Hot girl Riya gets screwed by a stranger – Indian sex stories

Hot girl Riya gets screwed by a stranger – Indian sex stories

It had been a frustrating few days at the office for Riya and it was time to unwind now that the weekend had begun. Time for her go-to comfort food and places, a good burger followed by a late-night movie!

There she was at this little indie burger joint eating a good juicy burger almost unaware of all the world around her, well almost. As much as she liked the food and movie routine, there was  Indian sex stories another thing she liked equally, if not more – guys!

Riya was yet to understand what exactly or who is her type but some guys just make her tingly down there. And right now there was one such guy in her eyesight, right across the room. He was busy eating his own burger and scrolling through his phone.

Riya was hoping he would notice her but didn’t look like that was going to be the case. So she did the next best thing she could do, eat and stare out of the cafe into the streets – some decent guys were out there too.

A hunky guy in camouflage tees and black jeans was walking down the lane. Mr. Smarty pants in white shirt and khaki was talking on his phone. Yes, looking out was definitely helping her eyes.

But Riya could feel that superhero tee and jeans had finally taken note of the hottie in the cafe but he did not seem overly interested in Riya. Riya thought that was probably because her unkempt office hair and formal looks didn’t seem like his type of girl.

A quick freshening up at the washroom, unbuttoning the top button to give a peek at her wonder twins should do the trick, she thought and it surely did work. Now she noticed many more attempts to steal glances in her direction.

That definitely ignited the devil in her. She was waiting for another peek from the superhero. She grabbed both ends of her collar, puled them slightly away from her body and blew inside, and then to top it off, winked at the batman!

The batman was stunned!! A visible boner in his pants, hands were definitely on duty that night but he was not making any move, some guys! Anyways, it was time for her movie to begin. She settled the bill and headed down to the theater.

It was a senseless comedy so screen angle wasn’t the most important thing. She preferred comfort over angle and selected an aisle side seat. But it was not the central wing, it was the left side of the theater.

Oh well, that’s fine. No sooner had she settled down, she saw the camouflaged hunk walking towards her and sitting just beside her after he had confirmed the seat number with her, “16C?”

“Well, I’m 36C but if you’re asking about the seat number, then yes,” and God, you have a sexy voice! These were the two thoughts Riya had in her devilish mind.

The movie turned out to be a bore. Riya just slouched in her seat with both the elbows on the armrest and a popcorn tub on her lap. The hunk could see her deep cleavage as Riya hadn’t still buttoned up her shirt, and he was no superhero guy!

He wouldn’t let this opportunity go waste, slowly rubbing his elbow against her. Seeing no resistance from Riya, a clearly fake yawn, hands stretched and boom, a hand went across Riya and rested on her shoulder.

Riya was all too comfy with the new and hard biceps to rest her head now.

Tushar: Hi! I am Tushar.
Riya: Boring movie, right?
Tushar: I hope the second half gets better.

Tushar started to gently run his hands around Riya’s neck and chest. After a minute or so, the skin got visibly rough as if goosebumps ran across Riya’s entire body. Knowing the reaction, he went further inside the shirt and started groping her boobs over the bra, pinching the nipples over the cloth.

He could clearly make out how hard they had become. Riya too slid her hand across the armrest and started feeling the package that Tushar was packing in those black jeans. She wasn’t disappointed in her first impression.

Things continued like this till the intermission. As soon as the lights came on, Tushar reached out for his phone, googled something. He said, “Hey! Just read the reviews online. I’m afraid the second half doesn’t get any better. Why don’t we go to my place and make better use of the time? It’s just a 5-minute walk!”

“Well, if Google says so, it’s probably true. Let’s make better use of our time.”

5 minutes later, Riya entered the apartment. Tushar closed the door behind her and caught Riya by the waist planting a wild smooch on her face. Riya responded by grabbing his stubbly face with both her hands and leaping on him, knowing fully well that the hunk can manage to lift her and take her on a wonderful ride!

And lift her he did, right across the living room, then another room and straight into the second bedroom in the house. He even managed to close the door with one hand and take her to the bed without missing a beat. Meanwhile, Riya constantly ate on his lips and ran her hand all over the stubble and the hair.

