I Planned A Different Valentine Gift For My Wife Nandini

I Planned A Different Valentine Gift For My Wife Nandini

Note: The following experience of mine is intended for adult reading only. This experience of mine is written in 3 parts by Suhas (husband, 37), Nandini (Suhas’s wife, 35), and myself (Nish, 35). All three of us are from Bangalore.

In Suhas’s words from now:

I wanted to get something very special to my beautiful wife, Nandini, as a Valentine gift. We both have been madly in love with each other, give the required spaces, enjoy every instant we are together.

Nandini is 5.2, long-haired, brown eyes, lovely wife, and the best mother for our sweet daughter. In her mid-30s, Nandini has ensured she maintains her figure when we both fell in love.

I own a startup, travel frequently, feel so disappointing not to give my wife much time. Nandini has never nagged me on that. Both of us have been faithful to each other, hidden nothing.

During a boys’ trip to Thailand, with the influence of alcohol, I had slept with a damsel there. Felt so guilty about it, couldn’t resist telling my wife about it. She was angry. But she obliged later, and things were back to normal steadily. We both do try our best to keep each other satisfied, especially in the bedroom.

Few days before Valentine’s Day, I was talking to my best buddy. I asked him to suggest a special gift for my wife, Nandini. “Gift her a massage, Suhas,” he said. Further added, “Women love getting massages. They love to be pampered. Valentine’s day might be the best day to treat them with this special gift.”

I did not get angry. But I asked, “Why don’t you do that with Swetha?” He replied, “I treated her with a massage on her birthday.” Both of us share a lot of things, but this one took me with a surprise. He further added, “I can even recommend the masseur name if you want to. Swetha said he is magical.”

His talks somehow triggered me. This would be the best gift on Valentine’s Day. But, will Nandini agree? What if she starts linking about my past? All such thoughts were running on my mind. All I replied to Ravi was, “I will talk to Nandini about it. If she is ok, then I will talk to the masseur you recommend.”

Our conversations further continued on how he asked his very traditional wife on agreeing to massage until the words she said ‘magical’ about the session she had.

Nandini is sufficiently modern. When we are behind the doors, she can be pretty wild as well. I went home that evening. Nandini welcomed me by hugs as always. I responded in my as always manner, ensuring she does not get the element of doubt about my thoughts.

Ravi’s words were running in my mind. I was also kind-off getting excited thinking about it and thought, is this my fantasy. Post dinner, once both of us were in the bedroom, I initiated the conversation about making this Valentine’s Day special.

“Nandu, sorry I am unable to spend much time with you these days. But I want Valentine’s day to be special this time. What should I pamper you with?” I asked.

She was surprised when I said these words and sensed, “What is running on your mind, Suhas? I believe you are not planning to buy jewelry or a car. You know I do not like all such things.”

“I know those, and I am not gifting you any of those. I really wish to hear from you about what do you want. How do you want to get pampered? You do not have to hesitate. It could be anything and everything,” I said to her.

“You are acting weird today. Let’s sleep now,” she replied.

I hugged her, kissed her deep. I imagined her getting massaged. It kind of made me jealous and humped her thrice that night. We slept off since both of us were tired by hugging our warm bodies against each other.

The next morning, post breakfast, after sending my daughter to school, Nandini asked, “What happened to you last night, Suhas?”

“I am excited about Valentine’s day gift, which I am about to give you,” I said, with a grin on my face.

“Those words are really getting me excited. I am completely clueless about the surprise,” she replied.

I embraced her in my arms, kissed on her forehead and lips, bidding goodbye to leave for work.

Once at work, I called Ravi to clear the queries which I had regarding the massage. He explained every bit of the discussion, which he had with the masseur before he availed his services to his wife. He shared the masseur’s number to talk further.

I asked Ravi, “How far does the masseur go?” For which he replied, “It completely depends on you and Nandini. If you want strictly professional, it will be. If you want something more (winking his eyes), you’ll get more.” I was happy with these words from him.

Winking my eyes, I mischievously asked him, “It was something more with Swetha then.” He just smiled.

