My neighbour and I enjoyed sex – Seductive story

My neighbour and I enjoyed sex – Seductive story

Hi Friends, I am Manu. I am a great fan of this site. Now I would like to share my encounter with my neighbour aunty.

I am working for a reputed organization in Bangalore, and I am staying in the same room for the last four years. On the same floor, there are four tenants. Two were 1 RK, and the other two were 1 BHK. I was staying in one of the 1BHK room.

And my heroine with her family was staying on the other one. Her husband was working as a driver most of the time. He would not be there at home. About my heroine, she is Renu, 33 years old. She does not have kids. Her size is 36-34-38.

In the 1 RK, there were two college students, and most of the time, they will be out. Because they were doing part-time jobs. I was very proud of those boys as they were earning while pursuing their degree. Both the boys become good friends of mine, and I used to help them when in need.

More than a friend, I was like a brother to them. They used to share their family backgrounds about their studies, friend circle, and girlfriends. So whenever they are in trouble, I used to give proper guidance.

They also know that I have a girlfriend and she used to visit my place. There was no issue with my neighbors as I was not making any trouble for anyone. Sometimes my girlfriend used to stay with me. And she was familiar to all my neighbors.

Let’s come to the story. I had no bad intention with my neighbour Aunty. We used to talk generally when we met each other.

Once when my girlfriend visited my room, we had wild sex in my kitchen. I was kissing and licking her neck. I also squeezed her boobs from her back. She became horny and started to respond back, and that led to wild sex.

Accidentally, my neighbor Aunty watched as having fun in the kitchen as our kitchen windows were close to each other. We didn’t notice her presence and forgot to close the window.

The next day I met her on the terrace while drying washed clothes. She gave a weird smile. I greeted her as ‘Akka.’ She didn’t respond. Instead, she turned her face. I was confused by her act. I sensed there is something wrong with this lady.

The next day morning, when I was going outside, I met her on the steps. She first looked at me and then looked down and gave passage for me. Again I greeted her, “Good morning, Akka, had breakfast?”

Renu, “Yes, what about you?”

Me, “Not yet, going out for buying dosa batter.”

Renu, “It’s already late. What happened?”

Me, “Nothing Akka, Slept too late.”

Renu, “Ok, I have prepared upma today, and there is extra. Come, I will give it to you.”

Me, “It’s fine, I will get batter.”

Renu, “See, Manu, it will take more time. You better take the upma if you like.”

So I agreed and went to my room as she told me she will bring the upma to my room. I changed my dress to shorts and a t-shirt. And I was playing a nice Hindi song.

After some time she came to my room. I asked her to come inside. Initially, she hesitated, but then she came inside. I had Dairy Milk in my fridge. I gave it to her.

Me, “Thank you so much, Akka.”

Renu, “Who is that lady visiting your room?”

Me, “She is my girlfriend.”

Renu, “Be a little careful when she is here.”

Me, (confused),  “What happened, Akka?”

Renu, “The last time when she visited, you people forgot to close kitchen windows.”

I felt bad, and I couldn’t look at her.

Me, “Sorry, Akka, I didn’t know the kitchen window was open.”

Renu, “It’s ok, Manu, be careful next time.”

Then she left my room.

I didn’t come out for the entire day. I closed my kitchen window completely. I didn’t see Renu for a couple of days. And I didn’t tell my girlfriend about this.

One day Renu rang the calling bell. When I open my door, she asked me whether I have 300 rupees. She ordered a Pizza, but for cash on delivery. She didn’t have the change. I gave 300 in change.

In the evening, She approached me and gave me 500 rupees. Asked me to transfer the balance amount over Phonepe. She shared her number for sending the balance. Also, she took my number.

That night I received a WhatsApp message from her.

Renu, “Hi.”

Me, “Hello.”

Renu, “What happened? Nowadays, you are not coming out.”

Me, “Nothing, Akka.”

Renu, “Hmmm. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone” Then she gave a naughty smile.

Me, “Thank you so much.”

Renu, ” You can keep your kitchen window open, Manu.” She gave a smile again.

Me, “Sure, Akka.”

Me, “Where is your husband?”

Renu, “He will not come at night as cabs will be less at night, and he can earn more.”

Me, “Thanks again for texting me. I was feeling bad.”

Renu, “It’s usually all these days Manu, I used to visit my boyfriend’s room before marriage.”

I got shocked by her bold words.

Me, ” Really?”

Renu sent a blushed smile.

Renu, “Why? You don’t believe that I had boyfriends?”

Me, “Nothing like that.”

Renu, “Manu, is she your first girlfriend.”

Me, “No, I had another, and that relationship is no more.”

Renu, “Ok, did you do something to her?”

Me, “She was not interested, Akka.”

Renu, “You can call me Renu.”

Me, “Sure, Renu.”

Renu, “Oh, you adapted so fast.”

Me, “Yes, so Renu. I never thought we will be this close.”

Renu, “I was looking for an opportunity.”

Me, “Really?”

Renu, “Yes, Manu, I used to hear your advice to the other two neighbour boys. I am quite impressed by your attitude.”

Me, “Thank you, Renu.”

Renu, “If you don’t mind, come, let’s go to the terrace.”

Me, “See, it’s midnight.”

Renu, “I am going, come if you can.”

So I went to the terrace. I saw her standing near the corner. I approached her.

Me, “Hello, Renu, it is so cold here.”

Immediately she hugged me. I got shocked. She pulled me hard towards her. I didn’t do anything.

She looked into my eyes and said, “Manu, see, I am not satisfied with my life. My husband is always busy. He is giving everything, but he is not giving what I really need. Please do help me. When I saw you both making love. I couldn’t control it. I need you badly. But was scared to approach you. Please help me.”

I didn’t say a word, kissed her on her lips. Guys, it was awesome to chew her juicy lips. She responded well. After 15 minutes of kissing, we went to my room. Once the door is closed, she hugged me. I kissed her forehead.

We started to smooch. While kissing, I slowly put my hand on her boobs. I understood she is not wearing a bra. I could sense her hard nipple. I pinched her nipple over her nightdress. Slowly unbuttoned her nightdress, saw her 36 sized boobs with a light brown nipple. I sucked my neighbour aunty’s nipple vigorously.

She inserted her hand inside my shorts. My dick was hard. She took my dick out and looked at my dick with lustful eyes. She sat down and started to lick my dick. My hot neighbor aunty licked my dick like a lollypop. She took him fully and started to mouth fuck. I became full hard and took her to my room.

She was standing completely nude. I made her lay on my bed. Then I licked her pussy. It was clean shaved. I licked it all over. Then inserted my dick. It was a little tight. But I pushed hard, and my dick went inside. She cried due to pain. I started the action.

She was on cloud nine. She started to moan. I increased my speed, she cum for the first time after a long time. I continued the action. When I was about to cum, she said she needs it in her mouth. I pulled out my dick, holding the tip not to lose fluid.

She came down and opened her mouth like a thirsty woman. I release all my cum on her mouth. She drank it all. We slept there for some time. Then she went to her room.

Whenever we were alone, she came to my place, and we started our sex life.

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