Once on the bed, he grabbed her shirt and pulled on it sending buttons flying across the room. Once the shirt was off her body, Riya started smooching and rubbing his dick over the jeans again. Tushar, like any other guy, couldn’t decide boobs or ass and in the end, went for both! One hand over her boobs, the other behind on her ass.

Slowly, Riya got both her hands over her jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them. Pulling the jeans down but not off. She wanted them on him during the duration of their time together.

Riya grabbed on to his dick and took a strong whiff across it. She was slightly turned on by the musky smell. Then pressing his dick against his body and maintaining assertive eye contact with him, she took out her tongue and gave a long and slow lick to the underside of his dick. Riya was taking extra time in the end and ending it with a flick!

Tushar knew he had just hit the jackpot! Riya was a pro when it comes to sex and all his excitement was coming out as… “Oooohhs and aaahhs,” as Riya started with her blowjob! Tushar just kept his left hand on the back of her head even as his right hand was looking for her boobs.

But Riya was not to be disturbed, she used all the means at her disposal to ensure that the blowjob is the best ever he had. A firm grip by the lips, tongue rubbing the underside, right hand on the base of his cock providing additional hand job for the extra length and her left hand massaging his balls.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just relax and grab the head” thought Tushar.

After a while when he felt that things might get over before the main course, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up.

“That was amazing!! Time to return the favor,” saying this, he gave her a full wet kiss on her lips and while at it, removed the bra and unbuttoned her trousers.

After pinching and twisting her nipples for a while, his right hand started moving down under. He had barely reached the destination but the surrounding area was completely wet! And surprisingly smooth, he knew he didn’t have much time until she had her first orgasm.

So he quickly lay her on the bed and removed her trousers along with the panties. No matter the hurry to undress, there was always time for a bit of teasing, kisses, and licks along the inner thigh, gentle taps over the pussy. All done to build up the tension.

And then sticking his tongue out and as far as possible, Tushar started licking the entirety of Riya’s cunt. He started very slowly and, gradually increasing his pace till he found his groove that seems to give Riya the best sensation. Each lick though ended at exactly the same spot, a tongue flick on her clitoris, very much like the blowjob he got.

After a while, he inserted his middle finger in her trying to find her G-spot. After a bit of searching, he found it right under her clitoris.

Along with the licks, she was now subject to G-spot stimulation and the occasional boob-groping and nipple-presses. Tushar knew he was effective because of the strong grip she had on his head and by the way her thighs were now pressing his head.

This though restricted his tongue movements and therefore he had to move on to the next technique. He began to pucker up his lips exactly over her clit and suck on it. After creating a vacuum, he went on to vehemently lick the little bastard, till Riya got her first orgasm of the night.

Once she started cooling down a bit, Tushar got up and Riya gave him a quick blowjob to lubricate him once again and get her juices flowing again. Then they went on to the bed.

Tushar placed his cock over her, another look at Riya’s anticipatory face and he pushes it right into her tight vagina.

A few thrusts before it went all in, then there was a moment of calm and then they go at it again, slowly picking up the pace before slowing down again. When they felt that the end was near, he stopped altogether. They changed position from missionary to cowgirl.

Tushar got a small breather while Riya went at it. Then they changed from cowgirl to doggy position. After 15-20 minutes of action, Tushar couldn’t control it any longer.

Realizing they weren’t wearing protection, he pulled out and Riya quickly turned to face him.

After a few jerks by his hand, he emptied all his juices on her boobs. She scooped it using her finger and drank it in.

“Mehnat ka phal namkeen hai,” she said.

A stumped Tushar gathered his wits, went on to kiss her, and continued playing with her boobs and fingering her till she got her second orgasm for the night.

“It’s late and your shirt is all torn, let’s get hydrated, you can stay the night. My roommate had just got out of a relationship but his ex’s clothes were in his room. You can wear them tomorrow,” Tushar said in a cool matter of fact, tone.

As Riya freshened up, he came in with a glass of lime water, switched on the AC, and slept just off the center of the bed, unsure if she was a cuddler or not. Riya wasn’t, so a quick scoot to the side and it was a good night.

I am a first time writer, kindly let me know if you enjoyed the story (orgasm/rock-hard boner would be a good indicator). If I get positive feedback, I may just write up a sequel or two. 😉

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