How I Lose Virginity To My Neighbor – Hot Indian Sex Story

How I Lose Virginity To My Neighbor – Hot Indian Sex Story

Hi everyone. This is the first time I am sharing my sexual intercourse experience of how I lose virginity on this reading platform. I am Mr. A, a 24-year-old guy. I work in an MNC in Hyderabad. Height of almost 5.8 feet with a very normal body.

The female lead of the story is Meena (name changed). She is a married beauty with a seducing body. Her husband is a private employee. He is a marketing manager who always travels to connect with clients.

Coming to the story. Meena’s family and I are neighbors. She almost has a fixed time of leaving for work and returning. She is a business analyst in a reputed organization. Meena has a very seducing dressing taste. She mostly wears almost sarees with backless and sleeveless blouses.

Showing a bit of cleavage and saree below the navel, showing a major part of her stomach. I always used to have a hard-on looking at her. We only used to talk when we have eye contact, and that also only formal greeting.

On one fine day, I returned home from the gym and was sipping on my protein shake. Someone had knocked on the door, and it was her, Meena! She invited me to the New Year party at her place. By listening to this, I was pretty happy and said ok.

In the evening I had a shower and went to her home. She invited me with a smile and went in. I was in a tense situation as I could see that no one was in the house except her and me. I came back to my senses and asked her about the others. She said that her husband is on travel and will come by tomorrow.

By hearing this, I was on cloud 9 and thought I should try my luck today. She was wearing a pink transparent saree. She was looking like an angel with those stunning curves. Instantly I got a boner as I was a virgin. I can’t control my feelings. I had to hide my boner then and there while having chit-chat.

She started cutting the cake. After that, I started applying some cake on her cheeks. After that, she told me that she will change her dress and then we will have some wine followed by dinner. While I was waiting for her, she was getting a call from her husband for her wishes.

The phone is ringing continuously. So I went near to her room to give her a mobile. I noticed that the door is locked, and I was waiting for her to come out. I started peeping through the hole in the door. She removed her saree, wow! I’ve hit the jackpot!

But I later came to know that she had already noticed that I was peeping. She slowly removed her blouse, o-m-g what a sight it was. She didn’t wear a bra, yet it stood up so still. I couldn’t control my dick already started to rise slowly. She wore a transparent nighty and came out.

I immediately ran to the living room and sat on the sofa and waiting for her arrival. Then I informed her about the call. She then told me to wait for two minutes to finish the call. Then I immediately ran to the restroom and started stroking my dick over my pants to calm down.

I cleaned my self and went and sat on the sofa. After that, she invited me to the table, which was set for 2 people sitting side by side. The room was lit with dim lights. There was a wine bottle with glasses for two. I was surprised by the view and complimented her for arranging such a beautiful dinner.

Then I came to the table and sat next to her. I poured wine in both of our glasses. We had cheers and started sipping the wine, just chit-chatting on general topics. It was the third glass, and she seemed a bit tipsy to me. Then the talks turned towards personal.

Meena: So, do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Currently, my status is single. And I am a virgin. And ready to mingle.

Meena: But why are you single? I mean, what happened.

Me: Nothing. I want to be single and to be happy.

Meena: Which type of girls do you prefer?

Me: I am interested in ladies of your age instead of young girls.

Meena: So you are interested in ladies instead of young girls of your age, why?

Me: Obviously. Because they are more experienced and gives pleasure. As I read in some sex stories.

Meena: Then, what do you feel about me?

Me: You drive me crazy every day while I am leaving for office. The day I first saw you in the apartment meeting. You are the most gorgeous and classy lady I have met to date.

By listening to this, she raised her eyebrows for the compliment and smiled in a naughtiness.

“Acha!” by seducing me, she said, “What you do if I give you a chance to lose your virginity?”

As soon she completed that sentence, I stood up from the chair. I pushed her towards the wall then. She was staring deep into my eyes, and I was not sure what her next move would be. Then I started to explore her waist. And we hugged tightly. Then we both started smooching each other passionately.

While smooching, my hands slowly started exploring her body, feeling her curves. I slowly started to unzip her nighty from the back. Then Meena whispered slowly, “Take me to the bedroom.”  Hearing this, my heart started throbbing hard. Then I lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

I told her that it’s my first time with a woman. Since she had the experience, she should tell me if I did anything wrong. She laughed and told me to lay on the bed. I laid down on the bed, and she came over me in her bra and panty legging, pulled down my pant.

Then my 6-inch dick came out and was hard. Then she took my dick in her mouth. I was surprised as I didn’t expect her to take it without any hesitation. She started to suck, move my dick up and down in her mouth. I felt like I was in heaven.

She gave me the best blowjob of my life. She sucked my dick for about 15 minutes, and I was about to cum. She didn’t care. I came in her mouth, and she took it completely as a reward for her hard work. Finally! It’s time to unleash myself now!

Then I jumped on top of her. I lifted her bra, and the huge boobs came out of it. I kissed her again, and our tongues were touching each other. I was crushing both her boobs with my hand. I placed my two fingers over her nipple and squeezed hard.

She started to make a weird noise. I took them one by one and sucked till the nipple gets hard. Then I licked her neck wildly. She started moaning. I again caught hold of those two big sexy ripe mangoes and started sucking on them one by one so hard.

She said, “I can’t control, darling, suck it completely. It’s all yours, baby, please chew on them!” hearing that, I started eating them like there’s no tomorrow. I turned her around, kissed all over the body, and kissing from legs to her ass. She was wearing pink color panties. It was perfectly fitted for her.

It was slightly wet near her pussy. I rubbed my hand over her pussy, and she continued to make a sound. I pulled down her panties and removed them completely.

Her pussy was clean shaved. Then I asked her if I could lick it. She told me to do anything I want. I put my tongue over her pussy and started to lick. That aroma was driving me crazy. After some time, her sound changed and started to brush my hair hardly. I know it was time to get cum.Then I laid back, and she came on top of me and starts kissing me on my chest.

Now I moved down and made her comfortable. Then she took a condom from the cupboard which was near the bed and put it on my dick. Then I spread her legs and went into the position she guided. I slowly pushed my dick inside her love hole. She shouted as it is tight and not entering.

Once my cock started entering deep, she started moaning and scratched me with her nails. I leaned down to kiss her. I continued to fuck her. After 10 minutes, I took my dick out and lay on the bed and asked her to come on top of me. She jumped over and sat on my dick. She started to move up and down.

Her boobs were bouncing. Her scream started to increase. Then I was about to come. I increased speed and finally cum. She also reached her climax. I pulled out my dick and went to the washroom, removed the condom, and cleaned. I came back and lay beside her.

We were dead tired, and we slept hugging each other naked. She gave me a kiss and said, “Thank you, darling, you made me kickstart this New Year with a bang!” I kissed her back and said, “I’m always up for your pleasure, darling.”

I came back to my place early in the morning as her husband was about to come. After that, we had two more sessions that month. After that, she left Bangalore with her husband, and it was a hard goodbye to her. I’ve got no contact with her right now and am back in my routine life

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