I Witnessed A Woman’s Honeymoon With The Chief Of The Monks

I Witnessed A Woman’s Honeymoon With The Chief Of The Monks

I am an investigative journalist and a private investigator. During my internship with a newspaper, I spent 3 months with a group of monks disguised as a youth interested in becoming one of them.

Quite a big population in India is illiterate and superstitious. The monks did actually know many things about human psychology and ayurvedic treatment. They used to treat and help the villagers using their knowledge. They used to get visitors every day.

One day two women visited them. They were a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, Savita. Savita was married for 5 years but did not have a child. Having a child, within a couple of years of marriage, is very important for an Indian village household.

Savita and her husband regularly have sex expecting a child. Sex for them was more for purpose than for pleasure. After every sex with her husband, Savita expected that she won’t have periods and get pregnant.

The chief monk interviewed her about her sex life and lifestyle. The chief monk said that he will be required to perform a special ritual that starts in the night and continues till morning. He designated a particular day after a week. He asked his fellow monks to cancel all other appointments for that day.

The chief monk was around 45 years of age. He kept his head and face clean shaved. Regular yoga and a healthy diet gave his good built and structure. Savita was dropped at the doorstep of his ashram. He prepared for the ritual that he called Kaam-Yagna.

He had two female monks, Anita and Devika, stay back for the ritual in his ashram. The monks used to stay in the huts near the ashram. I was a guest. I stayed in the room right above the ritual chamber as I did not have a hut of my own. I had drilled a hole and inserted a camera through a pipe to investigate.

I was observing the entire episode happening in the ritual chamber. The chief lighted a small alter and started mumbling some chants. Savita was escorted in the chamber by the female monks. He signaled Anita and Devika to disrobe her. She was feeling a little hesitant.

The chief monk explained that since her husband was impotent, she needed to have a child from a different person. Since he was a so-called ‘holy person’, she might have a child with excellent IQ, holy blessings, and prosperity. Now Savita was ready to have sex with the chief monk.

The female monks started to unwrap her sari. Sari is a piece of a long cloth wrapped around the body. Indian ladies wear blouse and petticoat beneath the sari. Within seconds Savita was standing only with her blouse and petticoat on her body. She covered her blouse-covered breasts with her arms.

She still was a little hesitant. The chief monk signaled something his female assistants. Anita left the lady and removed the pin from her own saffron-clad cloth. The Devika picked up one end of the saffron robe and pulled it away from the body of the Anita.

Anita was standing naked. She was much younger than she looked in her uniform. She kept her pubic hair trimmed. Then Devika also removed her clothes. Now Anita started to unbutton the blouse of Savita, the lady on whom the ritual was being performed, and then removed it.

She unhooked the bra and took it away. Savita was standing naked in front of the lighted altar. Now there were three naked ladies in the chamber. The chief monk was still into the rituals. The chief asked the two nuns to arouse the lady.

They made Savita lie down on the floor, and each of them started sucking the nipples on her breasts. The chief monk stood up. He took a knife and started to cut a mango. He squeezed the mango over the Savita’s breasts. Meanwhile, Anita and Devika sucked her boobs.

Savita was moaning with pleasure lying down on the floor. She was now slowly getting aroused by Anita and Devika. The chief monk now took a piece of watermelon. He squeezed the watermelon and poured the juice on Savita’s navel hole.

Devika left her boobs and went down. She sucked the watermelon juice from Savita’s navel by inserting the tip of her tongue. Savita trembled with a current of pleasure running inside her. Devika and Anita took their turn on the navel, now themselves pouring watermelon juice and sucking.

The female monk who was not sucking the navel was working on the boobs. Savita was wriggling like a snake on the floor, with pleasure. The chief monk removed his apron that he had wrapped around his waist. Now he was naked too.

He stood over the lady and asked one of his female assistants to do the needful. Anita moved away from Savita’s boobs and took the chief’s dick in her hand. She wrapped her palm over the chief’s dick and started pulling back and forth. Devika went further down from Savita’s navel.

She parted the Savita’s legs a bit and placed herself between them. Devika took the squeezed mango and put it over the Savita’s pussy like a cream. Devika again took out the tip of her tongue and inserted it in Savita’s vagina. She wriggled again as a fresh current of pleasure ran through her body.

