My Sister n Watchman

Hello! I am Sameer from Delhi. I am 23 years old . We are three Childs (Me, My elder sister Anita(2 and My younger sister Anjali(19)) of my parents. I was staying with my married sister and Jiju due to my studies. My sister (Anita) is 28 and Jiju is 34. My Jiju works as a sales representative for a well known Computer company and for that reason he many times goes out for work. My Sister is a schoolteacher in a nearby school. The entire story begins because of a cheap reason. One night some of my friends & me went for roaming. We ate food and I am sure because of that I am suffering loose motions.
That was going to be last night of Jiju in home for next one month, as he was suppose to go for outage on next day for a month, I remember clearly, it was a Saturday night. I came at 12:00 in the night and I slept at 12:30. My Sister and Jiju were already sleeping and within few minutes I went to sleep. In the morning around 7AM, I felt desperate for going to fuck. So I woke up from sleep and as soon as I opened my eyes I observed My Sister and Jiju sucking each other’s sex tools. Although I wanted to fuck, after seeing that, it all went in. I could see them very clearly and may be many people from other buildings have also seen them sucking, as the light of room was on and the doors and windows were fully open. I was really surprised to see them in that position, as like this I have never seen them before. Jiju was pinching My Sister’s erected nipples one by one and she was moaning with pain and satisfaction.
Her boobs are 37 D sized (I got from her bra). They licked each other for half an hour and then My Sister cum so My Sister ran absolutely nude towards toilet. Jiju also went behind her. I sad on the bed and kept my eyes on them, the door of toilet was open and both of them standing together in the toilet. My Sister was trying to pee and Jiju was jerking his. My Sister peed all over the toilet as she was standing and doing so, and Jiju shot load of cum on My Sister’s body. When they were coming back, My Sister doubts that I am peeking at them. I think so because as soon as she came out of toilet she paused for a moment looking at my bedside & took a cloth kept for drying and covered her extreme hairy pussy. Then she came near my bed and observed me for a while.
I acted as I am fast a sleep and so she made herself comfortable. Both of them went to bed and Jiju again started to suck and pinch My Sister’s tits & she started moaning. She stopped Jiju and said, “I want to tell you something.” Jiju asked, “Is it so much important that you want to tell that now!” “Yes it is really very important and is matter of trust.” My Sister said. She added, “When you were on outage last time, I was suffering to heavy sexual urges and I lost control on myself.” Jiju said, “I can understand your condition and I have got idea what you have done and what you are going to tell me, but I am sure you haven’t crossed the limits” My Sister said, “I sexed with watchman of our school.” I was totally shocked and I think Jiju was too. They departed from each other and there was pin drop silence in the room.
After few minutes Jiju took My Sister in his arms and kissed her on her lips, My Sister also replied by kissing him. I think by doing this, he forgave My Sister. Jiju began to lick her tits and was willing to fuck her, as he wanted to satisfy My Sister. He understood that he is not able to satisfy her, as most of the times he is on outage. My Sister also was responding him by which she was mentioning that she wanted a hard fuck.
He just started fucking her and My Sister suddenly stopped him. My Sister said, “Sameer will woke up so let’s go in the other room!” and they both went (in fact they were so excited that they rushed within few seconds) in the computer room. I confirmed that they are in room and got down from my bed. I first went to fuck. After fuckting I passed besides the computer room, the door was not locked so I peeked in the room. I opened the door a bit more so that I could see bodies of both of them but not the face.
Jiju was ridded on My Sister and fucking her wild like never seen before even in the porno movie. My Sister was moaning, in fact she was making some disgusting noise, real disgusting, I never heard such noise before, but I remember one of my friends has told me the same voice when they saw a newly married couple having sex. I was so excited at that time that I cum in my pants without touching my dick and without much erection. After my climax I went to bed and after a few minutes’ My Sister and Jiju came in the room.
My Sister was covered in a small towel and Jiju wearing his shorts. They were talking and kissing when the phone bell rang around 8:30, that was my call. My Sister woke me up (she thinks she woke me up) and gave me call. Before giving me phone, she wore her gown, which was totally unbuttoned. It excited me too much and I decided in my mind that what ever cost I may have to pay, but I will fuck My Sister! In the evening Jiju, My Sister and I went to airport. We drop Jiju and My Sister and I came back at home around 10PM. As soon as I went to computer room, My Sister called someone and talked with the person for a long time.
I understood that she must have called the watchman to tell him that the jungle is open for him. The watchman of her school is a tall guy with a heavy body and I am sure that he must be more efficient that my Jiju. After that instant I started spying My Sister. I tapped each of her telephone call and checked her schedule. I got that her school hours begin at 12:30 PM and end at 5:30 PM. As there are some extra classes for weak students on Fridays and Saturdays and it goes from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. On the very next Thursday, I got a tapped call in which My Sister and Shakeel (Watchman) had conversation regarding tomorrows extra lectures.
Shakeel, “Madam are you coming for tomorrows night lectures?” My Sister, “Yes of course, I want to take extra lecture for you also.” Shakeel, “That’s great, I’ll be waiting for you!” My Sister, “See you tomorrow night, my love.” I was so excited with this conversation that I masturbated twice within an hour. I immediately called one of my friends and asked him to exchange my bike with him. He agreed with that as I told him that I want to reach very early morning in the college and my bike don’t work that fast.
We exchanged our bike that night only and I took his jacket and helmet also. On Friday evening around 6:45 PM, I went in the school. It was totally dark and only two classrooms, one on ground floor and other on second floor were lit up. I went near the class on G floor, students were solving the given assignment there and non-of the staff member was there, so I rushed to second floor. I was really relaxed when I saw My Sister and Shakeel hugging each other. They were so confident that non-of the window or the door was closed.
