I started grinding my ass along my neighbour uncle’s cock and it started becoming bigger. I could feel the monster wanting to break out of his pants.

I quickly slid back a little and unzipped his pants. His cock fell out on my hand. I couldn’t see it because of the darkness. But I could feel it. Uncle’s was big. Like, really big! I could feel its thickness with my palms. Veins were throbbing on the surface of the cock.

I slowly started sliding the skin of the cock up and down. The cock started throbbing in my hands. Uncle slowly started kissing and licking the edge of my neck. And I increased the speed with which I was pumping his cock. It was like a hot rod desperate to be loved.

I gripped the cock harder and started giving him a proper handjob. Suddenly, my neighbour uncle pulled me closer and asked softly, “Do you want it inside you?” I said, “Please”.

He slowly slid down my shorts and ran his fingers along the border of my panties. Then he licked one of his fingers, pulled my panties to one side, and moistened my ass crack. He lifted my ass up and slowly placed me on the cock. He put his other fingers in my mouth and asked me to bite them if I wanted to scream.

The cock was huge. Before this, my ass had just been fucked once and only by a 5-incher. He could just push the top of his cock in one go. I was very tight. He then held my ass tightly and gave a deep thrust. The cock tore into my ass!

I could feel the warm rod penetrating inside me. I wanted to scream out in pleasure and pain. I bit deep into his fingers. But he didn’t flinch.

Then my neighbour uncle adjusted himself and we sat there with his cock throbbing within me. Both of us were afraid. I looked at the sleeping people around me. And that was when the driver caught my eye.

He had been glancing at us through the rearview mirror. He was enjoying the damn show and I couldn’t utter a word! Our eyes met. He smiled and looked into the road. And suddenly, I could feel uncle move. He was giving very gentle upstrokes. It was killing me with pleasure.

Uncle’s cock was moving up and down my ass. Our thighs were pressing against each other. Then I asked him to stop. I held the headrest of the front seat and started moving forward and backward, riding his cock like the slut I was.

His cock slid back and forth into my ass. I rode him back and forth and he groped both of my boobs. I kept breathing out moans and whispers. I was feeling pleasure flowing from his cock into my veins.

Uncle then pulled me back, asked me to lift my ass a bit, gripped my chest, and started crushing my boobs. What he did next was unearthly. He lifted himself a bit as well and started fucking my lifted ass. He was fucking me at extreme speed and I was gritting my teeth in pleasure.

Uncle fucked and fucked. Poch. Poch. Poch. We stayed in that position for around 10 minutes. I had been completely violated. He had fucked me like a machine drilling my ass. My entire body was feeling light. All I could feel was his cock getting bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, a huge blast of warm cum shot into my ass. I fell on his lap, my ass eating up his whole cock. He clenched my body tightly. His hips were quivering. He had pushed his cock deep inside. His eyes were shut in extreme pleasure and he was cumming.

My neighbour uncle came very hard for the first few seconds. I could feel so much warm fluid inside me. Gradually, his big monster started calming down and sent out spurts of hot cum.

Within the next minute, he calmed down though still cumming. But his cock was soft now even though it was still inside me though and letting out a soft gentle flow of cum.

He kissed me on my cheeks and ears. “You are beautiful,” he said. He then slowly pulled out his cock and slid back my panties. I pulled up my shorts. Uncle’s cum started dripping out of my ass. I was in awe of what had just happened. A big smile had rested itself on my face.

I glanced back at the driver in the rearview mirror. He smiled back at me. I soon could hear my neighbour uncle give off little snores. I rested my back on his chest and went off to sleep. But this was just the beginning and a lot of cum was yet to come.


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