My desperate story about passing in the exams

My desperate story about passing in the exams

Hi, my name is Ashwini. Today I will tell you my story about how I got fucked by 2 college teachers. I will tell you about myself, my height is 5’2, and my figure is 34-24-36. Because of my big breasts, all boys and uncles used to stare at me with bad intentions.

The story starts from here. I was in college, and from the start, I was not good at studies. So I always had to cheat to pass examinations. In 3rd year, I was in trouble and had to be fucked by my 2 college professors. I failed in 2 internal subjects. I went to my talk to my professors.

Me: Please, sir, is there any way I can pass the exams?

Professor 1: No, Ashwini, your marks are consistently decreasing. You need to study well to pass another set of exams.

Professor 2: Yes, Ashwini, it is not acceptable.

After this, I went to my class. I was thinking about how to convince them so that I can pass. Then I used one trick where girls show their bodies to make men tempting and make things. I have already done this with my class boys, and they helped me in completing my assignments.

I wasn’t a virgin since I had many boyfriends, and I had sex like 100 times. So, I decided to go to my professor’s house. I wore a tight black color top that showed my breast shape and a pajama. One professor’s name was Kuldeep. He used to stay with his wife near my hostel.

So, I decided to go to his house to convince him. But I was not aware that his wife went out of town. He was surprised I was there, and then I said.

Me: Sir, I am sorry I came here. Please do me a favor and help me pass my exams. I cannot study well. I am willing to make all efforts.

I said this without entering his house, and then he said.

Kuldeep: Come in, Ashwini.

I went in, and then he took me inside his bedroom, and there I saw that another professor was also there. His name is Raghav. I saw him drinking whiskey, and then Kuldeep said.

K: So you will do anything to pass the exam?

Me: Yes, sir, but not in a wrong way.

K: Do you know I am the one to set the papers, and Raghav is the one who checks them?

Me: No, sir, I was not aware of that.

K: Well, then, let’s make a deal. I will supply you with all the exam papers, and you will get good marks from the next exam.

Me: Yes, sir, that will be very helpful to me, but what do you want in return?

K: You are smart enough to understand that, Ashwini.

Me: Sir, I have a good background. I cannot do that.

K: Think about it, and then we will talk.

After this, I was about to go. Raghav stood up and came close to me. He grabbed my ass and started kissing my neck. But he stopped in a while and said, “Think about it. We would love to have you in our arms.”

I went back to my hostel and started thinking, “Is this the correct way, or am I doing something wrong?” I ignored my feeling, and then days passed, and another set of internal exam dates was announced.

I was scared since my college has a rule that if the internals is not clear on average, they won’t allow them to sit in the exams. Then I made my mind, and during the lecture, I said to my professor, “I am ready to do.” I was not aware, and the entire class started to whispering about my comment.

To cover it, I said, “I am ready to do my studies, guys.” And then everyone started laughing, but Raghav understood what I was saying. So he called me after the lecture into his room, and then he said.

R: Come tomorrow after college to café Rash. I will be there with Kuldeep sir. Tell your roommates that you will be staying with your relatives and will come directly on Monday.

Me: Sir, where are we going?

R: Don’t worry, we will go to my farmhouse.

I went back to my hostel after college and waxed my body. The next day after college, I went back to the hostel, packed my bag, and went to the café Rash. They were both already waiting for me in a car. They asked me to sit inside the car, and then they took me to Raghav’s farmhouse.

We went in, and Raghav said.
R: Go to the upper floor and take a bath. We will arrange some food and liquor to enjoy this moment.

I went up and had a good shower and then I had food. After 10 AM, we started drinking, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. I had a good laugh, and they told me many things about other college professors and some secrets from their wives.

After a while, Kuldeep stood up and said, “Come upstairs, Ashwini, we will have some fun.”

Me: Sure, sir, why not.

We went upstairs, and there was a room in which there were red lights and king size bed. We went in, and then Kuldeep started kissing me from behind. I get turned on when someone grabs my ass or kisses me on my back or neck. Then he took off all my clothes and started to spank me.

He asked me to undress him, and I did. As soon as I took his pants, his penis was already erect, and it was the size of my palm. I saw it and said.

Me: Oh no, sir, are you going to fuck me with this huge 6-inch cock?

K: Yes, my dear, I will take your brains out.

I started licking his cock, and then he mouth-fucked me. Then we went to bed, and then he started kissing me and pressing my boobs. He pressed my boobs so hard that I started screaming. Then he started to lick and bite my nipples. I felt so good. He went down and started to eat my pussy.

Man, I swear no one had ever eaten my pussy like that. He was not stopping and was licking all the liquid coming from my vagina. I passionately asked him, “Please, Kuldeep, start fucking my pussy. I can’t wait to have that dick inside me,” and he did.

He put his big huge cock inside my pussy and started fucking me in missionary style. I was so enjoying that moment that I started moaning with deep and erotic voices. “Yes, fuck me, Kuldeep sir, fuck my pussy and make me cum all over you.”

He got so motivated that he started fucking me with more enthusiasm and more force. We then changed position, and then he fucked me in the doggy style. He fucked me so fast that I started begging him to stop because I was in tremendous pain.

But he was not at all listening to me and fucked me without a break. Then he came inside me.

Me: Did you come inside me, sir? Why did you do that?

K: Don’t worry, you take an Ipill tomorrow.

I was so tired that I could not say anything. Then I laid down, and then without a minute’s rest, Raghav came inside. I asked him to let me get some rest. But he got all aggressive and started taking his clothes off, and then he started fucking me.

I was so tired. But he was so good at fucking me that I allowed him to fuck my pussy. After 10 minutes, he asked me to turn around, and he took his penis and put it in my ass. I screamed in pain and asked him to stop. He pulled it out, but then he spread my ass. With full force, he inserted his full cock inside my ass.

I was in so much pain, but I couldn’t stop him since they would supply me papers to pass in exams. So he started fucking me. There was a point where he was going to cum. But he stopped fucking me and started playing with my breast. He also put a finger inside my pussy and started kissing me.

I was feeling amazing since my pussy, breast, and lips all three were enjoying. Then he again started fucking me in the doggy style but was very rough. He grabbed my hair and fucked me. That was the best of all night. He came inside me, but his lust was not over.

He started masturbating, and then he fucked my mouth and exerted all his sperms inside my mouth. My mouth was full of cum, and then he went down, and I slept.

This went on for the next 2 days. They fucked me all day and night. But the main question was, are they going to give me exam papers and is this going to end?

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