Hot Encounter Of Aunt Nephew Sex – Indian Sex Stories

Hot Encounter Of Aunt Nephew Sex – Indian Sex Stories

Hello, I am writing my past experience here for the first time. This is about an encounter with aunt nephew sex. I am a regular reader on XIS  and really appreciate the authors and the website admin.

Let’s begin the story.

I am Raj, and this incident happened to me when I was in my first year of college. I have a very hot, sexy, and curvy chachi (aunt) named Kajal (names changed). At that time, I was around 20, and she was 34 years old. Her figure is around 36c – 36 – 38. I always wanted to have an amazing session with her.

This all started in my summer break. My uncle was out of town for 6 months due to some business work. So she was very lonely and sad during those days. I felt really sad for her but didn’t dare to ask her and to help her.

But one fine Friday morning, I got a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. Our conversation is as follows:

Unknown person: Hello. How are you?

Me: Hi. I am fine. Who are you?

Unknown person: I am your partner and friend.

(I thought someone was doing a prank at that time.)

Unknown person: I know that you like your chachi.

(Now I was a bit scared.)

Me: What do you want, and how do you know it? (I was surprised)

Unknown person: I said I am your friend and I know everything about you.

Me: See, from wherever you got that information, please keep it a secret and safe with you.

Unknown person: Yes. I will ensure safety.

Me(relaxed): Thank you

Me: What do you want??

Unknown person: I like young boys just like you like older women.

Me: Okay. It’s not wrong

(Now I started thinking that she is a female)

She: I also want to get laid with my husband’s nephew.

Me: But why should I trust that you are a woman?

She immediately turned the video chat, and I picked it up. She covered her face

She: See, now do you believe?

I was surprised. She was wearing a sexy saree. Then slowly, she showed her face, and after around 15 minutes of video chat, she revealed herself and immediately cut the call.

I was surprised to know that it was Kajal (my aunt). I was really shocked. Later I came to know that once she saw me masturbating with her lingerie. I then immediately ran to her room, and she was lying on the bed in a red-green saree and tight blouse.

I immediately got an erection. She noticed it and said, “Itni jaldi bhi kya hai?” (Why are you so excited, wait for some time.) I went close to her and held her hands and pulled her out of bed. She moaned slightly.

And then hold her waist and grabbed her tight against me. She was acting like she didn’t want all this to happen and pushed me back. I landed on a couch in her room. She came near me and started unwrapping her saree like a gift paper.

It was really hard. I pulled down my shorts and a t-shirt. I was stroking my cock from above my underwear. She was now in a green bra and panty. That was really suiting her. She came near me and sat over my legs. I can feel her pussy was rubbing against my cock.

Her big boobs were crushing against my chest, and I was holding her big fat ass. An amazing and relaxing aroma was coming from her body. I can see in her eyes that she wanted sex badly. I started kissing her neck from the right side and even gave her some bites. She was moaning

And I was getting more excited by hearing those sexual sounds from her juicy mouth. Then I went for her lips, they were so red and juicy even without lipstick. I bit her lower lips and started chewing them like candy. She also responded, and we kissed each other for more than 15 minutes.

By the time we both were too horny, I tore her bra, and those big boobs were out for some good treatment. They were very soft, and her dark brown nipples were so firm. I started biting her nipple and pinching the other. She was enjoying it so much.

Then I sucked in them for a good 30 minutes. They turned red with all my bite marks and sucking. She was such a slut on the bed, I was on the seventh cloud with her in my arms. She was making wild noises and hold my head tightly against her big melons. I almost lost my breath.

Then she stood up and undressed me completely. She saw my dick and smiled and said it is very thick and clean. She looked straight in my eyes and started stroking my dick with some spit. And slowly, she sucked my balls. Then she moved on to licking the head of my dick.

It felt like some cold breeze passed through me. She was doing it like a pro porn star. She started sucking on it, making that slurping noises. My dick was all wet with her saliva, and she didn’t stop sucking. It went further, taking it deep down her throat.

And after around 30 minutes, I cum in her mouth, and she drank all of it with that slutty look in her eyes. We were so into each other that we didn’t want any rest. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I started licking her legs, they were so smooth and silky. I couldn’t take my tongue off of it.

I licked both of her legs and then thighs. She was really enjoying that foreplay as if she wanted this from years. I went up to her belly, leaving her pussy untouched. She enjoyed me teasing her. I licked her navel and gave some bites on her waist.

And then I licked her nipples for a few minutes, and we had a lip lock for around 5 minutes. Then I went for the door to heaven and torn her panty in two. Her pussy was clean and smelt very good. I parted her pussy lips and started licking it.

I inserted a finger and gave some slow strokes and then inserted two more directly and gave some wild strokes. She was moaning like, “Ah, don’t stop jaanu. I want you to make my pussy cum all over your face.” I was biting her clitoris. It seemed that she never had that experience before.

I finally made her cum and it tastes so sweet. I even shared her juices with her. By then, my dick was hard and up for a wild fucking session. I was feeling highly energetic. So I lied down, and she came on top of me and sat above my dick. She took her saliva and even mine and then applied it on her pussy lips.

She slowly guided my hot and thick rod in her pussy and started riding it slowly and smoothly. I could feel the heat of her pussy inner walls. And after a few minutes of slow fucking, she lay on me, and I started giving her hard and rough strokes. The room was filled with our heat, sweat, and moaning voices.

The sound of a typical fucking session was there. Her pussy hitting my dick so hard. I fucked her in that position for almost 20 minutes, and then she cums, and her juices were all over my dick. She sucked it for a few minutes and became a bitch for me on all her fours.

I took some coconut oil and applied on her ass and some on her back. I massaged her very well and then started slapping her ass. She was shouting at every hot but didn’t want to stop. Her both ass cheeks became red. I held my dick against her ass hole and gave some massage with it.

After a few seconds, I inserted it into her ass. It was very tight. I could easily feel her anal walls. I slowly went inside her love hole, and with one stroke, I went completely in. She held a bedsheet under her teeth tightly. She was in pain, and I told her we can skip anal. But she insisted me not to stop.

Even I went crazy and started fucking her like a bull. She was on her fours, I made her lie on stomach and then again started banging her ass brutally. She was really enjoying it. I was kissing her back and neck. She was exhausted, but I had not come until then.

I make her stand on one leg and one on the bed and started fucking her pussy. She shouted and moaned rhythmically with every stroke and held me closely. I made her squirt with multiple orgasms. Her juices were running down from our legs to the floor.

I was about to cum, and I told her. She wanted my hot semen in her pussy, and I did exactly the same. I came inside her pussy. I could feel the heat. We both were exhausted by then and lay down on the bed and slept for around 4 hours.

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