I Had An Unexpected Encounter With A Hot Mallu Colleague

I Had An Unexpected Encounter With A Hot Mallu Colleague

This is a real incident that happened in my life. It was a couple of years ago when I was working in an IT firm at ITPL. I used to work night shifts, and it had become very monotonous. Amid this monotony, something interesting happened, which I would like to narrate.

Our team consisted of 8 people, 3 boys, and 5 girls. The heroine of this story is one of the girls from my team called Kalaveni, a hot Mallu. She was a bomb with 38 size boobs and quite a big ass. When she walked, I always awed at the sway of her ass. She was not very tall.

She had dusky skin, and she was from Kerala. She stayed very close to the office and shared a single bedroom house with her sister, who was a student at a college nearby. She was quite friendly with everyone on the team, and with me in particular, she was very close.

I never realized that she had horny thoughts for me. Still, I certainly had and had never expressed it openly either through words or actions. Her huge assets, both up and down, drew me to her like a magnet. Sometimes, I felt very horny looking at her. We mostly sat next to each other and helped each other at work.

One day, she had a doubt and asked me if I could look into it. I readily agreed and went and stood next to her. I was looking into the issue. Suddenly, I noticed that one of the hooks of her chudi top was open, and the valley inside was visible.

It was a deep one as the mountains that were humongous in size. I couldn’t help but steal a few glances now and then as I looked into the problem. I somehow managed to give her the solution and went back to my pod. I had a huge boner and had to squeeze my brother several times to cool him down.

This act of courtesy on my part to help her and she returning the favor used to happen frequently. One day, I called her to look into an issue, and she came to my pod. I was showing her the issue when she suddenly bent forward to look closely into the screen.

To my utter discomfort, her big melons were pressing against my shoulders. What looked like a mild touch gradually became a hard press. It was like her tits were crushing against my body. It was really difficult to concentrate on what she was saying, and my hand involuntarily went to my crotch.

She finished explaining, and while leaving, I observed a slight smile on her face. Did she do it purposely? This ‘Tom and Jerry’ game continued for some days. One day she asked if I could drop her home from the office. I said, “Why not? It’s a pleasure.”

After work, it was almost 6:30 AM and quite cold. We both set out on my bike. She was sitting so close that her boobs were crushed to my back, and even in that cold, I had a huge boner. I dropped her home. She invited me inside for a cup of coffee, which I readily agreed to.

I went inside, and she introduced me to her sister. I drank coffee and left. This ritual continued for some days. Every time it was a treat for my dick. It would stand up like a flag pole.

It was a week off for our team, and I was relaxing at home watching a movie when Kala called. She asked me what I was doing. Then out of the blue, invited me to her house for lunch. I asked her what the occasion was. She said she had cooked something special and thought of inviting me.

I dressed up and went to her house. On the way, I bought some sweets as I did not want to go empty-handed. When I reached her house, I was a little skeptical as this was the first time I was going there for lunch or on a formal invitation. I rang the doorbell, and within a few seconds, she opened the door.

I found Kala to be extremely sexy that day. She had washed her hair and had let it free to dry. She was wearing a white chudi top and a black bottom. She had not covered her chest region with a dupatta. Her huge boobs were ready to jump out of her chudi and were concealed in a light blue bra.

The sight of her buns was mind-blowing. I couldn’t help but ogle at them. She invited me in and asked me to feel at home. I asked her about her sister, and the answer not only surprised me but also created a sensation in my tool. Was this planned? Well, what unfolded certainly suggested it was.

Kala said we could have lunch anytime I wanted. I didn’t know what to say, I just said yes, I am hungry. She gave a weird smile and asked for what? I simply smiled and said food for the body. She just laughed and brought the vessels of food.

There was no dining table. So she placed it on the small table in the drawing-room. She handed me the plate, she asked me to help myself. When she bent to keep the food, I had an awesome view of her valley created by the two humongous mountains.

She kept the food and started walking towards the kitchen to get something else. I watched the movement of her ass, and the panty lines were visible. It made me mad. I was contemplating leaving the house as I could not control my urge to fuck her then and there itself. I somehow finished the food.