“Can I get to watch Nandini getting massaged? Did you watch while Swetha was being massaged?” I further asked Ravi.

“It again depends on you, Suhas. Swetha allowed me initially, but once she was comfortable, she wanted me to go out. I respected her wish and walked out. After all, it was her birthday gift – I could never say no. But she told me about her ‘magical’ experience,” said Ravi.

“Did you ever think of availing his services again, Ravi?” I asked. “Women’s Day 2020, I have already booked him for my wife in a private beach resort in Goa. The two will be by themselves for 2 days then.” Ravi’s words took me by surprise. We hung up the call after discussing a few more things.

I got busy with work throughout the day. But in the evening, I gave myself time, called the masseur – Nishant, spoke with him about the requirements. He obliged and gracefully accepted to spend Valentine’s Day evening with my wife. I was truly obliged – the way he spoke.

I thanked Ravi and thought within myself, “Sounds good. Will talk to Nandini.” I called Nandini and planned for the dinner, where I could tell her about the present I had planned for Valentine’s day. I was not sure how she would respond. What if she gets angry? A lot of thoughts ran in my mind.

While going home, I got a greeting card, where I wrote the note ‘A night with a masseur on Valentine’s day evening.’ Nandini had asked her mother to be at home to be with my daughter, while we were away. I picked her from home and drove to her favorite restaurant to reveal the surprise.

We still had a couple more days to go before V-day. I had pre-booked a table, and we got the required table with a beautiful view of the city. The restaurant staff guided us to the table, and a bottle of red wine was ready for us. The person poured wine in the two glasses, took the order for the starters, and left.

“I am elated with this arrangement, Suhas,” Nandini said, sipping the wine and asked, “Tell me what do you have in your mind?”

“Remember Nandu, I had asked you about a special gift for Valentine’s Day, I thought this is the place to gift you that surprise,” I said. At the same time, her eyes were broad open without even a single wink. I reached the card which I had, gave to Nandini, and said, “I love you, my dearest wife.”

“Should I open this here or should I open while you are not around?” she asked.

“I am waiting to see your reaction. You can open the card here,” I replied.

My heart never beat so fast, thinking what will be her reaction upon opening the card and reading the message. Nandini opened the card and read the message, kept her hand on mouth, imitating how angry she was. I felt my heartbeat skipped for a moment before she laughed heartfully.

She said, “I have always wanted to get a massaged, but never knew how to ask you. Are you serious about it? What made you choose this as a gift for Valentine’s Day?”

I told her about my talks with Ravi and their experience with the masseur. That got me into thinking about something different this V-day for you. Things took me with a surprise when she told me.

“Swetha did tell me about this experience. Since then, she was also looking forward to one. Since it the same person which Swetha had mentioned, without much hesitation, I was ready for this.”

We spoke about how to go about this. We finished our romantic dinner and were all set to drive back home with a happy heart. That night Nandu and I had some erotic sex. I imagined that the masseur may go beyond and hump my wife.

The next morning, my wife and I had a video call with Nish. The masseur spoke in length about our requirements and the objective of the session. All of us were on the same page and agreed.

Once we were done with the call, Nandini asked, “Suhas, will you be there during the session?” I replied by saying, “I will be there if you want me to.”

“Can I be by myself, without your presence?” asked Nandini, which took me by surprise. Unwillingly, I had to say, “Yes.” She further continued, “I do not want this happen at our home but at a different place.” I suggested booking a room in a resort for which she agreed.

By the end of the day, we had booked the room and sent the details to Nish as well.

14 Feb was just 2 days away. Nandini kept herself the best, and she did not allow me to touch her till she got a massage. She said she would not go further beyond massage. I wanted to see her getting massaged, what do I do, what do I do, thoughts were running on my mind.

Once I was at work, I called Ravi and shared the news and my willingness to watch her during the massage. His idea of installing a mini-camera was something I am not favorable with. Then I decided I will not watch her. I did not want to compromise on the security in any manner.

And then it was Valentine’s day!

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