Devika was sucking the mango from the Savita’s pussy. Anita meanwhile was giving the chief a blowjob. She explored the area around his sick with her tongue licking below the testicles. She took each of the testicles in her mouth one by one first and together again. She took his dick inside her mouth again.

The chief’s dick was now hard and erect. It was around 6 inches and was so hard that the veins on the dick were visible. His dick was already lubricated by his Anita’s saliva. Devika cleaned Savita’s pussy with a wet cloth. The pussy was already wet.

Devika and Anita, the assistants, moved back, allowing the naked chief to come between Savita’s legs. They pulled the legs in the opposite direction, parting them a little more. The chief was searching for the hole with his dick. He found the hold and stopped moving.

He held the ladies thighs with his hands and pushed his waist forward. Puck! It went inside the wet pussy. He left the thighs and placed his hands on her boobs. He squeezed them while he motioned his waist back and forth but slowly. While pushing his waist forward, he made sure to go as deep inside Savita as possible.

Once inside deeply, he would explore the vagina with his dick. This action seemed to enhance the pleasure. Devika and Anita, who were already aroused watching this, could not stop. They started making love to each other. One was on the top of others, kissing and sucking each other’s boobs.

Anita stood up, and Devika sat, keeping her face in front of Anita’s pussy. Devika sucked Anita’s pussy hard, making sure her tongue touches the hole. Anita was standing with her legs parted and arms on her waist. After a good suck, Devika took an already peeled cucumber.

She licked it whole with her tongue and inserted it inside Anita’s vagina. The cold cucumber gave immense pleasure inside the hot pussy. The chief sat on the floor, with Savita’s legs around his waist, he placed his hand on her back and pulled her up. He made the Savita sit on his lap.

He adjusted his dick inside the Savita’s vagina and placed his hands on her waist and brought her up and down. Savita’s boobs were dancing up and down with every motion. This went on for a couple of minutes. She wrapped her legs around the chief’s waist tightly and stretched her body backward.

Perhaps she was nearing an orgasm. The chief placed her back on the floor with his dick still inside her vagina. He placed his hands on the floor, just beside her boobs. He was now on top of her, pushing himself in and out. He increased his motion. Faster and faster, he went.

She released a loud moan, arching her back to the floor. The chief gave one a strong push inside her and slowed. He was releasing his cum inside her, and she was slithering on the floor, feeling his cum inside her. Savita relaxed and lay restless on the floor, her eyes still closed.

The chief took out his dick and signaled his assistants, Anita and Devika, to come near him. They came near him on their knees, still kneeled on the floor. They licked the cum from the chief’s dick. They licked his dick clean, giving him another hard-on.

Devika, one of the naked nun, positioned herself like a bitch. Anita, the other monk, kneeled on the floor beside her. Anita took the chief’s dick and placed it on the opening of Devika’s hole. The chief kneeled behind Devika. He placed his hands on Devika’s buttocks and pushed his waist forward.

His dick was in her hole. Meanwhile, Anita lay down on the floor and crawled on her back, placing her face beneath Devika’s navel like a mechanic. Anita took turns, adjusting herself to lick Devika’s pussy and also suck her boobs.

While licking Devika’s clitoris, she could see the dangling testicles of the chief hitting Devika’s vagina with his every forward push and making a ‘thak-thak’ sound. Soon the chief cummed again but not inside Devika. He dropped his cum on her buttocks. Anita licked it clean.

The entire orgy was now over. The chief stood up and went out of the ritual chamber to his room. Devika and Anita dressed up the Savita and placed her on the makeshift bed in the chamber itself. They rested on the floor. In the morning, the mother-in-law came to pick Savita from the ashram.

The chief met her and said they most probably the ritual was successful. However, if Savita bhabhi ki chudai did not get pregnant soon, he might have to perform the same ritual once again.

I have heard that that the chief did perform another ritual after 3 years on Savita again. She was earlier blessed with a son. The chief and his assistants, Devika and Anita, performed such ritual on many ladies of the village.

On one occasion, he told me that if they had a honeymoon with him, the childless ladies won’t have a physical relationship with just anybody and end up getting some disease.

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