We were watching Animal Planet as we were eating. There was a documentary about wild Africa. To make matters worse, the show was about the virility of male African lions. The scene was of a male copulating with a female. The narrator was talking about how a male lion can mate for about 24 times a day when in full heat.

We both looked at each other and didn’t know how to react and laughed aloud. The sexual tension in the air was intolerable. Kala came and sat next to me after putting the vessels and plates in the kitchen sink. She was sitting very close to me for my discomfort.

The tent in my pant was clearly visible, and she had this sexy smile on her face. Her left hand was on the sofa, and my right hand just inches away from her. I slightly moved my fingers to touch hers. I kept my hand there, and she did not bother to remove it.

Slowly I ended up keeping my hand on hers. I could feel her finger rings, and I started pressing her hand. Then I opened my palms and took her hand in my palms and gently kissed her fingers. I could see the burning lust in her eyes. I left her hand and then encircled her waist.

I drew her towards me and pressed my lips gently on hers. I bit her lips, and in response, she hit me gently on my thighs and kept the hand there. I now had moved my hand to her boobs. It was like I was holding a big cotton ball. I gently squeezed her right boob.

While this was happening, we were kissing, and Kala’s hand had moved to my crotch. She was gently squeezing it, and I was now vigorously mauling her boobs. She got up, started walking towards the bedroom. Neither of us spoke a single word.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, it was again the same fondling. I held her ass cheek with my hand and started grabbing it. The feeling of the panty made me ecstatic. I held the hem of her chudi top and started pulling it up, exposing the navel first and then the blue bra holding the 38 sized Malabar mangoes.

I put my mouth on the boobs and bit it while the bra was still on. She removed her chudi top and threw it on the floor. She was now in her blue bra, black leggings, and a panty inside. I inserted my hand in the elastic of her leggings and pulled it down till the knees.

I then inserted a hand inside the white panty and felt her pussy. There were a few strands of public hair. I inserted the other hand from the back and held her ass cheek. It was as if I was on a journey to heaven. The leggings had fallen down to her feet now. She removed it from her feet and kicked it aside.

I pushed her gently on the bed and started removing my clothes. I was only in my underwear and sat next to her and removed her bra and made her sleep. I leaned forward and put my mouth on her boobs. I started sucking her nipples and intermittently biting the huge ball.

She just moaned and pulled my head towards her. My right hand slid down into her wet panty and started fingering the hole. It was already oozing with her juices. I gently massaged over the swollen hole. She called out my name aloud and moaned. I got up and removed her panty till the ankle.

Then again, put my mouth on her pussy and smelt the heavenly odor. I then removed my underwear and then got into the 69 position. I held my dick in my hand and positioned it on her lips and simultaneously got down to lick her hole. She opened her mouth and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

She held my dick in her hand for a better hold on it. We did this for some time, and then I got up and looked at her face. She had bent the face to her left and had closed her eyes. I slept on her positioning my dick at the entrance of her hole and pushed it in. I remembered I didn’t have a condom, but it was too late.

I started a slow movement initially, and then she wrapped both her legs around my waist. Holding my waist, she screamed, “Faster, I can’t tolerate.” I increased the pace, and I could hear the sound of flesh hitting the flesh and further increased the pace.

She was hitting my back with her hand in excitement and saying something in Malayalam, which made no sense to me. After 10 minutes, I was about to come and asked her if she was safe. She just said, “Yes, yes, don’t stop.” I made one final assault and, with 6 to 7 strokes.

I unloaded my baby-making fluid deep into her womb. I lay on her for some time and then rolled over and slept beside her taking heavy breaths. She then put her hand across my chest and slept. I asked her how it was. The answer shocked me. She said I was much better than her fiance.

I looked questioningly at her. And she said yes I am engaged. I didn’t know what to say. After some time, I got up and dressed. While leaving the house, I said sorry. She said it’s OK and that she also wanted it. After a week, she put down her papers and went back to Kerala to get married.

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