I think they have just started. His hands started moving on her body pulling her in to him. Her tongue was moving in his mouth feeling warmth and moisture in the mouth, teasing him. His eyes were intoxicated and looked like unfocussed half closed as if going through a dream. It is something that was really mind blowing. My Sister disengaged from the kiss and lifted her head as if heat was becoming too much for her to bear and that was the time Shakeel put his lips to the neck of My Sister. My Sister was already moaning and as a result of that her moans became louder. “Ah… ummmm.. hai…. Ah…. Uffffffff….ahhhhh…..” With the warm steam coming out of her mouth.
Shakeel continued his kissing on her neck and then slowly moved to her back neck holding and hugging her. My Sister pulled him more in to her pressing her nails in his back. “Pleaseeeeee….. uh… my lllloove…..ah…..”My Sister murmured. “Yes Anita.. ah…. Mmmmmmm.” Shakeel was not only kissing her but also actually licking her on the back neck. The room was filled with the moans and the heat. Just then Shakeel’ hands started wandering. They moved to her waist, which was surely very sensual to the touch, as when he touched her she felt her self coming. “Ah……………ufffffffffffff…….. mmmmmmmmmm….” The hands felt her waist for some time massaging and then moved on to the next place, so close and so exciting. His hands were massaging the breasts of My Sister, feeling them, massaging them and in one motion her blouse came off swiftly. His mouth reached the upper mounds of the breasts which was visible and out of the confinements of her bra. Licking them and supporting and massaging them with the hands.
But for My Sister who was on fire by now it was just not enough and she wanted to feel his hands on the flesh. So she hurriedly removed the bra and pulled his two hands on them and pressing them on the breasts. Shakeel pressed them and she just could manage a sigh….. “Harder please….” He pressed the beautiful pair of hard, firm breast harder and then releasing them just to concentrate on the brown buds, which were sticking up inviting him to pamper them. He pinched them slightly and then better decided to let the mouth do that. He started circling them with the tongue and tease them. The sighs and moaning of My Sister made him to suck them. He squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples and stretched those. Her nipples elongated like a rubber. When he licked her nipples, they became pair of brown pebbles He nibbled on them one by one. By now My Sister was profusely coming.
The touch of his on the breast was sure a peak point for her. She was moving her bottom rapidly showing the intense orgasm she was having. While licking and sucking the breasts, his hands were not idle either. He was holding her well shaped bottom and massaging them and then slowly moving hands inside the panty of hers, feeling her in flesh and in the mean time pushing the finger in the fuck? of the bottom. Panty was making his hand’s movements hard and the panty was not to stand in between the fun and the heat that was generated so far. It just came out with the movements and direction of the fingers of Shakeel. Without warning Shakeel put his mouth to the source of all the nectar that was so far finding its way on the thighs of My Sister. “Ah…….. dar…lin…..ggggg… ahhhhhh…..” she was panting and coming again.
She started moving and rubbing the pussy against the mouth, nearly splashing the mouth of Shakeel with the come. She held the head of Shakeel between her thighs and continued the tongue fuck. He kept on sucking on the juice and when it was nearly sucked then he put his finger in side as if to get more of the juice and it came too, in abundance. He licked it all. My Sister was in the heavens by this time. ” Oh… dar… liiii…nnnngg…. Ah….. fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeeee.pleaseeeee…..” “fuck.” She was undulating her hips in a frenzy. Realizing that it was the time for him to put some more action, Shakeel got up and before he could do anything My Sister was holding him with one hand and other on the crotch massaging him. She took the pants and underwear out in one fast movement.
It was not one of the 10″dicks as said so may times and boasted about by so may people, but was an average cock of about 6.5″ standing beautifully. It looked more so beautiful against the background of the flat fatless hard stomach with the six pack muscles. She held in her hand and then massaged it for a few minutes looking in to eyes of Shakeel. Then she went down on her knees and took it in her mouth. She was not one of the best in the art of sucking cock but still she was good enough to make Shakeel moan with ecstasy.
The head of his cock was red and hard and wet shining. Laying her on her back, he positioned himself on her and started rubbing on her pussy. “fuck me.. fuck me.. fuck me…” My Sister said in a husky lusty voice, chewing his earlobe. “Ah…….oh… god…..darling…..ah….” My Sister moaned, “Aaahhaaa, it feels so good, do it faster.” My Sister said, “Come on darling, fuck your rand (prostitute) as you do every time.” His lips were on her mouth and dick deep in the pussy. They just laid there for some time and then Shakeel felt her pussy squeeze on his cock. He begin his movements. It was such a smooth and silky road to travel on….. “fuck me…. fuck me…. fuck..ahhhhhhhhh” She was moaning and crying at the same time. He started pumping harder and harder and faster deep in her.
They were both screaming with lust and ecstasy. “Ah…. fuck…fuck….fuck” “Yes…. Baby ah…. fuck you..fuck fuckfuckfuck” He started pumping breathlessly and hard forgetting all and everything around him. “Ah…” “fuck..fuck…fuck…….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh h..” she was panting and gyrating her hips under hammering. “fuck baby.” She was moving with Shakeel trying to match him in rhythm but with little success. “I a comminggggggggggggggg dar..linggggg.” “Come baby.come. I am about to come too.”
Pumping was so fast that it was hard for her to breath and so was his condition. After few minutes he cum and spread his cum all over her pussy hairs. My Sister spread his cum with her hand and then licked her fingers. By the time it was 7:50 PM. She quickly started dressing up so I ran from there I reached home within safe time.

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