Teacher sex was the best as described in this story

Teacher sex was the best as described in this story

Hi, my name is Manish. Today I will tell you a teacher sex story. I’m 30 years old. My height is 6’1, fairly wheatish, and well built with a 7-inch cock.

The name of my tuition teacher is Ramya Nair. Her stats are 36-28-38 with fair skin, big boobs, and a nice round ass. She was 37 years old and had 1 daughter. As mentioned, she was my tuition teacher and used to teach me Maths.

Manish was a good student, but he was bad at Maths. The tuition timings used to be from 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Ramya was taking a class for a total of 6 students, including Manish. They were from different grades where Manish was the eldest one studying college 3rd year.

Manish was always the first one to reach her house. He would reach by 6 pm, and the next student would probably only come by 6.30 pm. She was mostly home alone as her husband would get back from work late. Her daughter was mostly out attending tuitions since she was in her 10th grade.

It started off normally where she would make Manish sit on a chair next to her. Ramya would sit on the bed teaching him. Manish was always trying to be focused and not think anything else. This went on for a good couple of months.

One day Manish had gone to class as usual. Ramya was teaching him but also complaining of having a splitting headache. After some time, Manish finds her uneasy asks her if she wants him to leave. She told him it was fine but asked if he could press her head.

Manish agrees as he hadn’t thought of anything until then. Ramya was wearing a nightgown. Manish was pressing her head from behind as she sat on a chair, stretching her legs to the bed. He keeps pressing for 5 to 10 minutes and then slowly starts massaging her neck.

Ramya starts feeling better and tells Manish not to stop. Little did she know that her top button was open. Manish could see her maroon bra and cleavage. Manish gets aroused as well as quite shocked as he had not seen her that way before.

And then he continues massaging her neck and even her shoulders over her bra strap. He tries to see if he gets any reaction. But Ramya just kept quiet and enjoyed the massage. Manish was thinking if he should take it further by massaging her upper chest.

But the doorbell rings, and it was another student, Ram. By then, Manish had stopped. He told Ramya he wants to leave as he was feeling tired. That night Manish couldn’t sleep as he was restless thinking about what had happened.

He was also happy that he got to massage a really pretty woman in his life. But he waited for his teacher to make a move since he was not aware of her true intentions. Then nothing happens for the next couple of weeks. Manish starts to think it wasn’t intentional.

One day, Ramya asked Manish to come on Saturday afternoon as she had to go out on Monday. So Manish agrees and goes to her house at 2 pm and finds her home alone. Usually, she would ask Manish to study in the guest room. But this time, she asked him to sit at the dining table.

She was taking a shower in the bathroom close to the dining table. Manish was sitting where he could see the bathroom till the end if it was kept open.

While Ramya takes a shower, she leaves the door unlocked. The door keeps opening. Suddenly Manish noticed the door slowly open and finds Ramya’s bra and panty on the floor. He gets aroused and waits to see if the door would fully open.

Little did he know that Ramya was only trying to tease him. She stood close to the door where Manish could see her naked wet thighs and legs. Manish gets horny after seeing this. He feels like fucking her hard. But then realized it was too early to make a move.

But still not able to resist. So he asks Ramya after she comes out of the shower if he can use the bathroom. He finds her bra and panty on the floor. He then starts sniffing it for some time. He rubs the bra and panty of the Mallu lady all over his cock. He finally jerks off and leaves her undergarments in the same place.

Now Manish was starting to get desperate and waiting for her to make a move. He was least bothered about learning and was only paying attention to her assets. At this point, Ramya stops wearing a bra where the sagging tits were bouncing all over the place.

Ramya would intentionally bend down to show her cleavage and act like Manish wasn’t noticing. Ramya kept seducing once in a while. So it was difficult for Manish to understand as one bad move could end up in such a mess.

Finally, one day, Manish went at 4 pm just as usual and was studying. Manish had to sit in front of her since the chairs were rearranged. Ramya was sitting on the bed with legs stretched as usual. Manish would usually keep his head down while studying.

After some time, when Manish looks up, he finds the biggest surprise of his life, Ramya had folded her legs in such a way that her nightgown was up till her knees and her red panty was clearly visible. Manish gets horny and keeps staring at it every now and then. This went on for like 10 minutes.

As Manish kept doing this, Ramya catches his eye. Manish was so embarrassed to be caught redhanded. He doesn’t look up for a couple of minutes. Much to his surprise, when he looked up, Ramya was still in the same position.

But this time, her legs were spread even wider to make her panty completely visible and waiting for Manish to look again. When Manish looked up, he had no other choice but to look right into her. She would go back to studying like she didn’t notice and continued keeping her legs that way.

After seeing her pussy pop out through the panty, Manish gets completely horny. He starts rubbing his cock with his elbow. After a point, Manish couldn’t control, so he decides to go back home and jerk off. He asked Ramya if he could leave.

Ramya then agrees and goes to the other room as Manish starts packing his stuff. As he gets ready to leave, he calls for Ramya to say bye. Ramya from the other room calls him and tells him she’s there.

When Manish tries to go into the other room, he finds Ramya standing in a dim light trying to remove her nightgown. Manish just stands there, not knowing how to react. She then removed her gown and was standing in her bra and panty.

Manish just goes and stands behind her and says nothing. Ramya then slowly turns around and starts kissing him. Without wasting more time, Manish started to massage her boobs and started to squeeze them slowly. Ramya responded was with a sexy moan.

Manish finally got what he wanted for a few weeks. He was massaging Ramya’s boobs when he felt a hand on his penis. Manish looked at his teacher and smiled naughtily, and opened the pants. Ramya took his penis in her hands and started stroking and realized it was more than 7 inches.

Ramya then stood up and removed Manish’s clothes. She told him to lay down on the bed. Ramya poured little oil on his 7-inch dick and started stroking her student’s penis. She then put it in her mouth and started to suck hard.

Manish was also moaning, and she was at full speed. Soon Manish reached the climax, and she drank all the cum without leaving a drop.

Ramya then lay down on the bed. She told Manish to have her boobs that he had wanted for so long. Manish started with her left boob and started sucking her nipples, biting it sometimes. Then he moved on to the right boob and vice versa.

After some time, Manish moved to Ramya’s pussy, spreading her in a V-shape, and started sucking there. Ramya was moaning loudly, “Manish, make me cum. I have been horny for so long. Please satisfy me.”

After 15 minutes, she reached her climax, and both slept beside each other. Manish got to know that she knew he was eyeing her body, and that made her horny. Her husband was always busy at work, and she was unsatisfied for a long.

Manish started sucking Ramya’s boobs again. He was now biting her nipples wildly and making them red. Ramya was moaning out of pain and pleasure. The teacher wanted to get fucked passionately.

Manish got her legs in V-shape and put his 7-inch dick inside. When his dick entered, Ramya gave a hard moan and held him tightly as his penis was so big. With each stroke, she was moaning hard and hard, making her lose her mind.

After 5 minutes, Ramya started riding her student’s cock. Her boobs were bouncing. Manish slapped them, which made her move faster. Soon she was tired.

Now he slapped her ass, and she smiled naughtily. He then put her in the doggy style and fucked her for around 10 minutes. They both were about to reach climax, and he told her. She told him to cum inside, and he did. They both hit the climax. Then both slept beside one another.

Ramya kissed him and thanked him. After this session, Manish continued his affair and fucked his sexy teacher daily till his graduation.

I hope you guys will love the story. If you would like to hear more stories from me, please write to me at [email protected]

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